Thursday 12 January 2017

A Prize! (Thank You Wyatt and Tegan)

It may have slipped under your radar that last month I was joint winner of the 'Traveling with Terriers' competition run by my terrierific friends Wyatt and Tegan.

Well of course, the glory of winning (along with friends Christmas and Kinley) would have been sufficient reward. So the fact that, waiting for me in the hallway when I returned from Nottingham a couple of weeks ago, was a package from Wyatt and Tegan, was a most wonderful bonus.

And look what was in the package!

Really, next year there will be no need for Gail to spend ages decorating the Christmas tree. This stunning wee fellow will render all other ornaments quite superfluous, don't you think?

Oh and that's not all. For sure I now possess the coolest collar in the whole of Scotland (possibly Europe), courtesy of my Oregon friends' trip to the Southwest. Eat your heart out, all you tartan-wearing teuchter pups!

And a HUGE thank you to Wyatt and Tegan (and their humans).

It has to be said, that due to the ongoing 'no fur stripping in winter' experiment, this splendid neckwear gets a little buried in what Gail now refers to as my 'ruff'.

But by the way, for the record, I was glad of my super-thick winter coat when out on a chilly beach walk at the weekend. Gail has insisted I post the photo below to reassure our friend Madi that my tail is still very much visible, if gaining a more husky-like appearance by the day!


  1. Sorry Bertie - At first sight I read that as 'travelling with terrors'. Quite sure you wouldn't have won that competition.

  2. What a very smart collar, Bertie, will you wear in on special occasions? The little knitted terrier is so clever - you're right you won't need anything else on the tree !

  3. WOOHOO, well done on winning Bertie AND, what a great prize! Isn't he AMAZING! I luffs his hat…have you named him yet?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Indeed. We love the ornament, love the collar and love the "au naturel" look! And particularly the tail!!! "Talk to the Tail!"

  5. OMCs Mini Bertie as one fine WFT tail and a RED scarf on winner winner.
    I love your new collar too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. WE love Wyatt and Tegan... and are SOOOOO happy that YOU won their GRAND PRIZE... OH so Pawfect... you are Right any other tree decorations WOULD be superfluous.
    OMD that COLLAR is SO handsome against your unstripped Furs..
    Your Tail looks Fabulous too...

  7. Wow great presents. You were obviously very good
    Lily & Edward

  8. You're right, that's the ONLY ornament any tree could need!

  9. You would look handsome in any collar dear Bertie!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  10. What a very cool "Mini Bertie" to hang upon your tree next Christmas. We also adore your new collar and must say your fluffy furs look mah-velous!!
    Dory Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. Congratulations on the win! That is a gorgeous prize. And we love your woolly coat, too.

  12. Bertie...we came back because I told mom I was sure she forgot to type something impawtant and I was right. She gets off track sometimes!!
    OMDs Bertie your fine WFT tail is twice as handsome w/o striping and I think I might faint
    Hugs madi

  13. OMD! That is a most fantastic prize!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Congratulations on your prize - it is lovely! Very smart collar too - nose licks and love from Moth xx