Thursday 19 January 2017

Oh woe is me...

I regret to report that my interdigital cyst problem has suddenly flared up again, and my left front paw REALLY REALLY REALLY HURTS.

Oh I am feeling so sorry for myself (as only dogs can, Gail says).

First thing this morning when Gail took me outside for a 'comfort break' I did not even want to walk down the steps from our front door to the street so she carried me.

I then hobbled three legged to the nearest tree, cocked my leg as usual, and promptly toppled over.

Four legs good, two legs bad.

That it was a frosty morning, and slippery underpaw, did not help, obviously.

After a few more attempts, I figured out how to keep my balance, and at least avoided the humiliation of having to squat like a girl.

We went to the vet this afternoon. It was a battle of strength and wills as Gail put me in a stranglehold, and vet Katrine grabbed my poorly paw, and I squealed and squirmed as she squeezed hard on the swollen bit, and blood and pus spurted out leaving surgery looking like the aftermath of a terrorist massacre.

Gail said it was a flow rate to gladden the heart of a North Sea oil explorer...

I came home with some painkillers and antibiotics and I am hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow.


  1. Bertie - That is awful news. Let's hope that the medication works ASAP. We'll also have to look up where w got the soft collars - somewhere in Germany we think - and send one on. Those plastic cones are no fun.

  2. Oh no! We know that must be terrible! We hope those meds fix you up faster than fast and you dump that cone of shame!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We are sending POTP for you Bertie! Gail should be giving you treats and taking care of your every need, not accusing you of drama!

  4. Oh, Gail, your similes are poetic (and funny)!

  5. OH NO Bertie....I am so sorry your sweet paw is feeling so bad. Goodness me you went thru and ordeal but at least the yucky stuff is out and I expect maybe not too sore. Kitty kisses and mom hugs that he meds do the trick lickety split. Misty the Woo is wearing a cone too since she got fixed...yep evidently she was broken.
    Hugs mad your bfff

  6. Oh Bertie, what a terrible thing to happen again. How cruel to squeeze so hard too, but I hope all the nastiness is out and you are well on the way to recovery.
    However the cone of shame doesn't mar your manly good looks in any way - you're still our handsome Bertie !

    Inca xx

  7. Bertie... your visit to see your vet has given a new meaning to POTP!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Love and woofs,

  8. OMD GOOD GRIEF BERTIE... this is awful. We are So sorry that your paw is hurting... and sorry that you took a topple while trying to get a tad of relief... OMD this is NOT good at all.
    BUTT now that you have all the Meds We have our PAWS CROSSED that all will be Well in like 87 hours... (OR.. 870 Naps and 3 or 4 Sleeps) POTP fur you and your Paw buddy.

  9. Oh you poor poor baby. We are sending you comfort and healing vibes from Frenchie land in California
    Lily & Edward

  10. Crikey Bertie ..... that's no good, mate!! I feel for you ... I really do!! Tell Gail to get you one of those soft cones. They are much better than those plastic things. I know. I've spent heaps of time in those things. Take care. I sure hope the meds work soon for you and you can manage to pee without toppling over. How embarrassing, aye??

  11. We hope the meds do the trick! You look like you've got your head in a satellite dish.

  12. Oh POTP to your paw and we hope that meds will work like a magic potion... biggest hugs to you Bertie...

  13. What trauma Bertie! Poor you. Speedy recovery!

  14. Oh nose Bertie! I do hope your poor paw gest well soon....that's a cool collection of DRUGS you scored there!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  15. Oh Bertie, we are so sorry your paw had to be prodded and drained, what a tiring and painful experience. We hope you were coddled and waited on the rest of the day (and today too)!
    Healing Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Yikes, that's not fun at all!! I hope your paw gets better lickety-split!

  17. Oh my poor Bertie. Im so sorry. I can't be there in dog but I am in heart. Gail will take good care of you.


  18. Oh no, Bertie! Add the toppling over episode and the lampshade that has been placed on you and it's just too much. Please get all well soon.

  19. I have all four paws crossed fur you!
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  20. Feel better soon Bertie. No terrier wants the lampshade for too long....