Thursday, 4 February 2016

Nosiness or intelligent curiosity?


Gail, on Sunday, when we left the nature reserve and walked down into Collieston village, you put on my lead, although there was no traffic around. This is not the first time I have noticed you do this, although I am at a loss to understand why. Can you please explain?

Oh Bertie, I'm sure a clever chap like you can work it out. You are just too nosy. When we come close to houses, you always want to run off to explore the gardens, and more than once you have ignored my shouts, made a beeline for an open front door and invited yourself inside. 

Well of course, one always likes to investigate new places. What you so sniffily call being 'nosy', I would categorise as evidence of a lively curiosity, which surely is a good thing?

But Bertie, it is at best embarrassing when I have to retrieve you after you've entered someone else's property without permission. And, although it's true we don't live in America and it is unlikely anyone here would go after you with a gun (unless perhaps you were on a farm and worrying the livestock), it would be very understandable if the property owner became irate and started shouting at me, and you.

Gail, you may be right in theory, but in practice it has never happened like that has it? On the contrary, my distinct impression is that people are delighted and amused by my impromptu visits, and my friendly fuzzy-faced presence has brought a little ray of sunshine to many an otherwise dull existence. Really what is embarrassing is having you go all, "sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry, I promise it won't happen again, Bertie you are such a naughty dog", when I have just provided the householder best entertainment they've enjoyed all week.

Er, yes Bertie, up to a point. But may I introduce you to the concept of not pushing one's luck…..?


  1. We are very curious as well. So we're not allowed to run free around the neighbourhood. And we're called nosy, too.

  2. I doubt anyone would go after ya wif a gun here. My momma might try to steal ya though, BOL!

  3. Funny thing about you wire blokes and Sheilas. You seem to get away with stuff that we other four legged, no matter how cute we are, blokes and Sheilas, can't. Our Lucy was the same. She delighted many peeps with her impromptu visits. My advice to Gail is ... Keep pushing your luck ... Anyone that doesn't fall under Bertie's spell is not worth worrying about.

  4. A lively curiosity is a very good trait in my book! I say Gail should give it a try as I'm sure you would make many new friends and find lots of adventure!

  5. Hari OM
    BOL, oh Bertie lad, that was a good try, but I fear there are other things Gail has to consider in the matter beyond your eager curiosity! Never mind lad, you get plenty adventure in other spaces!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who loved walking Jade off-leash as she well behaved = but had to deal with things like 'rules'...)

  6. Bertie: We would only be worried about some non-terrier dog guarding his property and people, because most anyone/thing would be charmed by your most wonderful smile. Having said that, maybe you should practice your recall skills and then ask Gail for another chance?


  7. well if people leave their doors open - isn't that classed as an open invitation ?

  8. mol mol mol mol Bertie buddy we are a house divided on this subject. I am 100% on your side on this topic. I would probably hyperventilate from glee should you walk in my house. hugs Madi

    Oh Gail I'm sorry but I am giggling just a bit. We had a similar incident at our house years ago. My neighbor, 2 houses down, had an adorable Basset Hound, Charlie Brown aka Houdini. Even though he was vertically challenged he could get the gate open by jumping against it. Once loose he ALWAYS came to my yard. I was just stepping out the door when all of a sudden he had his nose and flopping ears in the door. I quickly shut it. I heard his mom hollering Charlie Brown when she arrived he took off around our house, ran up one set of deck steps then down the other. He had both of us chasing him. Finally I stayed in the back as he came around the corner I grabbed his collar.
    Not invited but he was sure dang cute...and his mom was so sorry. lol
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. I bet all people there would like to welcome a WHFT :o) My grampys WHFT invited herself to district court once... they all were suprised as a fourlegged whitness entered the room :o)

  10. We think it is definitely a case of intelligent curiosity, Bertie....but you may want to obey Gail's recall every now and again. You know, just to keep her guessing!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. OH BERTIE.... We can see through THIS one ... Clear as Day... WE know why Miss Gail puts the walkin string on you.... SHE is Clearly afraid that SHE will begin to Wander OFF... and knows that SHE could get into some SERIOUS trouble.
    It is SO obvious... SHE needs YOU to keep HER from Straying... and Investigating and such, and is just to embarrassed to admit to any of it.

    1. Frankie, you are so right. Especially as she gets older. You have NO IDEA how much trouble we had with Human Grandad wandering off in his later years...

  12. We think Frankie nailed it with his observation! Hoomans cannot be trusted to stay within their designated areas!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. She is jealous that she does not have enough nerve to sneak in people's gardens and investigate their business
    Lily & Edward

  14. Bertie. Imagine if you were a rottweiler living in America. ((shudder)) as Frankie would say... WE would love it if you walked in our front door. I might even KISS you!!


  15. hmmm why wouldn't some one want you on their property

  16. I agree with you completely, Bertie. How can you set a price on brightening peoples' lives?

  17. Oh Bertie if you ever comes to the states I will have to get my gun out. First though I would have to buy a gun. We don't pack a gun here. You must be hearing all the news about gun laws in the States.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Dear Bertie,

    People are so illogical, aren't they? I just don't understand them at times!


  19. uh yah...who wouldnt like seeing your handsome face?? I wouldnt mind one single bit.