Thursday 9 October 2014

I need a better story...

Later today I am going to be travelling with Gail by train to Nottingham as we are visiting Human Granny for a few days (hooray). It is a long journey, and experience has taught me that during the trip I shall attract the attention of several admiring fellow passengers.

Although my wound is healing nicely, the scar on my shoulder is still noticeable and I fear it is inevitable that someone will ask about the injury.

Now please bear with me just a minute for what might seem like (but isn’t) a random digression.

Gail has a young Venezuelan colleague called Hugo. You will immediately recognise that Hugo and I have much in common when I tell you that he is notably good looking, smart as a whip, charming, generous in spirit and full of cheerful, friendly bounce.

And like me, Hugo this year sustained a painful injury in somewhat inglorious circumstances.

Since Hugo does not have a Gail to take him for energetic expeditions in the hills, he maintains his well honed physique by means of frequent and vigorous gym workouts. But a few months ago when lifting weights he felt something snap in his right arm, followed by excruciating pain, and an x-ray later confirmed that he had broken his humerus clean in two. Yes really. Ouch indeed.

Surgery was required to put Hugo back together again and as a result he now wears a rather impressive scar on his upper arm.

Having recovered both his arm movement and his sense of humour, Hugo recently asked his colleagues if they could think of a “better story” for him.  Just, you understand, in case a beautiful and solicitous young lady should approach him, say in a bar in Aberdeen, and ask him how he came by his scar.

Apparently Gail's workmates proposed a number of increasingly improbable scenarios, beginning with Hugo getting hurt while rescuing a damsel from the jaws of a killer shark in the River Dee.

I think you can see where this is going…

Like Hugo, I need a better story.

Please, my friends, any suggestions for ‘embellishments’ to my woeful tale of being set upon by a big but not normally aggressive dog, would be much appreciated!

Tough terrier squares up to a Highland 'Coo' in Torridon last weekend.


  1. Gored by a bull? That might do both you and Hugo.

  2. How bout ya wuz bravely protecting Gail from da Loch Ness Monster? Or zombies?

  3. Oh Berite, I think you have the answer there in your last photo. Rescuing Gail from the horns of the 'coo', so very brave !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We agree that last photo is the perfect story and you can add that you were protecting Gail during the rampage. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You saved your Gail from a crocodile while holidaying in Oz!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Hard to beat being gored by that Highland 'Coo'!! Who knew they were called that?? BUT I like Stella and Rory's crocodile while holidaying in Oz too. S'pose I'm a bit biased there though. Or how about you saved Gail from a boxing kangaroo. It's Spring and they are fighting over all the females at the moment.

  7. maybe a lion got you on your neck and you tossed it away with a swerve of your head (the color of the dog and the lion is anyway nearly the same lol). have a great time in Nottingham and if you see the Sheriff run away (except it's Alan Rickman, then ask him for an autograph for my ole momma please)

  8. We would go with the "coo" story. You have sufficient provenance in the photo.

    Gus n Teka

  9. We too agree, go with the Coo story. But you have to be sure to take that picture with you!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. If your fantasies take you here to South Florida, you might have saved Gail from a shark bite as you frolicked in the ocean...or an alligator as you toured Everglades National Park,.. although we do have crocs too. How about a Burmese python as you stopped by the side of the road on Alligator Alley? But when all is said and done, the Coo is probably your best tale.

    Glad you are healing so well.

    Wirey love

    Just Harry

  11. That photo with the Aberdeen Angus says it all .... and more ....and should need no further elucidation.

  12. Hari OM
    ... you were the search and rescue dog who fished young Hugo out in his failed attempt to wrestle the (basking) shark, but not without first snagging on one of those gnashers...

    Then again, all questions could be averted by the wearing of a finely knitted 'jaikit'... Either way, you and Gail have a safe trip South (am working on tickets myself...) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. we agree with the other - gored by a highland bull sounds pretty impressive :)

  14. If you don't care fur the Gored by a Highland BULL... you could say you Fought Off a Rampaging Highland SQUIRREL...

    PeeS.... I... ERNIE... DEADED my furst Ever.. Chipmunk yesterday... so you could substitute Chipmunk fur the Bull or the Squirrel.

  15. You were pawtecting Gail from a vicious dog, of course!

  16. How about getting the Halloween season kicked off, and say you wrestled with a big ol' werewolf!

  17. How about you saved me from that huge animal? Hey Are you up for getting the tank out for Halloween this yr? We lost your email so email us ok


  18. You could just wear a vest and avoid the conversation altogether.
    Bonnie n Kenzie
    ....or you were down a fox hole doing whatever it is that WFT 's do down in fox holes...and you should see the other guy! He's a fur collar somewhere!

  19. Well, being yourself a Scot, we think the being honest would be best, but add "you should see the other dog"!

    The Mad Scots

  20. We liked Molly's idea! That way you are brave and a hero!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Bertie darlin' I'm back albeit a tad late to help you with your story...but should you still need one. Tell folks you were defending your home for a cat burglar....MOL MOL MOL
    I promise not to tell anyone that you actually let the cat burglar take Gails 'puter. Hugs to HGMa you and Gal
    Madi your bfff