Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hurry up Train, I want to see HGD!

Oh I am so happy, Gail and I are heading south on the train, destination Human Granny and Grandad!

Making good progress, we are crossing the Forth Bridge already...

Stopping for a pee break in Edinburgh is all very well, but really I want to see HGD and not hang around admiring the view from Calton Hill.

Yes and the crocuses in Princes Street Gardens are a welcome sign of Spring, but let's not miss the next  train...

Ah, Torness nuclear power station. So we are headed in the right direction...

And that looks like Berwick-upon-Tweed. Hooray, we have made it into England! No passports required. Yet. 

Now we are on the outskirts of Newcastle. I wonder why Gail has grabbed my collar so tightly...

So continuing southwards,  Gail is saying "look Bertie, Durham Cathedral. One of our finest"...

Well granted it is a splendid building, but really, can we get this train moving again? I just want to see HGD...

Coming in to York now. Yes, I know Gail, another fine Minster hiding behind the trees. And not much further to go...

Oh yes, a treat is just what I need to make the landscape around Doncaster more palatable...

Woo hoo! We have finally arrived in Nottingham. I am so thrilled to see Human Granny. But where is HGD? Oh I forgot, he is in his special new home. What do you mean we can't visit until tomorrow? I'm going to look for him right now...


  1. Wow, you are having quite an adventure!! Hope you enjoy your holiday with your granny!


  2. What a BEAUTIFUL train ride. We LOVE seeing your sights. You have crocus blooming...ALREADY???
    We are so glad that you are getting to visit with your GRANDS. We love them TOO you know. Tell them BOTH that we said HELLO.

  3. Great trip down South Bertie and thank you we enjoyed the sights. Have a serene Sunday and get some big easy in today.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. What a great trip! It is always so much better when the destination is human grandparents! They are such good spoilers of grandpups!

  5. Oh my, such a long trip just to see your grandparents! We just have an hour car ride. I hope you have a grreat visit!

  6. What an adventure - hey our Mom spent the first five years of her life in Nottingham - she lived on Ridout Street. She still has family living there but she hasn't seen any of them in some 50 years :) yeah - she is old :)

  7. Bertie - You have become the perfect travel companion. Tomorrow will be a great day !

  8. You have an exciting train journey. Lots to see. SHE says our trains only have farm land and trees. AND on the Indian Pacific from Perth (Western Australia--not Scotland) to Adelaide it was EXCITING when YOU actually saw a tree.

    We're a bit disappointed that Horatio wasn't there to give you the low down on weddings.

    AND we know HGD will be thrilled to see you!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  9. Oh what a lovely train journey. Mum and I are thinking about going to see Auntie Yam at her new flat in April and we have been thinking about going by train. And seeing your trip makes us think it may be a good idea. Hope HGD is keeping well.

  10. oh that is SO VERY COOL to see the landscape -and we are EVER so jealous of the fact that you have greenery and crocuses. (Yes, it's 3/2 and 2 degrees F at 2 PM. UGH. Oh, and SNOW. can we come live with YOU?!)

  11. Howdy Bertie, we're always green with jelly when we see your train rides. Thanks for sharing the scenery. Give Granny and Grandad a smooch from us. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. It looks like you had a great ride. thanks for the pictures. Scotland looks so lovely. It is on Lady's list of places to go. Have fun with the grandparents.

  13. Looks like a fun train ride - da only trains I's ever been on is subways in Bawston and da only scenery when going over da Charles River.

    Have a fun visit!

  14. Bertie you and Gail are surrounded by lots of beauty while traveling. Mom says riding the train makes a trip especially nice. My Dad is a HUGE train brain.

    Mom nearly sprayed the monitor with coffee when she read:
    "Now we are on the outskirts of Newcastle. I wonder why Gail has grabbed my collar so tightly..." Bertie you are so funny.

    Please give HGD and HGM a hug from your kitty friend

  15. What a long trip,very pretty though. Say hi to your HGD for me. Have fun Bertie

  16. Crikey I can't believe you get to ride on a train. Downunder here in Australia the only four legged blokes allowed on trains are guide dogs for the blind. I would love to go on a train like you did. That's VERY exciting! Such pretty countryside too. I love your pictures and I'm glad Gail held on tight this time in Newcastle.

  17. What a wotten waven train trip. I think that British Rail (or whatever incarnation is in charge of your route) should pay YOU to travel by train, since you're obviously providing a much needed public service, making everybody's day brighter and better.

    Re: our contest -- I personally believe that using Google Earth or an equivalent tool is the only way to nail the answer to my trick question. I think I should re-post the photo and spell out the rules :)

  18. Oh what a trip! Such beautiful sights, you must love seeing all these new places. You must be spoiled with your HGD and HGM! Enjoy, Bertie!

  19. What a lucky pup you are, Bertie, to go visit the HGP on the TRAIN. To watch the scenery go past, snooze just a little, talk to new people and THEN the Grandparents are there. Perfect!

    We here in the States never get to ride trains as a passenger (maybe as baggage!), not even a bus. Thats why I say you are most lucky!