Friday 21 December 2012

Christmas wish ...

Dear Santa,

I know you're busy etc., and this letter is rather late and my request is, I admit, unconventional and in all honesty I can if necessary wait till New Year (like most of the folk who receive so-called 'Christmas' gifts from Gail have to anyway).

Oh but please, please, PLEASE can you send me a handler who will enable me to fulfil my true potential as an agility dog?

In case you doubt what I am up against at the moment, please watch carefully this video of Gail and me, filmed by my dear friend Alison during one of the 'fun' party games at the Deeside Dog Agility Club Christmas Party last night. For clarity, I have added some subtitles, although even without these, I think that Gail's shortcomings as a handler will be all too obvious...

Amongst the current club membership there are, in my opinion, several promising candidates for the position of replacement handler. Perhaps you could make some discreet enquiries at the next training session? (Probably best to park the sleigh and reindeer behind the barn and out of sight of the other dogs).

I'm sure you will agree that my request is an entirely reasonable one, and so I am happy to leave the matter in your capable and hopefully not too frost-bitten hands.

Yours optimistically,
Bouncing Bertie (frustrated would-be agility star),


  1. Bruhaahaahaa! Sorry, Bertie, we've watched that twice. Maybe if you work with Gail and give her sip of her favourite beverage...throughout, she might just shape up. We're impressed with her agility anyway.

    We also like the way you barked encouragement at her. Give her a couple more goes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy (who do not do agility)

  2. Dear frustrated would-be agility star
    Remember you need to train your peeps. Isn't that what it is all about? Give her a second chance we know she will step up to the plate. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Just amp up the training on Gail she does loo enthusiastic. You certainly look great in the video. Mom wants to take Weasley to agility in the Spring and we are sure she will be much worse then Gail even

    urban hounds

  4. It's like we say time and time again isn't it mate; you just can't get the staff! Deccy x

  5. Oh frustrated furiend! What can me say??? Better get her in!

    I must ask...where did you get all that energy? I just sleep on the couch all day.

  6. Dear Bertie, its ur pawls Thor & Burns. Let us tell ya gots to love the one ur wiff. Some humans have a harder time learning agility (have you seen our human???).

    Just give her time, have fun wiff her and always forgive her mistakes. Its about playing wiff ur human.

    Wishing uz and yours a very Yappy Howliday Season.
    High paws
    The Texas Ratboys ~ Thor & Burns

  7. Bertie, maybe you just need to work with Gail a little harder so she reaches HER full potential as an agility dog handler! It's hard work training humans, but very rewarding.

  8. OK, give her some training, like a months worth before you go else where.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  9. MOL MOL MOL here in the Southern USA. OMDs Bertie that was one fine video and you know it appears you and Gail are having fun and that is the main thing; however, if you want a new trainer I know what you need...Me. I could run in front and you could chase me or vice a versa either way would work but mind you I can jump high!!
    Hugs and thank you to you and Gail for 47 seconds of fun.
    Madi your BFFF

  10. Bertie Bertie Bertie... we HATE to say this.. butt some of THEM are just NOT trainable. SAD butt TRUE. PAWhaps you should as Santa Paws fur... somethingy EASIER.

  11. Hey Bertie,
    You should come to my clubs competition in march. You has to do a team event and run around with another handler. Mum hasn't decided if we is gonna enter yet, cos she doesn't want to be shown up. It terrible hasing someone. Ot capable of keeping up with your genius. I know your pain.

    ~Lickies, Ludo

  12. Deew Bewtie
    No weeson to distuwb Santa.

    I think you should face factses. Fact #1. You AWE A STAW no mattew who youw handlew might be, Fact #2. No one coold evew take Gail's place in yoow heawt and life(not even fow a moment)
    Fact#3. You couldn't pawsibully have as much fun wif anyone else...I west my case
    pee ess, I'm so sowwy my smileybox made Gail dizzy, it coold pawsibully contwbuted to hew not pawfect pawfowmance.

    (Thewe is an option to watch that smileybox as a slideshow and not spin awound)
    Smoochie kisses

  13. Well, Bertie, at least you still get to go to agility. My momma declared that I was getting "weekend warrior" injuries at agility, but I think that what really happened was that she just got too darn lazy to make the 45 minute drive each way.

    I believe you do have talent for agility, but clearly your handler is lacking in basic skills. Awkward body positions, getting in your way, unclear signals. So sad.


  14. Its time she realizes there is a replacement in the near future
    Benny & Lily

  15. Wishing you a very Happy Christams xx

  16. You can do it Bertie! Happy Christmas from me and my mum! Lots of love, stevie pup xxxxx

  17. Bertie:

    Are you sure you want to switch Gail out? She looks awesome! And so do you! You can train her. Santa has faith in you both. So do we.

    We were up a mountain yesterday and found a collection bin for science that we think Gail might like. More later.

    Happy holidays!

    You're the best agility dog in our book.

    Keep on barking,

  18. Don't worry Bertie! Your agility is brilliant as it is!
    Hope you have a brilliant Christmas, although it will be wet not white.
    There's pictures on my blog of Victoria and Westburn parks. They're really flooded!
    Merry crimbo again!