Wednesday 1 August 2012

Taking care of important business

Oh I do apologise to my friends if they feel I have been neglecting them.

You see I've been away on important business (that's what all high achievers say isn't it?)

What could be more important than trying to cheer up Human Grandad?

So Gail and I went down to Nottingham for a visit last week. I took HGD for a short walk by the River Trent and as usual we had a nice chat.
 I can still make sense of what he's trying to say, even if others often can't.
We shared a joke and then it was home for afternoon tea.
See, I'm keeping him smiling with my antics.

Now you can always rely on Human Granny for a nice cup of tea.

Oh and I must, I absolutely must tell you what HGY said last Friday afternoon when Gail had to go out without me for a short while.

Gail was going through that rather patronising and annoying "now Bertie you'll be good while I'm away won't you?" routine. No doubt some of my friends get this too...

But this time, HGY interrupted her.

"I expect he'll be good. He usually is. He's no trouble."

Yes, those were her very words.

Aren't Grannies just the business?

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the Pet Blogging Olympics continue to enthral. I want to say a humungous thank you to all who took part in my Bouncing (narrrative style) event, both entrants and those who commented on the post. Everything went brilliantly, and it was such fun wasn't it! Now I'm going to relax and enjoy all the other games, as I'm sure you will too.


  1. Bertie, I can see what a comfort you are to your Grandparents. You are so thoughtful and I can only hope that Granny spoiled you with biscuits and goodies.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Bertie gald to see you keep your HG so happy, us dogs are good at doing that. Love your yoga pose how do you do that?
    Tess sends her love to Gail looks like they both have something in common:) she said she felt better after seeing your comment.
    Have a good week
    I'm off to check todays BO games myself
    See Yea George xxx

  3. We hope grand Pa is felling more cheered up after your little pick me up. Thank you for a great event. Have a good day at the Olympics.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You are so lucky. We don't have a grandpa or granny. And we're sure you behave yourself ALL of the time.

    Enjoy your relaxation. We've seen you in a few events, you need a day or two to recover.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. We love that you got to spend time with Grand Dad. We know it meant the world to him too. We can see that BIG smile on his face, thanks to you!

    Off to the Olympics now. Have a pawsome day.

    Lily Belle

  6. Excellent job cheering up the Grands, Bertie!


  7. Taking care of the Peeps and GRAND peeps is SO very IMPAWTANT.. Those are the folks with the REAL WISDOM... FUR SURE.

  8. Grandparents are the BEST! I love visiting mine!

  9. You are a wonderful grandson, Bertie!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  10. Grandmas and grandpas are just the best!!! Looks like you enjoyed your visit! And an awesome Olympic event as well!!

  11. You have such lovely grapndparents and what a wonderful grandson you are for them

    urban hounds

  12. they are so cute. We bet they loved your company
    Benny & Lily

  13. Taking care of the grandpeeps is a most important job! Good for you for taking the time to listen to grandpa. I am sure you cheered him up!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Oh Bertie, I am very touched that you would like to play ruff and tumble with me :0
    I don't mind dropping Colin for a Hansome WFT, that's intellectual :) and can speak his mind :)
    Love Tess xxxx

  15. Oh Bewtie,

    What a lucky lucky boy you awe to have a sweet Gwannie and Gwandad to love you

    I know you cheewed theiw lives no end wif youw visit and they must be vewy pwoud to have such a clevew and good hoomowed fuwwgwndkid awound.

    I coold see it on theiw faces

    Bewtie, I must apologize fow taking that fast tuwn and dumping Mango in youw lap. I hope youw bwooses and bweaks heal in time to enjoy the west of the Olympics

    Smoochie kisses

  16. Bertie-
    Your Grandparents are wonderful. Your Grandpa looks just like mom's uncle. He doesn't make much sense either, but he's a lovable chap!
    We are smitten with your Grandpa's clock on the bookshelf...very cool!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    1. I wondered if anyone would spot the clock. It's from a propellor, a reminder of Dad's time in WW2 as a Mosquito pilot. Gail.

  17. HGD and HGY appreciate you. I think perhaps your mom is just too stern and needs to adopt a more carefree, terrier attitude about life.


  18. It is so wonderful to see pictures of your parents doing so well. It's great that your dad gets around too. I miss having parents in my life - even if they kept me busy and frustrated.
    Sending lotsaluv to you...and them!
    MM in SA