Saturday 18 August 2012

Office life?

Gail, I have been thinking...

Oh no, Bertie, I fear you have been spending to much time with my mother. This favourite phrase of hers usually precedes some unwelcome pronouncement.

Well Gail, I have been thinking about the job you started a few months ago. I overheard you yesterday talking about your new office, and how the environment was friendly and relaxed.

Er, yes Bertie, it is, mostly.

And that there was plenty of space in the nice big light room where you and three others work.

That's true too.

And that your colleagues are mostly energetic types who enjoy outdoor activities, and there is even a group that goes out walking in the hills one evening a week in the summer.

My Bertie, those flappy little ears of yours hear well.

And that your boss adores animals and owns two horses.

I think I am beginning to see where we're heading with this...

Oh and did you say something about there being a coffee room just down the corridor with free biscuits available every morning? And that just behind the office there is a beautiful riverside path where lots of people exercise their dogs? And that you miss me during the day, and that I'm always well behaved these days when you are working at your computer at home, lying in a quietly encouraging fashion at your feet. And that one of your colleagues brought her cocker spaniel into the office for a couple of hours last week before taking her for a grooming session? It does sound a perfect environment for a wire-haired fox terrier...

Bertie, for a pup with small, beady eyes almost covered in fuzz, you can put on a most effective pleading expression. But the sad truth is that dogs and offices in general don't mix. 

Oh. Oh. Are you quite sure?

Dear little chappie, there's no need to look so downcast. You will meet some of my new workmates next week anyway. We are going on a field trip to look at some rocks near Lossiemouth, and you have been granted special permission to come along too, and even to stay in the hotel with us for one night. 

Really! That's brilliant! Oh I am bouncing with excitement, I just can't wait! A real geological field trip!

Now Bertie, I promised the leader that you were a well-behaved dog and wouldn't be any trouble at all. You won't let me down will you?

(Bertie looks away, insulted at the mere suggestion.)

OK Bertie, I'm so sorry, I'm sure you'll be fine. Now if you'll just stand still a minute while I measure you up for a hard hat...


  1. BOL - Sam has come with me a few times in the office and he does fine. The only problem is that when it is lunchtime, he doesn't care who it is - he expects them all to share their lunch!


  2. Gail's office sounds idyllic! Family friendly! (Entire) family friendly! I am holding thumbs for you, dear Bertie.
    Cute post.

  3. Oh Bertie!! That's brilliant!! AND you get a hard hat?!? We expect a full report!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. I cannot wait to hear about this adventure!! You will have the best time!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful how after all your begging to accompany Gail, she had the plans all made and ready, and you didn't even know it!

    Have fun, Bertie, and be the grand little gent we all know you are!


  6. Bertie, there are companies where people can bring their dogs to work. Maybe if you do some research on her home computer while she's away at work, you'll find one of those companies for her.

  7. Wow Bertie that is going to be some adventure we are sure. Can't wait. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Well WAY Back about 87 years ago... Angel BARON used to go to School with my mom one or two days a year... and then there was School Cat that went with her EVERY SINGLE DAY... He helped her students who had "Episodes" and stuffs.
    SOOOOOO I think you SHOULD be allowed to go to work with Gail... at LEAST ONCE...
    Maybe AFTER this new adventure.

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  10. OH Bertie, that office sounds perfect for you!! You would be a little angel. Maybe after they meet you they will let you hang out sometimes at the office. If not....I could dig up the BIG ole green tank for you to threaten them with!!


  11. Go Bertie,
    You should be able to go to work with your Mommy just once. Then if you don't like it, you can say you did it once, right. I think you will like it.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  12. Oh wow, you get to go on a real work trip! How exciting!

  13. I'm awfully lucky Bertie. Mama's office is dog friendly and every once in a while I get to go to work with her. Not every day, mind you, as Mama says I am awfully demanding of her time, but sometimes. Mama says she's a better employee when she has a puggle to snuggle n her lap. I bet your Gail would be too.

  14. Bertie,

    With your nose so close to the ground you have the perfect opportunity to sniff out something that will make Gail and her colleagues very happy – a fossil amongst the rocks. If it is a new species they will be jumping for joy, and you will secure your place amongst their feet forever more in the office and on their field trips.

    Just remember not to eat anything that you find, or you will be back in your dog house at home!


  15. Bertie, we think lying QUIETLY all day in an office would wear off pretty quickly. You'd probably be tempted to do your 'worse than a midge' act. So the field trip sounds great!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  16. Bertie, you will look fantastically handsome in your hardhat and, i have to say, I'm sure you will steal the show on the field trip!

    I am often asking to go to work, not with Her (Her work must be extremely frustrating because She always says She would rather be a dog walker) but He works on a campus with LOTS of trees for sniffing ......

    Have fun!



  17. Nice hat, but I am thinking the free biscuits and coffee break sound a little better. Don't give up on that dogs in the office idea. I've been pushing for this for years!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Not all employees behave at work so why would you have to behave?
    Benny & Lily

  19. Yay for Bertie. We know they will fall in love with you and want you at work every day (paws crossed0. Er, Bertie, you aren't going to put on the hard hat and then hit it with the hammer to test its strength are you? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Oh Bertie, I'd love to have a hard hat, you're so lucky...

  21. "Bertie looks away, insulted at the mere suggestion" LOL! don't they just! This had me in fits of giggles! xxxxx

  22. Bertie - A night in a hotel in Lossiemouth . You bon viveur. Maybe there's a trip to Stornoway in your stars ?

  23. Bertie thats great, I'm pretty sure they will all fall in love with you :)
    Have a good week and make sure Gail takes loads of photos :)
    See Yea George xxx

  24. Oh Bertie, going to the office is so much fun! I go with Mommy almost every day now. And I get cookies from her coworkers, roam around and sleep wherever I want, and receive tons of belly rubs!


  25. hey Bertie,

    You took the "small beady eyes" comment quite well! ;->

    Congratulations on a job well done! Staying a night in a hotel is fun, and then embarking on the field trip with Gail and her co-workers sounds like a blast. I can't wait to read about it, and see the photos. Gail's office and co-workers sound very nice, she is fortunate.

    Hope they bring the free biscuits on the trip! I am sure they know that a well-fed dog is a happy dog!


  26. Ooooo an expedition! :D Way cool Bertie. Can't wait to hear what you find! :D

    Waggin at ya,