Sunday 29 July 2012

Bouncing (narrative style) Olympic event!

Oh I am just bouncing off the walls with excitement about all the wonderful entries to my Bouncing (narrative style) event. Every single one is a winner! Thank you so much to all the lovely participants, for taking the time to celebrate the act of bouncing with such creativity. We have poems, limericks, prose, haiku and even a citation from Blogville's Chief of Police.

Here they are, in order of arrival in my inbox. Read and enjoy.

Up on the sofa
Finn does her bee-bop bouncin'
While her peeps relax

But she hears them not
While they command her to stop
She bounces onward.

Casey the Boxer
Bouncey, bouncey, I like to bounce!
It's so much fun, it's like a big pounce!
I can jump and leap and spin and twirl,
My legs stretched out front, my ears all a-curl.
But the best reason for bouncing we know is just this --
It's the best way to leap up and grab a big KISS!

Molly the Wally

Molly’s Bouncing Ode!

I like bouncing off the sofa,
And bouncing off the walls,
Sometimes off my human,
And sometimes with rubber balls.

I bounce all day and night,
Bouncing like a crazy thing,
Sometimes with my tennis balls,
And sometimes when I sing.

I’m bouncing like a kangaroo
Or like a bouncing spring.
Sometimes I bounce far too high
And with ceiling my head doth ding.

Bouncing is the best of fun,
We should all bounce together,
So let’s get bouncing all my pals,
Nevermind the weather.

And when you feel you’ve bounced too much,
And fall into a tired heap,
Find a little restful spot,
And have a little sleep.

By Molly the Bouncing Wally. 

I bounce when I play
with Blue my favorite toy
bounce that day away

When I go to the park, and smell the fresh air, I bounce with joy.
The car stops and I run out and grab my favorite toy.
I bounce and bounce as I run and play.
I hope and hope we can stay all day.
I roll in the grass and pass some gas and give Mommy sass.
Today I wish with every ounce that today is the day I will go and bounce.

Incident Report
Officer:  Sarge, Chief of Police, Blogville
Date: July 29, 2012  Time: 0430est
Violation:  Disturbing the Peace
Accused:  Mr Hy Leaper
Witness:  Mr Lon Hopper
Victim:  Bounding Betty’s Bar & Bistro
Description:  This officer responded to report of disturbance at local tavern.  Took statement from Mr Hopper who did state that he observed Mr Leaper jumping repeatedly on the stools of the tavern. 
At the request of Ms Bounding Betty, Mr Hopper acted as the employed bouncer to remove Mr Leaper.  The accused verbally sprung assaults on Mr Hopper and jumped repeatedly on his toes. 
Mr Hopper then bounded down the street and disappeared. 
Citation issued by:  Sarge, Chief of Police

There once was a dog in Flor-ee-da
Who liked to bounce for his dee-na
One day he bounced so high
He caught a pizza on the fly
Next day he asked his Mom for a tramp-o-lee-na ;)

The Foodstuffs Dance
Correct-sized legs is hard to bend,
and leaping no is my best friend.
My belly drags across the ground
and Mama says "Reuben, you is too round." 

Although I is big, my legs no is,
so instead of bouncing, I does this:
When it is time for me to eat
I gets excited in my feet!

My legs just starts to go and go 
and the next thing that I know
I goes into a kind of trance
And I performs the Foodstuffs Dance.

There's lots of shuffles to and fro,
My legs is moving fast, and so
I then begins the Foodstuffs Whine
and the Foodstuffs Bark - those foods is MINE!

And I continues, all a-quiver
Until the foodstuffs is delivered.
I nom it up so fast I cough
and then I goes to sleep it off.

Susie and Sidebite
Bouncing by Susie:

Bouncing came easy to me, once I discovered the fun of the back yard, it suddenly struck Me. This is my happy time, it's what makes me bounce, when Mom or Dad come out and chase me around the 87 acres, about every third or fourth step I bounce, and then I go after Shadow to join in, and the real bouncing around on her begins. Now I have every body involved, then Bites shows up and the party is on.

My second best bouncing is chasing after something, ball, Frisbee, rabbit, just anything that goes fast, even Sidebite.

My bestest bounces come when I Bark, see I am a little girl with a high pitch yell, so's, to get my message out I put my all into it, I squat down, let it go, and bounce backwards till the problem is gone.

Bouncing by Sidebite:

One: I love to play footies while Dad walks and I chase after his feet, bouncing and attacking, then get another run, bounce in, attack, growl and do this till I can't move.

Two: Dad thinks he has a recliner, WRONG, by Scottie Law, It's MINE!. We come in during the late evening and get a snack, then Dad lies down on the floor in front of my recliner and we play ball, or wrestle with a suffie, till I am Tired. Now I got him, I take a run and bounce on his tummy and into MY recliner.

George the Lad
B is for Ball
O is for Outing
U is for Urinate
N is for New places to visit
C is for Chews
I  is for  Interesting Steps
N is for Nose to the ground
G is for Great time

If I get all of the above it makes me want to
Bounce. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Bella does little ladylike hops
  while waiting for a treat.
But telly gets her bouncing high
  which for her is quite a feat.

Roxy bounces all the time,
  you'd think her legs were springs.
She bounces all around the house,
  leaping over things.

Daisy's like a cheerleader
  bouncing to get HER to go.
'Cause whenever it is walk time,
  SHE moves VERY slow.

Deccy the ex racing hound
Howled and bounced round and round
He just had to run
But it wasn’t for fun
KC’s claws were like daggers he found!

I'm two foot long and half a foot tall
and I bounce around like a fur ball
It is easy to see
I'm no WFT
'Cuz my bounces are overly small.

The wonderful thing about Winnie
Is Winnie's a bounceable dog
Her legs are long and quite skinny
She can bounce, she can run, she can jog.

She's bouncy, leapy, then she's sleepy.
Her legs are just a blur
But the most wonderful thing about Winnie is simply that she's her.

Jazzi and Addy
Addy and I loved to run and play and bounce around. One of our favorite games, was to run and chase each other around the house. Our main floor has a big square so we would run around the square several times and then we each took a leaping bounce from about 2-3 ft from the love seat and land right smack on our love seat.
Addy: Wait Jazzi, I don't think it was exactly 3 feet for you, I mean you aren't even 3 ft long!! Maybe more like 1 ft.
Jazzi: Hey!! I am telling the story here Miss Dogzilla! You just pipe down over there!!
Addy: Well, I think you should just be accurate, lol
Jazzi: yah ok. Anyway we bounced so hard on it, that the love seat would bounce back on its back legs and then make a BIG clunk when it hit the floor again!! bol. We would bounce right back off, take off running again. I would chase Addy cuz she is scared of me
Addy: Oh NO, you did not just say that Jazzi!! I am by NO means scared of You. PLEAZE!!!! If anything, you run from me cuz you know that I will getcha!! You do know that I could sit on you Jazzi?
Jazzi: (yawn) really??? (she really is scared, she just doesn't want to admit it)
After we switched turns, we would do it all over again and we had a blast!! It did drive Mom nuts but we didn't care, cuz we have tons of fun bouncing on and off of the love seat BOL!!! (We don't have a picture of the actual bounce but this is us after the bounce on our love seat.)

Seeing how this is the Olympics, I can do a Standing Bounce!! It is tricky to do and takes time to get it just right.
I stand or sit on the Living room floor and Mom sits there and asks, Jazzi, do you want a treat? I reply by Barking. 
Now when I Bark, my front paws both bounce off of the floor. It must be very entertaining because Mom sits there and laughs like crazy. Alls I know is that it gets me a treat and that's all I am interested in. Hey! A girl has to worry about the important things right??

As you all might remember, when I lived with Jazzi, I discovered that the grand-peeps had a trampoline. Jazzi in all her bossiness tried to get my not to go on it. usuaI I didnt listen to her, bol. I went ahead and got on it with the grand-peeps. As they bounced, I bounced and I went so high in the air. I actually think that all my paws were in the air at the same time and it was so much fun. I could feel the air on my face and my ears flopped all around when I bounced. I even took my toy with me and jumped with it in my mouth. I enjoyed it so much that when they were on it bouncing, I was right there bouncing with them and having the time of my life. Just call me the Bouncing Addy!!

Team Beaglebratz
Neither of us Beaglebratz due much bouncin’BUTT I, the Diva Shasta duz a little I guess.  When there iz sumthin’out in the yard that me an’brudder Shiloh go chasin’it – sumtimez when I am runnin’an’az I start slowin’down, then I kinda start duin’sorta bounce on my pawz.  It iz really kinda of a run, hop-bounce – mom sez it’z kinda like I’m slowin’down my runnin’an’start bouncin’up an’down butt I am still movin’forward a little – Shiloh duzn’t due this.

I, the Diva Shasta, just feel so furry much happy when I due this - an'I know that whatever I am chasin'iz furry much impressed an'a little scared cuz I am showin'my tail held furry much straight up like I AM the boss an'nobuddy better mess with me.

I did include a pikchure of me restin'up AFTER I bin out in the yard duin'my run-hop-bounce chase.


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  1. Who would have thought that so many Bards resided in Blogville. The talent out there is truly amazing. I do hope someone from Penguin Publishing reads this; we could all be on to a winner... Deccy x

  2. Holy many bouncing dogs! Gotta switch to decaf!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. So many terrific entries! However are you going to judge them and pick the winners? Or is there a panel of judges? We can't wait to cheer for whoever gets the gold, silver and bronze. It will be very hard to choose.

    Jed & Abby [who is still pouting because mama didn't get her entry done]

  4. Bertie, what great fun this was to read. Mommy made some popcorn and we shared a beer(hehe) and she read me the tales of bouncing. Pawsome and just excellent!! BOL BOL, what a great event, thank you Bertie.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. We think all of the competitors worked really hard to sharpen their skills for this competition.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  6. Yay!!!! What great entries. There are lots of bouncing dogs out there. Good to see even those with little legs are having a go!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  7. Wow Bertie, enjoyed reading them, just shows us dogs have brains

  8. Hurray for us!! Winners all. I shall have a bounce to celebrate!! Good job I'm also entered in crazy sleeping singles today along with Deccy. I think we both need a rest after that.

    Thanks for hosting such a pawesome event Bertie and Gail.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  9. A bounty of bouncing barkers! Well done, Bertie.

  10. Bewtie
    I bounced wif happiness whilemweading all these wondewful entwies. Seems to me bouncing equals joy
    Thanks fow hosting this vewy speshul event
    Smoochie kisses

  11. The bouncing was fabulous and so was all of the poetry! You are all winners. Well done!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Well done everybody. BRILLIANT. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Hi Bertie
    Madi here to saY WELL DONE on you bouncing competition!!
    The competitors are also quite talented at 'bouncing' words off thei tongues onto paper.
    Madi hostess of Gymnastics on July 32

  14. So grand!!!! Who knew we had such bouncing talent and verbal skillz!!!

  15. Bertie these were all so creative and fun! I enjoyed them so much, I read ALL of them THREE Times BOL! Wonderful Event my furiend! :D Thank you for Hosting it!

    Waggin at ya,

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    urban hounds

  17. WOW Bertie,
    such great poets in Blogville. We loved them all and wish we could write a poem (sigh) we just do story form, but by reading all these, makes me wanna go and do a fantastic bounce!!
    Thanks for hosting this, it is really cute.


  18. Gosh everyone is so very talented. we thinks they are all just wonderful.

    THIS was WONDERFUL. Every Athlete took the challenge and went about it in their own CREATIVE way. I LOVED every WORD.

  20. What a great competition. I enjoyed them all....

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  21. Awesome job Bertie on your Event!

    After reading all the wonderful entries and seeing all the beautiful pictures, we gotta bounce outside for a tinkle break. We're still laughing over here bcuz who knew we had such talented bouncers in Blogville!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

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  24. Wonderful bouncing and even better stories! Do I sense GOLD MEDALS for everyone?!

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    Susie & Bites

  26. Absolutely Brilliant entries. I love that you decided to do this in narrative style.


  27. WOW Bertie you really made the trainers of these athletes work hard. Guess that is why I am not in this event! Great event Bertie.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  28. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, this was soooo much fun! What a creative and enjoyable event. I loved all of these entries and the competition was totally fierce. Such smart writers! Woohoooo to all!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  29. hee hee! such a great event! we loved all of the competitors - so creative! thanks for hosting the event, Bertie. Concats to everybuddy!

    Fraidy Cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie (and HOllie)

  30. What great athletes! Such an entertaining event!


  31. Hey Addi didnt see her trampoline bouncing story. It was on an e-mail and we just resend it to you via e-mail, must have gotten over looked.


    1. Oh no, how will Addy ever forgive me? I am so so sorry. Gail and I have had a busy week, down in England checking up on her parents. Their computer is so slow that we didn't manage to do any last minute quality control. But we're now back in Aberdeen and have updated the post. Is it all there now? I do hope so.
      With profuse apologies,
      Bertie (and Gail).

    2. no problemo, it is on now and Addy is one Happy Camper Ha!

  32. What a fun event...whooooa! Go for the gold
    Benny & Lily

  33. I was on the edge of my seat! What a riveting event!

  34. Da Bouncin' Competitors are all da best!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  35. What incredible bouncing talent...I feel quite dizzy.
    Sending lotsaluv

  36. Congrats to everyone!!!

    Keep on wagging,

    P.s.: I should definitely COWer behind the COW-ch when the MOOvies are scary :)

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    Your pal, Pip

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