Thursday, 12 July 2012

Update: Olympics Bouncing and Other Stuff


First, the Olympics! Just a reminder to keep the entries for the Bouncing (narrative style) event coming in. I am already bouncing off the walls with delight at the ones I've seen so far, they are all brilliant! Remember that it's your WORDS about Bouncing - not photos - that I'm looking for here. Entries to be emailed to soi718(AT)abdn(DOT)ac(DOT)uk. For full details of the event, click here.

Secondly, on the Boffin* front, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my promised Science of Human Behaviour post! Thank you so much for your fascinating contributions. It is taking longer than I anticipated to synthesise all the data, but I shall have answers for you, er, in due course....

Thirdly, my assistant Gail will be away for the next few days. Most inconvenient from an Olympics perspective I must say. So if you have sent in a 'Bouncing' entry but have not yet received a polite acknowledgement, well that is 'cos a certain person has gone swanning off to visit friends in Switzerland and is ignoring her computer. (Don't worry about me though, I am staying at home and being cared for by Gail's friend Marie-Thérèse, and am hoping to be spoilt rotten...)

Toodle pip!

*Wasn't it just SO EXCITING about the Higgs Boson!
Relaxing at the cottage before the Big Olympic Event


  1. Oh Addy is sending hers in cuz she is making it for the olympics!! HAve fun!!


  2. You'll need all the rest you can get mate; I know I do! Deccy x

  3. Good luck with your olympic entries Bertie. Your garden at the cottage looks delightful and you seem to be very relaxed there - no sign of bouncing at all.
    We had to het the human to look up Higgs Boson - she may need to read it all again to understand your excitement!
    The Aunties xx

  4. Hi Bertie , glad your event is going well. We gave your event a mention yesterday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Momma was quite exercised about that Higgs Boson thing as well. I think that it is all make believe. Seriously. Just an excuse for nerds to congregate with their own kind and have a nerd party.


  6. What is WITH our assistants just sailing off in the middle of important blogging times?!

  7. You sure look rested and relaxed in your garden Bertie. Have fun being spoiled while Gail is away.


  8. Oh BERTIE I am so THRILLED that you are getting some grrrreat entries. Ernie BEGGED to get in butt I told him that as a close relative of the O.Committee (of ONE) that he couldn't ... It is just as well though beclaws he is all obsessed with the KEYBOARD and everythingy HE would write would look like THIS:
    *(^ ^#$# ()_ +! $% =-()*&^ @#$

    YEP... just as well that HE CAN'T get in.

  9. We will be sending a bouncy photo
    Benny & Lily

  10. What in the world is a slab of gneiss? At first we thought it was some kind of German cheese, but it seems your mom was sitting on it....perhaps it's a very large slice of cheese...

    We are working on motivating Mumsie to look through photos...Scruffy is definitely a bouncer...

    I seem to have a little more trouble getting my rear section elevated...

    XXOO Lacie

  11. Bert6ie - We hope you're spoilt rotten too. Somehow I think there's a pretty good chance you will be .

  12. Hey there Bertie,
    I love the way that Angus (above comment) hit the "6" instead of the "T" key on the keyboard...very funny! (Perhaps you should add that bit to the 'bouncing' olympic entries - bouncing on the keyboard - lol). We've been so busy lately - haven't had a moment to think of any bouncing ideas for a personal entry (except the above one, of course). Hope Gail has a fabulous trip to Switzerland. Say "Hi" to Federer from me (Sorry about the demise of Murray...I'm sure the whole of Scotland was 'bouncing' that day)
    Lotsaluv and lotsalicks too