Tuesday 21 June 2011

What's the big deal? (East Coast Trains ROCK!)

Well we arrived back in Aberdeen last night from the trip to Granny and Grandad, and Gail was acting all strange and euphoric. Anyone would think she was mightily relieved about something. It was all "Oh Bertie you are so wonderful, come here and let me give you another cuddle, I can't believe you were so well-behaved, let's go to the butchers and buy you a special treat - would you prefer liver, lambs kidney, venison, steak or their special Cumberland sausage?"

What was the big deal? Didn't she think I could cope with a train journey of over six hours? (That's two and three quarter hours Aberdeen to Edinburgh, then three and a half hours Edinburgh to Newark North Gate).

Let me tell you again - I had an absolutely splendid time all round. I simply must show you some more photos.

I had a great romp beside the River Trent, near Granny and Grandad's house

Then it was time to head back north on the East Coast train. We sped through the English countryside

I was having such fun as we passed through Durham station

Gail and I both enjoyed the view of Durham Cathedral

Although I was worried that the drinks trolley hadn't appeared..

Ah yes, here it is. Phew.

We had a wee break in Edinburgh, where we changed trains

I had time to inspect the gardens

And observe the street life

Back on the train I just couldn't stop smiling

Sadly we didn't get a photo of the lovely man in the green sweater, who nearly burst into tears when I walked past on my way to the buffet car on yesterday's journey. He said I was the spit of a foxy he had who'd died a few weeks ago. He just wanted to stroke me, ever so tenderly. Gail later said, rather cynically I thought, no foreigner travelling to Edinburgh on that particular train carriage would have disembarked thinking that Englishmen suppress their emotions too much...

Anyway, on another matter. What is happening about the report on my Blogville Picnic water-related science experiments, I hear you asking. Well, I have to admit that the data have presented particular and unique challenges in interpretation and I still have some problems to resolve with the peer review committee. All will be ready for publication in a few days time, I am sure....

PS Gail wants to know if this post will earn us a free travel voucher...  


  1. You are having the greatest adventure! I am sure glad you found that drink trolley too - very important!

  2. Free travel voucher ? Bertie , you should become the railroad companys mascot .

  3. Send it in to them Bertie! I'll bet you get one!
    I is glad you had a lovely time on such a long journey. It very exciting huh? I think the stiff upper lip thing fades away where us dogs be concerned. Did you really nearly fall down the gap? I imagine at other train routes the gap not so big. We don't have very good trains here, only one platform and the train be raining inside and has some rickety old steps the conductor brings out and some of them still has push bells to tell them you want to stop.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. Oh Bertie! What a fun adventure! We are most impressed with your grown up behavior! We do think you should put in for a free travel vouher. What could it hurt?!?

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. Bertie, you look very handsome and grown-up on your journey! You must appreciate that you Brit pups get to ride the trains where we well behaved American dogs just have to find another mode of travel!

    Can you tell us what the big building is in the Edinburgh photo (#7 I think), its up high on a hill.

    Cheers and hugs,


  6. Stella - it's Edinburgh Castle, as I expect you already guessed.
    Too bad you can't go by train too.

  7. We loved your description of the train trip -- but WHAT DID YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR SPECIAL TREAT?????

    We hope our mom noted how some wirey lads get rewarded for good behavio(u)r!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  8. What a lovely trip Bertie! You did seem to behave quite well! Kudos!

    I would like to know what you selected as a special treat!

    I think you should be the mascot for the train and get to travel FREE all the time with your Mom!

    woos, Tessa

  9. Another fantastic tour Bertie. A great adventure....even if it was flat (physically).

    Tell Gail to remove the 'or' and replace it with 'and' to the butcher's list.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. You look so happy on that train, especially in the Durham station photo. I've decided all Gail's travel photos look so much better with a Bertie included. My mum's photos from her time many years ago in Edinburgh just don't compare.


  11. Bertie you carck us up traveling around like a human
    Benny & Lily

  12. Bertie,
    Let me think on your offer... momma has the busy brain right now which seems to affect my thinking as well. Can't imagine why.


  13. But OF COURSE you were good.

    I love your happy smiling face on those pictures.

    It was a long train journey though. Well done for comforting the man who'd lost his dog recently.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  14. Ah Bertie you do us proud....... Really imagine all that time on a train and being such a good boy.. really we are so proud.. Uhhm I am not too sure if we would ahhh be that prim and proper... We were very happy to see the drinks trolley arrive in time and PL2 got a little leaky reading about the wonderful pat you had from the man who had just lost his best friend. Pl1 says that he thinks you are the cutest ever and he wants to come to Scotland and walk us all the places you go... COULD YOU IMAGINE THE THREE OF US TOGETHER! HOO BOY..... Love and kisses A+A

  15. Bewtie
    I nevew evew doubted that you would be pawfect on that twain wide..I knew you would be getting tons of pats and admiwing glances and that Gail would be vewy pwoud to be wif you.

    I must say, that youw twains awe faw mowe civilized than the ones I've been on hewe..no dwink twollies on mine.. and no nice tways eithew..(I think Amtwack has those maybe, but they don't allow woofies the wats.

    I know that you made that nice mans day by letting him pet you ..it will take him a long time to stop missing his sweet foxy kid.
    Smoochie kisses
    pee ess can't wait to wead youw publication

  16. Glad you got home safely. Not at all surprised you comported your self like a gentleman on the train trip. BTW, you have tables in your regular passenger cars, and don't have to sit with other people crammed in facing you, knees touching? What a luxury! In your last post, we assumed you were in the dining car because of the tables.

    Jed & Abby

  17. Well done Bertie for such exemplary behaviour. We just cannot believe Gail would doubt your ability to be such a gentleman.

    MOlly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  18. About that trip: we are jelly jelly jelly.

    Jake and Fergs (and Moma. She's jelly too)