Thursday 9 June 2011

Train trial

There are no photos today because events that I am reporting were deemed 'too stressful' for the camera operator...

It seems that my predecessor Hamish the Westie used to travel quite often by railway, and Gail has decided that it would be useful if I could accompany her on train journeys too.

She has this idea that it is more relaxing than driving, when long distances are involved (like visiting Granny and Granddad, 400 miles away).

I think that now, following a trend that will be familiar to those who take an interest British politics, this supposedly brilliant idea is 'under review'.

Last weekend I was taken for a 'training ride', to Huntly. By Scotrail it's an hour from Aberdeen.

Really I think I was most well-behaved.

I didn't bark - well, scarcely at all. I didn't 'mark' anyone's luggage, either on or off the train. Nobody's crisps were stolen. (OK, I admit I tried. Repeatedly. I mean some passengers are virtually inviting you to sample their lunch, rustling their crinkly food bags and leaving tasty smelling morsels within WFT reach on the table and so forth.) No-one got bitten. (I was just curious about what the ticket collector's trousers would feel like in my mouth, that's all.) I kept Gail entertained by constantly bouncing on and off her lap. (So much more interesting for her than the big fat book she was trying to read. You can tell that 'cos after a while she sighed - fondly, I'm quite sure - and put the book back in her bag.)

In Huntly we visited an ruined castle, historic seat of the Gordon clan, and had an agreeable walk around a wood and along the river Deveron.

I can't imagine why, when Gail's friend Margaret asked how it all went, Gail rated my behaviour a mere five out ten. And then said something about perhaps asking the vet for a sedative before we head down to Nottingham next week...


  1. ha,ha i think my mom would've given me a negative 5 outta 10 and and is currently considering asking my vet for meds to calm me down all the time...i don't think you did too bad bertie :)

  2. Nottingham. Watch out for those sliding doors . I'd recommend a course of sedatives for before , during, and after .

  3. Bertie, it seems to us that you were perfectly well behaved. Obviously just very much looking forward to reaching your destination... DUH>>>

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. Hi Bertie, I think 5/10 a very good score for your first train ride. We have never been on a train although we see them go past in the distance at our granny's house and have to bark at them until they go. Our human said no way will she chance her sanity taking us on a train, see how neglected we are? Well done Bertie!! Dex & Lou x

  5. Go Bertie Bud!
    You have such spirit, my friend! I think I'm fast becoming a WFT fan!
    Sending lotsaluv from

    (ps You know when you have become a true bloggin-buddy when the verification words become REALLY familiar :) Do I get a prize for this, BOL/LOL!)

  6. Only 5 out of 10! You sound as if you were very well behaved. Boy, Gail has high standards!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Bertie it was your first train ride. You were excited and with your inquisitive nature you needed to know what everyone was eating and had to bounce on and off Gail's lap to get her attention. How else were you going to know what was going on.

    10/10 in our books Bertie.

  8. I wonder how our boys would do? It would be fun to take them by train!


  9. We applaud you Bertie!
    Benny & Lily

  10. We've never been on a train. It sounds very exciting. Just what an inquisitive WFT needs to up his energy level and generate lots and lots of curiosity.

    I (Jake) get several doses of a natural calmant before we go anywhere by car because I get so excited I pant and pant and pant and my heart beats really fast. It's in our genes. Wonder how those trousers did taste, Bertie!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  11. A sedative? I tink dey means a "Knock out" pill. (Makes sure you hides it under your tongue and den spit it out when dey isn't lookin')

  12. Well Bertie, I'm thinkin that Poor Gail has some Train Ridin Issues. I am PAWSitive that once she takes that sedative she will Calm right Down and enjoy the ride... Just as YOU Seem to have Done.
    I went fur a train ride once and it was GRRRRREAT... I loved how it rocked me and gettin to see all the stuffs out the windows was super.
    Yes... buddy you just need to Make SURE she TAKES that PILL and you will have ANOTHER Wonderful Train ride.

  13. Gee I have to agree with Frankie there Bertie. Seems to me Gail will feel much better after that sedative. You on the other hand seemed quite the reserved gentleman to me.

    I loves ridin on the train. I gets to sit in Moms lap and look out the window. Just like car ridin!

    I just know that you and Gail will be off on another train adventure real soon.

    woos, Tessa

  14. That is SO NEAT! I want to take the train! Here we can take our train, but ONLY in a crate or dog buggy. What kind of a manly puggle wants to be seen in a BABY carriage?

  15. It sounds like you had a great time Bertie! I don't know why Gail would think otherwise.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. hey you're just doing your job...what if some of that lunch fell on the floor, you were just anticipating that in order to keep the car clean...and that guy, well maybe he got to close to gail and was going to bump into her...and of course you have to bark a little, how will people know that there's a tunnel up ahead. I think you should have at least gotten an 8/10 for the effort you put forth.

  17. Keep in mind, Bertie, that here in the USA we dogs are not allowed to ride the trains. Oh, I guess there is something about a crate in a car reserved for mail, no windows to look out of. So when you compare riding, sitting in a seat, you are pretty lucky and should do all you can to be calm and collected. Don't you think?


  18. hey Bertie,

    A five out of 10? Something is not adding up. Perhaps Gail is mixing her numbers up. I think you acted exactly as a dog passenger should act! An 8.5 from me. You would have received a perfect 10 had you been able to grab at least one crisp. BOL!

    A train ride sounds like so much fun, and the castle is very cool! Thanks for sharing that.


  19. Hilarious! Well done on 5 out of 10. I was expecting less.

  20. Sounds like a fun time Bertie! I went on the train once, did you get your own seat?
    I bet you will get bored on a long journey and be even better behaved. 'Better' depending on who's perspective it comes fron I guess.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  21. You have to consider that Hamish was a lot older than you when he came to live with Gail and his legs were shorter too so he couldn't spring as easily into other people's food. We think you'll soon have the hang of it!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi, Ivy and The Sweet Babes

  22. Huh? Sounds like you were like a little angel sent from heaven on that train! I don't think you need any sedatives.

  23. I think your behaviour on the train sounded quite normal.

    Aberdeen to Nottingham on the train is a looooong way though. That must take, like, nearly a day.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  24. Well done, Bertie. Sometimes people forget that a terrier MUST be involved in all things at all times and must be in charge of everything that happens.
    Alanis & Miro

  25. Ah Bertie my boy! My wires are bursting out of my chest with pride after reading bout your train journey. Take no notice of Gail's very low markings, one has to forgive her being a novice foxy owner. I say wagging well done my boy.

    Now how's about we get together and compare the taste of the ticket conductors trousers as opposed to the taste of the glass collecting servants ones in my local hostelry? Obviously both incite this very out of character behaviour of ours. Why I do it nowhere else and I'm sure that's the same for you too. But then I haven't been on a train for a while. I must remedy this as the mere mention of crinkly bags of crisps has sent me into a a frenzy of the fuzzy foxy sort. You'll know that well.

    Would Gail perhaps invite us both on her planned train journey to Nottingham? We would have so much to plot er I mean discuss. Like Gail's as opposed to Gales. Gulp. Both seem to be forceful forces of nature. And gardens. How's the opium production going? How much have you sold to the vet? Make sure he doesn't prescribe you any Bertie.

    Give me the nod of your square head my boy and I'll be up likety spit to accompany you on your next train journey. And I'll see if Thomas the Tank is free to take us eh?

    Wiry love to you my dearest cousin/brother/half removed. And some bouncy jumping licks for Gail.

    Eric xxx

  26. I love reading your adventures Bertie, I have follwed since your first post, and I followed Hamish. What a little character you are. I think you would get along very well with my Munchen. She seems to do all of the things you mention above when we fly.

    Good luck on your journey, Elizabeth

  27. We didn't know vets prescribed sedatives for people. You learn something every day.

    Jake and Fergs