Saturday, 9 October 2010

More on Bertie's moment of fame....

Here's a video of Bertie's Donald Trump protest/BBC News feature, for those of you overseas who can't receive BBC iPlayer. It's poor quality as I filmed it off the screen with my camera, but you get the idea. Gail.


  1. Dear Boy, What a shame they missed the opportunity to interview you. You looked so handsome and committed to the cause!!

    We couldn't help but wonder whether the cap would mess up the Trump hair pouf.

    Wirey woofs of admiration!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  2. Me, I am more interested in what he had to pay for his "honor".

    You did look very nice, Bertie, but oh, what a joy if you could have nipped him once or twice.


  3. OMD, that's amazing. You're super-crazy famous!

    Whew, what a powerful pup, on the BBC!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Wooos Bertie! That was so cool! It would have better if the interviewed woo too, but at least woo go a treat!

  5. Hi Bertie,

    I've found a way to view the BBC video of you from outside the UK - so I got to see you wagging your tail very clearly (was that a friendly wag, or were you more interested in the food than the Donald?).

    For those ourside the UK try

    (which I got to by going through the website, picking world news and searching for Trump. The .com site seems to allow people from other countries into the .uk site)

    Well done for makeing a stand (or sit) to protest Bertie.

    Sending many woofs to my world famous friend,

  6. My mum has just seen at least three spelling mistakes in our comment above... but I hope you knew what I meant for her to type!

  7. I'm just sorry that you didn't have the chance to chew on Dump Truck! Oh well, maybe next time!

    woo woos, Tessa

  8. You're lookin' good Bertie. They should have interviewed you!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Oh, thank you for posting that, Bertie. You were sitting in. How appropriate. Um...did I misunderstand or did that news lady say that Trump was "undecided" about running for the White House? Can you imagine what it would look after he was done with it? They'd redecorate in the most garish possible style and there'd be a huge gold TRUMP HOUSE on the front of it. In fact, he'd probably rename the country the United States of Trump. Oh, how did he manage to get to be rich enough to get his pudgy hands into everything?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Hp/oly crap Bertie we want you pawtograph
    Benny & Lily

  11. Trump must have been given the doctorate for giving a ton of money to the school.

    Bertie, you're a class act and The D. most certainly is not.

  12. Bertie - You are so photogenic. Was that a biscuit you were getting ?

    Anyway , the fact the police had put up all those barriers to keep you in place says a lot about your fighting spirit.

  13. ^5 Bertie!!! you are a real star!!!! you should told him "you're fired!" BHHAAAAAA HAHAHAH!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO


    I just added myself to your blog! I've got to see whaat you get into next!

  14. World wide fame - way to go. And you have much better hair than he does.

  15. Hi Bertie and Gail, I'm just leaving, I'm on the over night train, I hope they don't weigh your bags!!!
    See yea soon George xxx

  16. WHOA!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! You are the man!!(although we think you should have been just a little bit more boisterous but we was at stake.... Listen you are one of our BEST pupils and you are going places..... THis is just fabulous.. Love A+A PS Smooth move with the teapot.. We don't even think we could have done that without it breaking..

  17. OMD..we read about that...yes, on how he didn't deserve to get the degree??!! But we had no idea, Bertie that that's where you are and THAT YOU TRIED TO BITE er greeted him!!'re famous!!!



    Pee you have a Scottish or British accent? I'm just wonderin'>>>>!! Your mom's British right??? So, do you talk like her? Speak any Gaelic??? "What Scruffy? I ask too many questions? Sheesch.....

  18. Bertie! Wow! You are totally famous! Maybe you can be his running mate.


  19. Well Bertie we must say that YOUR hair was wayyyyy nicer than his. BWahahahahaha. Pretty cool that you made the news. Did you carry a picket sign??
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie