Friday, 1 October 2010

All of a huff / teddy bears

Laying aside my alter ego B-cubed for today.

I want to tell you how very annoyed I am!

Just occasionally, inexplicably, Gail suffers from the delusion that going out for the evening will be a better and more entertaining option than staying in and watching my antics. Incredible, I know, but true.

Well last night was just such an occasion.

Can you believe that she went to see a film called 'Winter's Bone'? Yes that's right, a film seemingly about a bone! And she left me behind.

It gets worse.

She came back to my usual enthusiastic and vociferous greeting (yes, I do try to remember to sulk, but it doesn't come naturally) and she said "well it was just like being at home really, every scene was played out against a background chorus of barking dogs".

Was this perhaps a reference to my regular eveningtide conversations with next door's springer spaniel Molly?

Maybe. Anyway, eventually, Gail will learn the lesson. You really can't beat a night in with me!

Oh and another thing. People in the park keep saying I look like a teddy bear. Can you see the resemblance?
Me neither.

PS A reminder - you still have a week to apply to join my field trip - see previous post. BBB.


  1. Oh Berti, I cant believe that she left you. Since she did, it was funny that she still heard barking? I know, I know, we are just trying to be sociable!! and NO, you are much cuter than any teddy bear!!
    Check my blog my trip post is up!!


  2. Oh Bertie, we really cannot imagine why Gail would need to go out and see a film.
    Surely you are enough entertainment for anyone!
    We are not keen on our humans going out in the evenings at all!
    We know they go out during the day for a short time but why would they need to go out in the evenings too!
    Now this reference to teddy bears - how ridiculous - of course you are cute and cuddly but you are no teddy bear!
    Now we have just posted our second part of our journey up the Campsies.
    We are sure when you see how we triumped over adversity you will not be able to make a trip without us!
    Now your Uncle Eric has told us that he intends to be the driver.....well he can be a little fast on the bends but your Aunt Bailey will sit beside him and keep him right........!
    love and kisses
    Your Adoring Aunties xxx

  3. We do not think you look at all like a teddy bear!! We think you should take one along to the park so people can see.

    Sorry about the short application for the field trip - and now we see our fellow Scottish lass has done a whole post about it. Sheesh!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. I don't think you look at all like a teddy bear. You do look rather like a very high quality Steif stuffy, though. The kind they don't let us chew up. So do I on a good fur day. Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm sure that Gail already regrets wasting an entire evening on a film when she could have spent it at home with you. Humans can be silly and this going out thing is definitely one of their weak points.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. When Mom was in Nova Scotia, she longed for the sound of a barking dog -- but when we serenade her every day, she asks us to stop. No wonder we all have such a hard time understanding humans.

    As for that teddy bear thing -- I, Jake, especially when I sit and look adorable, am often told I look just like a stuffed animal. It's a fate we too-cute-for-our-own-good creatures must bear (no pun intended) I guess.

    We're still training for the field trip -- and seem to be getting half rations to keep our weight down!!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  6. Fancy leaving you at home Bertie! Terrible!

    While you are extremely fluffy and cuddly looking we have to agree you look nothing like a Wendy Boston or a Pedigree Bear.

    Have a good weekend.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  7. Well Bertie you are looking kinda squishy and soft like a teddy bear.
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. We will leave an award for you tomorrow

  8. Bertie, I've had to google winters bone, not hear of the film, I tell yea you were better staying at home, looks a bit deep to me!!!
    Mom says you look cuddly, may be thats why peeps think of you looking like a teddy bear.
    I'll put a post up on Monday to show up that I'm up for your field trip.
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Blimmy Bertie just re read me post!!! you know what I meant to say lol to much beer me thinks!!!!

  10. Bertie. There's some confusion here. Something needs to be explained. We just listened to the trailer, and we didn't hear one barking dog. Not one. We saw a scruffy looking dog or two, but they were barkless. Totally silent.

    So we're figuring if all Gail noticed was a chorus of barking dogs, it may've been 'cause she was missing you and you were sneaking into the recesses of her mind, even when you were apart. It could be a compliment. A good sign. A positive thing. You know? (We are forever optimists.)

    We'd like to think so anyway.

    As to those teddy bears. If you figure out the reason for the seeming resemblance, please let us know. Everybody seems to think that Fergi's got "teddy bear ears" and we've never really known what that means. We're not even sure if it's a good thing.

    By the way, if we DO get to come on your field trip, we can share some secrets of Quiet and Cuddly. Then again, the resemblance to a teddy bear may increase. And that's NOT necessarily a good thing. We've gotta maintain our integrity as terriers. (Regardless of our personality type.)

    Off to Netflix Wait List that film. (That guarantees couch and blanket time.)
    Jake and Fergi

  11. Well I'm sure her outing showed her that being with you is WAY more fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. You need to learn more about people going out. They go to films just so when they come out, they can go to a Pub, lift a few and have a deep conversation about what they saw. I never get to go out with my Mom but its a perfect time to just grab a good snooze and you'd be well to do that,Bertie.

    So whats the deal on the hike? We have to sign up?


  13. Bertie boy tssk tssk thats terrible. You need to take your Gail to task. Does she know it's almost a crime to go out and leave you? I bark my square head off when I'm left alone, then the howling and a lot of dog a blog sobbing. So the neighbours told the squares. Makes 'em think twice before going out now.I advise you to do the same.

    And of course you're nothing like a teddy. Mom says you're more like a sweetie square dog withot his wheels.Course I don't agree. Nothing like a pesky wheelie. You're you with a lovely tanned noggin.

    Wiry love your proud Uncle Eric xxx

    Oh and tell Gail what licence? What is she talking about?

  14. Oh Bertie! I do so want to go on your field trip, but I am not certain momma will be able to help me with my post in time. Boo hoo. We will try.


    P.S. Humans going out in the evening is completely unacceptable.

  15. HAH!!! Sometimes we get the same thing.."You look like a stuffed bear" All we can think is that people have been having a wee bit too much to drink DO WE LOOK LIKE BEARS????NO NO AND A THOUSAND TIMES NO.... there got it off my chest.. Listen about this trip.. Archie wants to know if you want him to put together a little Beatles theme on his accordian. He said he would be honored.... I have a lot of ear plugs for those who don't like Beatles songs( hee hee or Archies accordian playing) Love A+A