Wednesday 27 October 2010

Extra Treats from George / Quantum Physics

A HUGE thank you to my pal George down in Shropshire. We did have a little contretemps at the end of that Highland fiasco Field Trip, but now that he has agreed to share his beer, and even sent me some of his favourite Paddywacks (yum yum!), we are best mates once more. 

You could say that we've kissed and made up, but reserved British males don't do that sort of thing...

Cheers George!

PS I am having a bit of difficulty with the computer help at the moment, so this blog may be quiet-ish over the next few weeks. 

In which time, in preparation for the Quantum Physics lecture (the next in my ongoing course for budding canine scientists), I would like to you consider the following question. 

Please suggest reasons why physicist Erwin Schrödinger choose a cat not a dog for his famous thought experiment? You know! The one where the cat in the box was in a state of being simultaneously alive and dead until the box was opened........Answers in the comment box please. Responses from dogs, cats and even humans all equally welcome.  


  1. So gald we can put that behind us, and that the beers got to you in one piece!!
    I'm going to have to come back to this one, you do like to stretch a dogs mind!!!
    Your pal George xxx

  2. We are glad you have made up with your friends but must remind you of the age limit on alcohol Bertie!
    You are still a puppy when all is said and done.
    We understand humans and their 'busy' lives so don't worry about blogging we will be right here pondering your question about Erwin's cat.
    Could it be that Erwin chose a cat because of the size of his box - he didn't have a dog to hand that would fit!
    Could it be that he knew a dog would not accept being put into a box?
    Was it because a cat has nine lives and if it all went horribly wrong he wouldn't need to worry and still had eight chances?
    Anyways these are our initial basset thoughts - we will ponder this question further............!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  3. We thought the nine lives thing, too. Then we thought who cares about a cat--we don't. (NOTE: that's just the dogs.) And the box was probably too small for a politician.

    Now we think how much wine should we pack for this Quantum theory Field trip?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. The cat went in the box because everyone knows already that dogs can think! He needed to prove that a cat could think too!

  5. Whew boy. Bertie. It's too early in the morning to ask Moma to help us think about such things. She had to get a cup of coffee to clear her brain, and then she found the new coffee maker BROKEN! All these mental exercises considering such complex theories make a dog weary. We think we'll stick with being satisfied with the idea of quantum indeterminacy, and leave it at that. Besides, Moma tells us that Schrödinger posed the "cat in the box" paradox in theory, not in reality. And that he prob'ly chose a cat 'cause his sweet kitty was sitting nearby, purring satisfaction about a simple state of being. His dog, on the other hand, was spinning circles, waiting for a good walk in the woods.

    Speaking of which, it's about that time of day.
    Your respectful students
    Jake and Fergi (who need to distract Moma from the coffeemaker)

  6. Bertie
    Glad that you made up with George again. Now for the cat thing, I think it is cuz cats cant think very well. We all know Dogs rule and Cats drool!! BOL

    Oh yah my Mom has an important question for you. Could you e-mail her at Dcraftsalot(AT)yahoo(DOT)com and give us your e-mail? Thanks


  7. This question makes my head hurt...

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Hmm...after just having to model our Halloween costumes in the yard and now you're asking us bout quantum physics and CATS?

    Um...our brains are rodent driven...well, the boyz brain's fashion driven...have you seen all the lovely boots this fall?

    Now Bertie...about those new "feelings"...the ones you mentioned? I suggest a cold shower,'s helped others before you...

    Kisses love,

    Lacie Cakes

  9. Bertie-
    Glad you and George are pals again.
    What is this about cats in a box? Is it because cats sleep like 23.5 hours a day anyway, so why not do that in a box! haha


  10. I'm very happy that things are OK with you and George, now. As to the thought experiment, I say cat or dog, that guy should have been arrested for cruelty to animals. That's just my opinion of course.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. making up is good, whew! Beers, ooo lala
    Benny & Lily

  12. Hey Bertie Bud...

    Geesh..what you think of! But then, I am confused...I was under the impression that Scientists had an aversion for Wikipedia (?) My small Golden mind boggles.

    But then again, perhaps that 'scientific type' was more far more tipsy than what was would explain everything!


  13. Bertie I'm back, but I'm worried I can't find an answer!!Dad went into this very long talk, that just went in one ear and out the other, the only thing I can come up with he didn't like cats!!! and I don't think he did it, it was all in his mind so the cat was ok. That's me answer, sorry all this just goes over me head!!!
    I know you said you got PC problems, I'm putting a post up on the 1st Nov, I have something up my sleeve I wouldn't want you to miss it, as you said it could be quiet over the next few weeks!!! if you see this comment before you have to get your pc sorted, and would like to know the details first hand can you email mom, of course I do know emails need to be done on a PC :(
    I do hope you made sense of all of that, cus my heads spinning!!!! time for a beer
    See Yea George xxx

  14. Bewtie
    I'm delighted that you and my pal Geowge have become gweat fwiends again..two such cuties should nevew be pawted..anyway..Mommi got hew only bad mawk in univewsity in Physics, so she has been absolutely no help to me..all I can think of is cats love to go into boxes and the ones i've met, think they awe invisibull once they awe in the box..weiwd huh?
    looking fowawd to heawing youw lectoowe and leawning something fow a change
    smoochie kisses

  15. Hello Bertie:

    So you are having another seminar right a-top the last one, eh? Sorry, I'll pass on this one too. I am employed here to keep my Mum and my home safe from intruders and I do a good job of it. But it doesn't allow me to jet off to Scotland to fill my head with such craziness. I live with a cat, and I would just as soon they were ALL boxed up, but thats just a dream, isn't it? Good luck on this one, Bertie.


  16. Hi Bertie

    WE can highly recommend the Dog Beer. Very tasty, but go steady young lad, hiccups can be most uncomfortable.

    MOlly, Taffy and MOnty

  17. That George is a mighty thoughtful fellow! As for the thought experiment - we try NOT to do too much of that around here. Unless it involved thoughts on how to get more treats!

    The Road Dogs

  18. Glad he knows what you like...yummy beer!! Friends til the end for sure.