Tuesday 4 May 2010

Work, rest and play

The state of this garden!

I think Gail needs an assistant. There is much work to do. I mean Hamish might have made a start, what with digging a few deep holes in the borders here and there (one is still preserved in his memory), but I feel I have so much more to contribute.

Gail says she wants help keeping the dandelions under control.
(Personally I don't quite understand why Gail is so keen to get rid of the dandelions - as far as I can tell, they're the only flowers she's successful at growing in this garden!)

OK then, let's get going with the trowel.

This morning, I tried digging for the first time.

Don't want to boast, Katie pups (OK , maybe I do a little) but I'm absolutely not in need of digging advice from our friends Agatha and Archie. I've managed to work out a pretty good excavation technique all by myself, no instruction manual required. I'm a real terrier now! Just a shame Gail didn't manage to capture it yet on camera.

I am going to dig up all the moss in our so-called 'lawn'. Gail is muttering about why not paint the Forth Bridge it'd be quicker....

But it's not been all work and no play. Yesterday my border terrier neighbour Bonnie came round to visit. Something about me being 'socialised'. (Does that mean I'm supposed to vote Labour on Thursday?)

Anyway, I digress. Bonnie's four years old. I think that must be kind of ancient, because she didn't really want to play games. Kept growling at me, more like.

But guess what? I am a persistent little fellow....(apologies for the blurry video, you can't get the film directors these days).

So there's been all this rushing about. But don't worry, Aunties Martha and Bailey, I haven't forgotten about the relaxing bit.

First off I tried relaxing in my crate (look at my long legs Katie!)
But then I decided it's better to plonk myself down somewhere on Gail. I just can't quite decide which is the best bit of Gail to sit on.

The feet?
Or the lap?
Yes I think it's the lap.
PS Do you know, some very special people have been sending me lovely presents? People we don't even know, except through the computer screen. I feel a bit guilty 'cos I never asked for them, but I'm going to show you at the weekend anyway.


  1. I have just discovered your blog, Bertie. I was looking at Hamish the Westie's because my dog is called Hamishthewestie on Twitter. I am sad that your Hamish has gone now but am glad your mum has got you. I will put your blog in my faves so I can read about you all the time.
    Love Linda and Hamishthewestie.

  2. Bertie, you are a cracking good terrier! What a wonderful yard you have to play in! Mam, the tennis balls I could chase on that emerald green grass...

    Your pal,

    Uncle Petey

    P.S. Your Uncle Eric will advise you on the proper application of mud packs the next time those holes fill with rain water!

  3. Woooos Bertie! Woo are definitely learning to be a good terrier now, with all of that digging.What a nice big yard woo have. And a grand time trying to play with that new friend. Sometimes us older doggies take a while to warm up to woo puppies. Be friendly and be nice. Respect woo elders. Woo will have lots of friends in no time!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Bertie,

    We can't believe how fast you are growing and how long your leggies are starting to get. You look so content on Gail's lap - it makes us smile.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. BEwtie
    You awe cleawly a little pwodigy. I can tell fwom the way you hold that shovel, and such enewgy. I think Gail must be evew so glad that you awe thewe to help bootify youw big gawden. so much less wowk fow hew. Pawsonally, i think the dandee Lions add a nice bit of colow.

    You wouldn't have to ask me twice to play..I'm glad you pawsisted wif youw neighbow.
    Katie is going o be dazzled when she sees youw long legses..you'we gwowing like a weed, hehehe.
    I don't see why you wouldfeel guilty if fwiends want to make you happy wif a little pwessie. They obviously want to show you how welcome you awe in al ouw lives
    happy napping
    smoochie kissses

  6. You are truly a bouncing Bertie! And sooooo helpful with the garden too.

    SHE has a funny story about the Forth Bridge. When they picked up the rental car at the Hertz lot in Edinburgh, she asked the attendant for some directions to where they were heading. When she got in the car, the Mr goes...which way? And she says, well, the guy says to take the fourth or fifth bridge, so I guess we'll have to wait till we get there and see which one is right, hopefully there will be a sign. She cracked up when they got near the turn to the Forth of Firth bridge. Laffed so hard, they had to go round the circle a couple of times before she could get out which direction to go.

    Have fun making LOTS of new friends, no matter where you go. I think Gail gets the best bit of your snuggling. Nothing as fun as a pupster warming yer tootsies. I try my best to warm HER side of the bed right before she gets in, and then hurry up and claim the pillow so it's ALL mine.



  7. Hello Dearest Little Bertie,
    We loved hearing your little voice in the video! Indeed your Auntie Bailey has gone off to get a tissue - it made her quite emotional - she is a silly old thing.
    Bertie you have the makings of a wonderful gardener - the way you handled that trowel was so professional.
    We know you will dig some great holes to help the garden along - these holes can come in quite handy for putting your biscuits/treats in.
    They so improve with being buried for a few days, weeks, months or even years!
    Yes we recently found some bonio vintage 2009 - tasted like Spring of that year.
    We loved seeing you trying to get Bonnie to play.
    We would suggest just slowing down a little to give Bonnie time to get used to you!
    We see how your legs are growing - your body will catch up soon.
    We have visited little Katie and she is a sweetheart - you two will be the best of friends.
    We agree that Gail's lap is the best place for a nap - feet are too hard - good to pick an area that is soft.
    You are growing up so very fast Bertie.
    love and kisses
    your adoring Aunties xxxx

  8. Hi Bertie, I loved your trowell video!! You are going to be very handy in the garden. But in the video of you playing with the neighbor I did not detect any accent when you were calling to you friend. You sound just like me when I speak but I live in the USA! Weird! I like the picture of you napping on your mom's feet. I like it there to cause then I always know if she is getting up to leave the room. Very handy spot.
    It is fun to watch you grow and play. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  9. Awwww Bertie!
    You are the cutest little pup imaginable! It looks like you are leader of the party there...do we get to vote for you? You certainly don't look concervative?! You have a work ethic...does that mean labour? Liberated...for sure! I vote BERTIE! It looks like you are going to keep Gail on her toes!

  10. Good job with helping with the yard work, Bertie! Our humans are SO grateful for it, that's for sure! And I'm very much glad you discovered Gail's lap. SO much more comfortable than human feetsies, I can assure you!

    I'm very much glad that you're settling in and starting to help around the house. Good boy!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Great digging. And so helpful. We just get our holes filled in. That big garden is going to be a great place to exercise your long legs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. Bertie! Gail must be overjoyed to have you as her gardening assistant. You technique with the trowel - magnificent! And digging too - wooohoo! Though it's a wagging shame I don't have that particular gene myself. Mud spa's and thieving food makes up for it. Paws crossed you'll do it ALL and more Bertie. I can see a very fine foxy in the making and your barking at Bonnie was indeed proof of your tenacious terrier behavour.

    One thing though. You do still seem to be Omo white even after your gardening. GASP. Gail hasn't bathed you...has she??? Noooooooo.

    Now Bertie with your leggeds growing double quick make sure you get plenty of rest on Gail's comfy bits so you're terrible terrier when you're awake.

    Wiry love Eric xx

  13. Berti
    BOY!! You are quite an energetic little guy~~Ready to work that garden stuff, cute!! Your bark sounded so cute that I laughed. You have a great big yard to play in and it looked like fun with your friend. I say the best spot is on Gails lap, I like Moms lap too.


  14. good job with the diggin', bertie! i definitely agree with you that mama's lap is the bestest place for cuddlin'. :)
    the booker man

  15. Bertie,
    I heard your through the computer, and I will play with you.
    Sally Ann

  16. Oh my goodness Bertie what a job you must be exhausted. You helped G quite a bit in your garden. Isn' t it crazy she would throw away her only flowers BOL She could have at least made you some dandolion pie.
    Motet nite
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh Bertie - you are so cute with that trowel. I'm sure you will make a great gardener.

  18. I would love to help you dig but I'm a bit far away on the west coast of the USA. Maybe if we both keep digging, we can meet in the middle!
    Miro Airedale, a new follower

  19. Bertie, you and that trowel are quite a pair. We loved watching you tug at that thing and then go running around the yard.

    You are in good paws!!! very good paws!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  20. Well, I am mightily impressed by the amount of yard you have to practice your digging, and the progress you have made in such a short time. Soon you'll have it ship-shape with holes everywhere. Nice to keep one in memory of Hamish, too. I see a great future ahead of you, Bertie!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  21. Hi Bertie. we heard you and barked back. So very nice to meet you. Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  22. Looks like you dig with the best of them! I bet your nails won't need clipping. :)

  23. Now you're back from London are you going to be out and about with Bertie on the beach?

  24. Hi Bertie! You sure are a cutie and how interesting that you were born on the exact day that Hamish went to the bridge! That must mean that you were meant to live with your Gail! It's very nice to meet you!

    Penny & Patches

  25. Oh darling Bertie , You are all we had hoped you were going to be...Imagine...We had to put together an instruction manual for some of our friends with chapters on digging( oh noooo not for you) and being naughty and taking things( oh noooo not for you) and some other chapters yet to come..BUT NOT FOR OUR BERTIE!!!!!!! We can tell you are a terrier SUPREME!!!!! a digger, a runner/walker(tobe) and a wee bit naughty....JUST FABULOUS.....We are sooo proud of you!! Love A+A ps the naughty chapter will really have to wait till you are a little older..there are some doozers in it....)

  26. You certainly are bouncy. You can cover the entire lawn in about three leaps. You have a funny little voice.

    Such a helpful chap too toting that big old trowel around and digging holes.


  27. Well. This blog post brought the most smiles Moma has had in a row for a couple of days! First the trowel (you even made music with it). Then the digging (we don't have a clue about that.) Then your wee little self in that big garden ... you look so tiny, but like a little spit-fire! You should be able to really keep that border terrier in good shape, running around and pestering him to play like that. Keep it up! No wonder Agatha and Archie are so proud of you. (We are sadly not as advanced as you ... but we blame it on our history. Not our jeans. Genes. Whatever.)

    You are a GREAT inspiration!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo