Thursday 13 May 2010

Legs and brains!

I think it is because my much loved predecessor Hamish the Westie was built on the low centre of gravity model. Like Maradona, or Lionel Messi, as he might have put it. Whereas I, at the moment, am shaping up to be more of a Peter Crouch type*. (Please someone think of a more flattering comparison).

Well this is the only explanation I have for why Gail is so obsessed with taking photos of my legs....

She says that if the pictures are blurry it's because I'm growing so fast and the camera shutter speed is too slow to catch up! Ridiculous, I know.

Now I don't want anyone to think that all this means I'm turning into some kind of an airhead, obsessed with my looks. Certainly not! Hamish, there is no need for all that spinning around in your grave. For I have brains as well as looks and your legacy is secure. Remember how quickly I figured out the dog flap! And I mastered the poo-ing outside thing days ago, and now I even understand that leads are not just for chewing.

I am going to puppy class tonight and shall be so disappointed if quantum electrodynamics are not on the curriculum.....

*Apologies to readers who don't follow football!


  1. What a stunner he's turning out to be. You're right about him growing so quickly - those puppyhood days only seem to have six hours in them and they go past so quickly.

  2. Oh my Bertie, we do declare we have never seen a puppy with such long legs!
    We think you are taking after your Uncle Eric's side of the family - they are all long and wiry - not like our side at all!

    It is lovely to see you so relaxed and somewhere comfy with a book!
    Once you go to puppy class you will learn to read - it will be wonderful.

    We would suggest eating up all your dinners cos we think your body is going to have to catch up with your legs - is it our imagination or are they growing faster than any other part of you?

    Nevertheless you are the most adorable puppy Bertie and we would like you to stay a puppy for as long as possible! Puppies grow up far too soon these days. Now make sure Gail makes you a packed lunch for school with some nice treats.

    Your adoring Aunties xxxxxx

    ps in answer to one of your earlier questions dear we do not think you should refer to us as the Basset Babes - it just doesn't seem proper somehow xxxxx

  3. We must say we are really impressed with the length of your legs, especially Ruairi. We think his legs might be 2 inches long - he is really close to the ground!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. Those are magnificient legs! They seem to get longer everytime we see you. You look so relaxed. Sweet dreams!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Maybe you are part airehead, I mean, Airedale! Those are some long leggies for sure! You will love puppy class...I did for sure! Lots of snackies. And lots of other puppies for a good round of bitey face and roll n tumble about and going ARRR ARRR during play time. Recess was the BEST time. Of course, you had to learn Eat A Cat rules on how to meet n greet. And safety rules, like wait and sit/stay. You get homework too. I was too social and had to repeat puppy class. But that was ok, cus it was fun! Then when you graduate puppy class you can go to higher education. I went to school till I was 1 year old. Then the teacher told them to keep me out for a bit till I matured. Now I'm going back to school to get my good dog certification levels. Life is full of learning and it is a lot of fun. She says I am hard headed, but I prefer to think I can make up my own mind about things.

    Have fun at school...arrr arrr


  6. Oh Bertie, you are growing up to be a real comedian. We love your poses. Wait til you find out that the camera shows up in places you least expect. You are so adorable. We still are convinced you are a stuffy
    Benny & Lily

  7. Bertie you are one lucky long legged but DOo remember not to grow your leggeds too long like string beans need to be perfectly 16" square when you've finished growing.

    Going to puppy classes... mmmmm all the food you'll be forced to eat. Stuff you haven't had before and once you have finished your classes you may never have again. make the most of it my boy. Especially black pudding one of my favourites. But I expect you have that for breakfast every day.

    Applause for pooping outside and not biting your lead! But please regress now and then to keep Gail on her tootsies ok?

    Proud wiry wags Eric's xxx

  8. Have fun at puppy class! You really are growing up cute!


  9. Darling boy...WHOAH check out your legs!!! if only they would get as tall as an Aeirdales( then you could reach the kitchen counter and surf...we will tell you about that a little later...) Listen about class.....Archie sort of ahhh almost flunked puppy kindergarten( I of course graduated summa cum laude..( He was a little how shall we say....RAMBUNCTIOUS.....) Just take the food, do what they say and then it is over.....Love A+A

  10. Hey Bertie!

    Now where are all the details of your first puppy school class? I would think you would be bursting to tell us all!

    You are a very handsome boy and will prove to be an excellent airhead I am sure! Just lets hear how that first class went.

    Thanks for the advice, Bertie, I am doing my very best!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Stella and Jo

  11. Dawling Bewtie

    I apologise fow not coming to visit lately, but as you saw, we had fabolous visitows and Mommi gets all discomboboolated. and wuns out of time .
    I'm delighted to see that you awe combining handsomeness andbwains...such a winning combination I think.. Youw legs will be the envy of Cawlton Cole pwetty soon they awe getting so bootifully long as fow puppy class , tell me did you have quantum electwodynamics?? dying to know
    smoochie kisses

  12. Bertie it's reassuring to know that your penchant for creating chaos is already so developed. You are a true Aberdonian. Have you been let loose on Union Street yet ? You'd better hurry before it's all concreted over !