Thursday 20 May 2010

Puppy class (where was the black pudding?)

Uncle Eric, you promised. You ABSOLUTELY promised! You promised, you promised, you promised, promised, PROMISED! Yes you did. Did, did, did, DID, DID!!


You said there'd be black pudding at puppy class.

Gail says I have to learn that life is full of disappointments.

Well you can say that again. (Oh. She did).

I am thinking that I might take after my Scottie friend Bonnie, and be too independent minded for all this formal education business.

I tried to tell everyone. Loudly, repeatedly and persistently. That I wanted black pudding. Where was the black pudding? I wanted it and I wanted it NOW! And by the way, what was all this guff about 'sit', 'down', and walking on a loose lead? I thought I'd made it quite clear I was expecting a quantum electrodynamics lecture, at the very least!

I have to say that all the other puppies listened to me quietly and patiently throughout. I can't imagine why Gail seemed to find this situation stressful and embarrassing, as the other dog Mum and Dads looked on with ever so slightly smug expressions.....

Some of my classmates are a bit of a pushover, you know. Although with Daisy the dachshund, it's hard to tell if you've pushed her over or if she's still standing.

And I quite like cockerpoo Baxter. I mean, he's not as feisty as me, but, well, he can be pretty lively.
Oh and everyone seems to think Lhasa Apso Freddie is just too cute for words. Teacher's pet, I say! And that's not a compliment...

Beagle Murdo seems a bit wary of me. I can't imagine why.

Well outside at the end, I sort of got a chance to 'socialise' with my new pals, and began to see that it might not all be bad, despite the lack of black pudding.

And anyway I live in hope for next week....


  1. Bertie, you make us foxy boyz proud!!! Since we're on the other side of the pond, we're clueless when it comes to black pudding. But we know a feisty adorable credit to wire fox terrierdom when we see one!!!

    Go Bertie!!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  2. Woos Bertie! I do not know what black pudding is, but if it is like cheese, woo Mom should have some to help train her. Mum always says there is one in every class she teaches.... the last one squealed like a stuck pig when it came time to be cradled....(it was a husky!)
    Have fun teaching Mom new tricks!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira TheBeaWootiful

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  4. Hi Bertie,
    My first puppy class was a bit of a disappointment too. When I first got there, I'm embarassed to say, I hid under a chair because I thougth I was going to my vet's rooms for liver treats not a roomful of people and puppies, but if you're anything like me by the time the final class comes around you will have forgotten all about food (and that black pudding thing) and you will be just be so excited at all the new friends you get to play with, that you won't be able to get to class fast enough and will be dragging your mum in through the door!

  5. Maybe, Bertie, you and Mum should bring the Black Pudding, whatever that is! Then not only would you not be disappointed and cranky, nobody else would either!

    Just a suggestion!


  6. Alpha says the Black Pudding is probably good for dogs, but she doesn't want any of it!
    You are doing a great job of showing everyone what a terrier is like. Couldn't they tell you were just initiating a game of bitey face?

  7. Its probably best you didn't get the Black pudding. That has sugar in it, and sugar would make you more hyper than you already are!! Silly puppy :-)

  8. Oh Bertie you are adorable. No Black puddin?
    Benny & Lily

  9. Bertie! You were absolutely PAWFECT!!! Pawfectly terrier that is! Oh yes, reminds me of my first puppy class, I wanted to bowl everyone over and play bitey face too! When I had to repeat puppy class, the instructor put me in the BIG puppy class, a stuck up Dobie, a lab that slept all the time (got great marks for stay and down...hard to wake him up enuff to make him actually sit), some very large totally undisciplined mix whose adult that it was great the 5 year old was training the puppy (i think the 5 yr old needed training first) and a couple of others. Said that was the only way I wouldn't bowl over the little dogs. Not my fault if they weren't terrier enuff to stand up for themselves!

    I beleive the loose leash myth is perpetrated by wishfull humans. Most all terriers pull n tug on leash...lots to see and smell after all! You might notice on the bloggie pictures a lot of us wear...ummm...a special harness thatkeeps us from tugging about so much. Over here across the big pee, they are called Easy Walk harnesses. They are a bit complicated, the instructor lady had to help my peeps fit it to me. It's not the kind that goes over the snooter...avoid that kind if you are a terrier. We tend to kill shake our heads very hard and we don't want you snapping that cute little neck of yours.

    Now, about the pudding, isn't that some kind of brekkie foodible? Maybe Gail will save you some from brekkie for your next play

    Just remember, you are a puppy and there is plenty of time to teach Gail the useful take me out, feed me more please, I want some of what you have please and rub my belly.

    Have fun and keep that magnificent terrier tude waggin'.


  10. Oh dear little Bertie, first of all we must tell you that we bassets are not so fond of this formal education ourselves.
    We have long held the view that what is the point of humans saying sit, stay, come ...... we all know at the first whiff of a good sniff we will totally ignore them.
    Still it gets them out and lets them meet other humans.
    We are so very proud of your dear, you sound like you are the class terror and that is how it should be.
    We loved seeing your new friends, wasn't Daisy cute!
    Now as for your Uncle Eric, he just opens his mouth and barks - we are sorry you were disappointed at the black pudding but we know Gail will get some nice treats for you that she can put in her pocket.
    The black pudding would have been such a mess in her pockets and would have perhaps made her far too popular with the other doggies.
    We loved your little video - goodness it looks like you are having to be restrained at such an early age - such progress.
    Your adoring aunties
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  11. Bertie when you get older you'll discover that there's more to life than black pudding - one day you'll discover tattie scones.

    How those photos made us laugh. I'm sure those classes are made to embarass us. One of ours used to hide under our seat at the side of the room and try to dig his way straight down to Australia . The other took the whole idea of socialising way too far.

  12. BOL! Bertie you are the funniest little creature alive! So full of energy and spirit. You most certainly are going to keep Gail on her toes.
    It took me a long, long time, I mean YEARS, to realise that instructions can come from behind the flashy beast, LOL!
    I hope black-pudding is on the menu soon! If not, you'll just have to tear up the carpet! BOL!

  13. OK, young pup -- rather than deplore the ignorance of us Americans to your aunties, please be so kind as to tell us what bkack pudding is. OK?????

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  14. HA sit stay loose lead...THIS MEANS NOTHING.... WE SAW YOU TRY TO DOMINATE THAT KID!!! YOU ARE THE MAN NEVER MIND BLACK PUDDING. YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH LITTLE BUDDY!!! whew typing all caps is very hard on the paws.... Listen really take our advice or you will end up like Archie( behind the puppy prison fence whenver he was naughty in class,, which was every class HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT DO THEY EXPECT FROM US!!! oh sorry I got carried away... Just pretend to do it and then when she thinks you have it all down DON"T DO IT!! HA only don't do this if really good food is involved.... why kid yourself...Love A+A

  15. WHAAAAATTT? No black pudding????? DISGUSTING. Now. You need to take up the lack of pudding with your class trainer. Mine would come supplied with big TUBS of black pudding, hot dogs and sometimes that poloney sausage stuff and mmmmm cheese for rewards. Mostly for me cos Mom would never bring enough of anything. Plus I had the squares force feed me tons of stuff before I would do anything. I advise you to do the same and keep up the vocal complaints at every opportunity.(And what did the Aunties mean? Eric opens his mouth and barks? Doh. What else?)

    Tell your Gail to enjoy the smug looks from other owners cos soon those looks will be of horror.Then abject pity and relief.....HAAAAaaaaaaa!! You are doing us wiries proud Bertie as your video and picture with Daisy (giggle)confirms. Do keep it up.

    Wiry love Uncle E xxxx

  16. Maybe they meant you would get your black pudding after the class is done?


  17. Bewtie
    I agwee wif wewe absolutely tewwiewifically pawfect!!1
    I don't undewstand the weiwd looks fwom othew pawents. you have to tolewate the poow things, aftew all they all awe suffewing fwom lackof-wft-envy.
    I dont see why youw adowable little classmate Daisy was being dwagged away fwom you, sheeesh..I'm suwe all those cutie classmates will adowe you as we do, and we hope the blood pudding will matewialize
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess...I can get whiskey if you want fow youw visit

  18. were just the spittin' image of Scruffy at puppy class...pullin', tuggin' and being all over that other puppers...

    Mumsie sends sympathetic thoughts over the pond to your mom...there is nuthin' funnier than a wire in obedience class...

    Um...Scruffy actually got quite good at class when he got much closer to one.

    I, however, hated class. NO ONE could get the Lacie to do a down.

    The teacher guy kept sayin' I felt a little stiff...HA...every muscle was tensed tryin' to "manage" all those dogs in those classes...yeesch.

    We're gonna go look up black pudding...

    Knowing Eric we can only imagine.


    Miss Laciecakes

  19. OKAAAAAY,,,we just looked it up...

    Frankly, I think it sounds totally delish...I might even have done a down for it...

    BUT for some reason Mumsie looks green?




  20. OMD Bertie, yes! It totally be the correct thing to do to bark at everything you meet, see, smell, etc. Sometime it even best to just bark incase you might encounter something. That exactly what I do at my classes, I bark to say hurry up, then I bark and if I doesn't bark again I get treats and then I bark and so on. Great way to get extra treats. I never had black pudding, I prefer liver cake.

    Oh, pee ess. Mum says you be a pushy puppy like I beed. tsk tsk Bertie.

    ~lickies, Ludo

  21. oh pee pee ess:
    It very funny when we get a language divide like this. hehe! I had the same when I talked about pilchards. You should try them!

  22. Perhaps there should be a class for TERRIERS only. After all, for us, they aren't so much "commands" as "suggestions." Especially "come," "Stay," and "drop it." Remind Gail that "terrier" and "terrorist" are derivatives of the same word!

    Your pal and mentor,

    Uncle Petey

    P.S. Now that I'm back in the South, I've resumed use of my Southern name "Disregard." Especially when it's time to leave the beach!

  23. I completely understand why you would want to have a tasty treat for agreeing to go to a doggy education class! All dogs want to be rewarded for doing just about anything and I think you should have been rewarded as soon as you arrived there!
    I can see you are quite social with EVERY dog you come in contact with and I think it's wonderful that your mom allows you to meet as many dogs as possible because it's important to be a well-socialized dog!
    I am your newest follower and I would love it if you visited my blog sometime!

  24. Bertie Dear, Why is that Daisy's mean mother pushing you away in the video?? We are hoping you gave her a good bite! You are so cute and full of life. Eric told us to tell you to come see Hootie's video on acting like a mad bull. I can teach you how to be the boss!
    Kisses and Hugs,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  25. Bertie. Your tail says it all. You get an A+ in our gradebook.

    Jake and Fergi (who have not and never will go to puppy school ... unless there is black pudding and maybe Moma'll reconsider)