Saturday 8 May 2010

I am overwhelmed! Thank you friends!

Now I shall have to tread a little carefully around today's subject matter. (Why is Gail giving me that raised eyebrows look and muttering "Tread carefully? That'll be a first then!" She's not suggesting I'm clumsy is she?)

The truth is, I think that she is just a teeny weeny little bit jealous. So I shall try to be sensitive.

You see, lots of parcels have been arriving at this house these past few weeks, and all of them have been addressed to 'BERTIE'. Not 'GAIL'. I've tried saying nicely to Gail that I'm sure that someone will give her a present one day. And even that I'm prepared to share, up to a point.

For example, we can both play tug-of-war with the banana that Martha and Bailey Basset sent. She can hold one end, and I can grab at the dangly bits. We can play this for hours. How did the Bonnie Basset Babes know that dangly bits are absolutely my favourite thing? And Gail, I won't object if you drink out of the clever travel bowl (aren't my Aunties thoughtful). Or sit with me on the cozy blanket. Even though both of them do have MY name on them.

All the way from Colorado, my special friends Jake and Fergi sent a lovely little birdie, which is I think a little too small to share.

They also baked me these yummy peanut butter flavoured treats. Some of which even arrived intact!

The colourful blanket these Two Special Wires also sent is just perfect for wrapping around my hot water bottle, so perhaps I'll be keeping that to myself for now. And no I'm not a wimp, it's freezing cold here in Scotland you know.

Now it is true that I still need a little help with the computer, so the mouse mat that Eric Square Dog sent can be used by both of us. Even though it is clearly designed with me in mind. I wonder if I should allow Gail to use it if she is doing stuff on the computer other than my blog? (Shocking, I know, but she does just sometimes use it for other, so-called, 'work').

Such pretty cards I've received too. I can't believe now that I was ever as tiny as in Asta's greeting! And Gail, who is trying to educate me in Science, insists that it is not strictly true that I arrived by stork.

So thank you all you lovely people out there. Not just the ones who sent gifts, but all of you who have been so welcoming and friendly. And I also want to thank Hamish, who I never met, but I know that most of you were his friends first, and I am just so lucky to inherit some of the love you all shared with him.

PS I know some of you said don't post about the presents but it just seemed so impolite, not to!


  1. What great pressies - you are a most welcome addition to blogland. Hamish would be proud!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Bertie, with looks like yours I think that a lot more presents are going to be on their way.

  3. What is the name of your blog? Spoiled Bertie? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh dear little Bertie, how delightful you look posing there on your new blanket!
    We love all your pressies and just ignore Gail - she is not a brand new puppy like you - you don't need to share!
    We are so glad that you are loved and welcomed by so many wonderful dog bloggers.
    OK they might be a little mad,like our own humans, but they are all great dog lovers!
    We are glad you are having a wonderful welcome to blogland - we all loved little Hamish and it would be what he wanted for you.
    Your adoring aunties
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  5. It's great to know dogs all over the world,isn't it? Keeping in contact to hear what you have been doing. We're sure Hamish is very happy that his little brother is reaping the benefits of his blog.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. WOW Berti!!
    You sure are one lucky pup!! All those pressies are so cool. Guess Hamish paved the way for you huh?? You have a ton of friends and know what?? No one can have to many friends!!


  7. Hey, and here are three more that have been sort of, uh, away. Mr. Author of Life With Dogs was able to fix up our blog last night so all is working fine and it feels just like HOME being back here. Ali Z is inheriting the Wordpress! Is that excellent or what. Here is the problem though, Bertie, Our typist is limited to one hour three times a day and THEN must keep up with her Physical Therapy and I am to make sure she does! So far she is in the hole by two hours and ZERO PT. We must go and do it, NOW,

    Cheers, Bertie and Gail, Toodle Pip!

    Stella, Mom and Ali Z. (for any newcomers, Mom is a week away from a total knee replacement, Stella the Borador is the eldest girl dog, and Ali Z is a muted tortie cat)

  8. Hello Bertie!

    How wagging getting nice presents.Love the blankies. But Bertie better wipe all those lipstick kisses off your head Mom left there.Sheese. She says you are beyong adorable in your photo on your Blankie from the Aunties. Huh. Personally I would say you're a quick learner, posing for treats once the camers appears. Haaa!!! A proper terror like you're Uncle E. I'm wagging proud of you my boy.

    Now. No 11. You would be the perfect occupant. I know my dear pal wise Hamish will be leading us in the right direction.
    Beds are made up with tartan blankies and hotties ready for you and Gail. Mind if I pop in for Gail's bedtime story every night? I'll bring the carob cocao and milky bone biscuits.

    Wiry love Eric xx

    hehee - word veri is retaxin !

  9. You're very special to get all these pressies in the mail! enjoy :)

    Love, Bella.

  10. You're really cleaning up in the pressie department. No wonder mom is jelly.


  11. Hi Bertie what nice friends you and Gail have and you my little man are being very mannerly by showing your gifts and thanking your friends.
    Tell Gail that your good manners show that she is a good Mom maybe that will curb her wee bit of envy...:-)
    Madi and Mom (even though I'm a cat I'm good friends with Martha and Bailey)!!!

  12. No need to be overwhelmed! You are one cute pup (of the best variety, if we say so ourselves) who deserves every bit of special attention that is being bestowed upon you. Tell Gail that. And that you deserve even more. A spoiled pup is a good pup. We live by that philosophy (though we don't think Moma would agree!)

    We just realized we are WAY behind in our reading. We're back-pedalling right now. We've gotta catch up ... you are growing up sooo fast!

    Keep doing what you're doing. You are doing it well!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo