Monday 17 May 2010

No photos

Gail is making out that she deliberately didn't take the camera over to Torridon* this weekend 'cos she was worried I'm getting too vain...

Like I really believe she didn't just forget it! The dumbo!

So I don't have any pictures to post.

It serves her right, don't you think, that when we arrived at the cottage, we found that some mice had laid waste to her food supply....No, don't worry, we had my special puppy food with us in the car. It was just boring stuff like coffee and breakfast cereal that the mice got.

Well you'll just have to imagine the scene in the food cupboard. And the look on Gail's face.

So many other things she could have taken photos of too.

There's this ditch that runs through the cottage garden. So easy for a little puppy to jump into. And so hard to climb out of. There's mummy sheep and baby lambs running past the fence every few minutes. I totally ignored them (so far I only like chasing joggers). Sheep poo, on the other hand, I find quite interesting and tasty. The local farmer Donnie has some very scary, barky sheepdogs.

One thing puzzles me though. I'm always being told about how my predecessor Hamish was so brainy. Well, between you and me, I'm beginning to have my doubts. You see there's this wire mesh deer fence all the way round the garden boundary. Apparently Hamish never found his way out. Well it only took me about five minutes. I mean really. Easy as pie. Like the dog flap. Oh. I am being told not to be disrespectful. Hamish always focussed his mind on higher matters. Yeah, right.

It was a really long drive over to Torridon and Gail and I only quarrelled once. I didn't get car sick at all.

I heard Gail telling someone that this weekend she wanted to finish this great fat book she's been reading (you might have spotted it in my previous post). Well it's such a big book, I decided she needed some help. We do now have a photo of my efforts.
Is this not what is meant by 'finishing a book'?

PS I am going to tell you all about puppy class later in the week after we have been a second time. It seems I didn't quite behave badly enough to get banned anyway....

*For any new readers, 'Torridon' is a beautiful area in the North West Highlands where Gail has a cottage.


  1. Bella ate 'The Titanic' and 'World' (atlas), so we know all about finishing books. At least you left the important bit. Sounds like your trip away was great fun. Too bad about the camera, a visual of your adventures would have been fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. You give a whole new meaning to "devouring a book"...

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi and Becky

  3. Bertie - you say that Hamish never managed to find his way out of the fence. Have you ever considered the thought that mischief, like nature, might evolve ? Sounds to me like you are taking the canine world to a whole new plateau of naughtiness. Way to go!

  4. Hey there Bertie
    It sounds like you have far too much energy for your own good! :) At least it's 'cute' energy. about demolishing that book of shredding it?! That should make for a good blogpost.
    Sending lotsaluv and lotsalicks to you both.

  5. Ah yes, I too do enjoy finishing a good book. Obe of my favorites was a signed original Mom had just picked up in an antique store.

    She was very grateful for my help!!

    Just Harry

  6. Hi Bertie, we are so pleased to hear how clever you were discovering a way out of your garden in Torridon!
    You will keep Gail on her toes - well the mice will no doubt help there too.
    Hamish was older and had no need to go exploring - Harry, who used to live here apparently used to sit out in the front garden watching the humans work.
    There is no fence at the front. Well what fun is that when you can be off down the street and to the fields.
    Yes Bertie sometimes the older dog lacks a youngsters quest for adventure.
    We applaud your endeavours!
    Great work on the book - we hope it tasted good.
    love and kisses
    Aunties Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. Wooos Bertie! I see woo are training Gail well, good luck with the classes, I know she needs refresher classes after having and ole doggy around fur so long... I like to help out with books like that too, and there is nothing wrong with finding escape holes in fences, that is what they are there for. Watch out fur those psycho sheepdogs though, I live with one!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Oh my word Bertie. A book? Try alphabet soup, its got letters
    Benny & Lily

  9. Oh yes darling boy you have high potential here we can see!!!! As for the book? Fabulous job, Arch says he couldn't have done better himself ( and believe me he has)and the escape escapade???!!! Stunning...and soo young... And the poop delicacy??? you must try goose at some point... Oh Bertie you are a most welcome member to the naughty wirey club(to which there are quite a few members.....) Love and kisses A and A

  10. No problemo! That was just a little nibble. When you get further into the book--well, books are fun.

  11. Mum says looking at this does not make her long for my puppy days. I hasn't chewed anything up for a long long time, you has reminded me I is getting slack in my doggy duties. Bertie, it sounds like you had a great time!

    Gail be right about your long leggies!

    Please tell her I very insulted that she thinks you should not read my blog when I would totally correct your language skills!! Mum finds it a bit hard to type for me sometimes, her English lit. degree will not do rubbings off on me!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  12. Bravo! Bravo! That's my boy! I'm so proud of you! You reminded me of ..well me!! I'd quite forgotten my taste for books as a pupper. I devoured a fair few. And trying the sheep poop delicasies, yumm. I've not tried that variety. Perhaps we could do a swapsy ,I'll send you deer, you send me sheep?

    Now Bertie pay attention. Now wandering off while I'm yapping at you. Your classes. Of course it's WAGGING WICKED you are the loudest and longest barker!!! I knew you would be...teheee!! You been for time out yet in your class? Take it from me, won't be long. Now remember your smart Uncle E had to repeat the juniors class twice due to being easily distracted.I can see you are already of a like mind with your escaping and whatnot. That's your next set of classes.I urge you to see if you can improve on that when you start them.OK?

    Might be worth placating Gail though Bertie. Give her some help and catch the mice....

    Wiry wags an proud kisses, Eric xxxxn

  13. I fully agree with Eric. It's the mark of a TRUE terrier to have to repeat puppy class. WE are independent thinkers, not followers.

    I did some book finishing in my wee youth. I'll get HER to see if she can find the photos, I think they are on disc somewhere. Apparently I miss-understood what light and fluffy and sweet meant when applied to a book she had purchased for a friends birthday. It was a bit dry, but I devoured it anyways! I think it was my first butt swat too.

    (Ahem...Bonnie, I was brushing you away so I could clear up the mess, you were running to protect your mess, we collided...I did not swat you...however, that is a thought right now.)

    Whatever....I still maintain I was swatted with anger, malice and forethought! I ran lickety split to the Mr's side of the bed and crawled in his sock drawer!

    Yah know, I'm thinking Hamish couldn't escape cuz he's built more like me...large in the chest. It's hard to squeeze through wee spots when you are broad chested,and you WFT's are normally thinner. I think that's what allowed you to escape. Or you're just an escape artist! Gail will need to work extra hard on your recall if you're going to be bolting all over the country side. Good luck with that...doesn't work for me at all.

    Maybe we need to get a puppy cam for you to wear since Gail is getting forgetful. That would give us some fun images of you dashing about the farmers fields.

    Remember to have lots of fun this week in puppy class and get lots of treats!



  14. My Mom took Wolf Hall out of the library but she didn't get enough time to finish it. Gotta get it back!

    Mom likes to get books from the library and a different dog that lived here Eddie, was very taken with the glue they were constructed with. Mum had to pay several fines before she was done and she explained this to me, so I wouldn't FINISH any books!


  15. Oh Bertie Darling,

    Our secretary's been awful lately...we just caught up on like your last four posts...

    That video of you dragging the garden trowel around was fabbers...I've always just used my four leggies for digging purposes...but adding a small shovel to my arsenal could make me twice as fast!!

    You do have the long leggies, my dear boy!! Mumsie said Scruffy grew in days his leggies would look long and the next his face had changed...Stan and I were almost all grown when we arrived...but little Scruffy was your age...we love your tummy spots too!!!

    Kisses dear Boy!!!

    Love you,

    Lacie, and her stoopid brothers too!

  16. Bewtie
    I must say, I have a bone to pick wif pictoowes of the handsomest young Pup awound!!! shame shame..and as you say thewe wewe noomewous oppowtoonities fow wowld class photos.

    I too am incwedibly pwoud of youw mastewy of so many notty tewwiew skills..just keep listening to youw unkels Ewic and Awchie and aunties Agatha and Lacie, heheheyou'll be a pawfect wiwy boy in no time
    smoochie kisses
    ASTA(who has the same faboolous tummie spots as you)

  17. Bertie, tell your Mom to check out the Harry Potter series of books. My Boy has them all, and they are quite tasty...uh...entertaining as well.

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  18. We're glad we're back. To your blog. And your life. We learn a lot from you. And now we understand why one of Moma's favorite old books (old ... as in a gfit from her high school graduation ... a gazillion years ago ... in Belgium) has been finished. Something to do with one of our predecessors named Kizzy. Hmmm. We'd better get back to reading.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo