Friday 5 November 2021

The Climate-Friendly Beach Walk

So when Gail announced on Wednesday that we were going on a "climate-friendly" beach walk that afternoon, I naturally assumed she meant we'd be heading to a coastal location with a friendly climate.

You know, like somewhere in the Mediterranean, Southern California, Australia or maybe even the Seychelles?

(I did, I admit, wonder how she was going to conjure up the necessary Covid tests and pet passport in time, but I decided to put trust in my owner's resourcefulness. Or maybe she just meant Cornwall.)

But anyway it turns out I had totally misunderstood. What Gail had in mind was an outing to our Aberdeen City beach, a sandy stretch of North Sea coast where the weather can be called by many names - e.g. "bracing", "haar bound", "windswept", "pure Baltic". But never ever "friendly". 

No, the "climate-friendly" aspect to this walk was that, in keeping with the move towards reducing fossil fuel use and thus CO2 emissions, we would leave the car at home and cover the mile and a half to the beach on foot. 

Of course, the distance would hardly trouble a roughty-toughty terrier like me, even in our decidedly unsettled November weather. However, it is true that the shortest route goes through the business end of the harbour and would never qualify as one of Scotland's most scenic hikes (which is why we usually take the car).

When we finally arrived at the beach, it was high tide so I didn't even get to run on the sand. But at least we had the broad promenade almost to ourselves, and were even treated to a rainbow over the sea. 

Happy Nature Friday friends! Did you do anything this week to reduce your carbon footprint? 


  1. Well, that was a slightly different walk Bertie, and perhaps you could look on it as an interesting new experience?
    Shame it was high tide when you finally made it to the beach. It might be an idea to point Gail in the direction of tidal times in your area, so that next time you go you'll get to run along the sand, although that does look a lovely wide promenade.
    Raining here so I shan't be getting a walk anytime soon - and we have workmen coming too!

    Inca xx

  2. It sure looks like a fun outing to me, Bertie, and the rainbow is so beautiful!

  3. Hari OM
    Oh I don't know, Bertie lad, the industrial landscapes can sometimes yield their own version of beauty... but nothing quite beats a seascape, it is true!

    As you know I go nowhere, so have a most minimal enviro-impact!!! That said, Aitch and i will be using her car this arvo to go visit a couple of places that are beyond our walking reach... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Mom used to live on the North Sea Coast in Germany. She loved it, but it could be nasty there too with wind and high tides. Still, she walked her dogs every day there. Hope you enjoyed your outing.

  5. Salut, Bertie! Beautiful photos! I had to look carefully at the second photo (of the big iron "things") to be certain they weren't "art"! I laughed at Gail's description of the weather on the North Sea coast. Today is day 601 of our staying, more or less, in isolation, so I would say we generally have reduced our carbon footprint, added to the fact that we both work from home. Not to say that I wouldn't welcome seeing friends again!

  6. Bertie that was indeed a very climate friendly and beautiful walk...ending with a glorious RAINBOW. WOW So much to see and of course your Handsomeness was my favorite
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I like that view from the road and no people makes it better, icing on the cake is the rainbow. we do what we can, all the small things that we can all do, recylce everything that is recyable, we don't buy paper plates or cups and no bottles of water, nothing that will add to the trash, and for 2 years now, we rarely use fuel in the cars, not our choice but we never go anywhere to use it. i think your views were interesting if not as beautiful as your normal walks

  8. That looked like a great walk. It's too bad you couldn't walk on the beach but that rainbow sure was a wonderful sight.

  9. OMD Bertie, walking through the business end of the harbor sure did pay off...what a beautiful "rainbow over the water with handsome WFT in the background", picture Gail got!!
    Arty and the Gang

  10. I love that rainbow!!!! What a gorgeous place for a walk. I commend your efforts to keep your carbon footprint small. We are doing our best here. I use the car only once per week, and we're hoping to scare up the money for an electric car before too long. I heard a very upsetting podcast on "Hidden Brain" about climate change. Things are worse than I thought.

  11. Another beautiful blog. I think the world would be a better place if you were invited to give a speech and gave them so good dog sense.

  12. Bertie - I'm not surprised you had the beach promenade to yourself in November.

  13. Wow! A rainbow! We've been rainbow deficient around here lately, even though there have been plenty of rain showers with the sun slanting in. We enjoyed seeing your pictures of the boats and the ocean. Glad you had a good time.

  14. Even though the views weren't great for the whole walk, what a walk it was! How fun to have such interesting adventures!