Wednesday, 17 November 2021

One's role in calming one's human...

For a while I couldn't work out the purpose of this installation, which appeared about six months ago at a road junction near our house. I also wondered why Gail wanted me to pose beside it earlier this week. 

It seems that Aberdeen City Council have put in these bicycle racks and maintenance stations equipped with tools for simple bike repairs at various locations around the town.

You might think Gail, who as we know is an enthusiastic cyclist (too enthusiastic, some might say), would approve, but apparently not.

I now realise that the 'photo opportunity' is simply an excuse for my owner to have a rant about how clueless the Council are about cyclists' needs, how if they'd ever talked to anyone who rode a bicycle they would realise it is pointless sticking a parking facility beside a busy junction but not near any shops or anywhere else where a cyclist might conceivably want to lock up their machine, and moreover why did the Council waste money on tools which are rusty already and which surely any cyclist prepared to do their own maintenance would already possess...

Gail says she can quite understand why I didn't know what to make of the installation as she hasn't once seen a bicycle anywhere near it since she first spotted it back in March or April. 

You will be relieved to know that once home I jumped on Gail's lap and allowed myself to be stroked, as this is a proven means of reducing blood pressure in humans....


  1. maybe it's useable for other thingsß or maybe to have a mobile bike repair truck you can park next to that place could be a business idea? a truck who has margaritas also, of course ;O)

  2. These are potentially a good idea in relatively remote places - for example there are some (ironically) at car parks in the Beacons where cyclists go to start / finish popular sections of the Taff Trail. But in urban areas - where alternatives are on hand? Well meaning, but clearly not used.

  3. Oh, and imagine if they had doggie nail clippers on them too - Oscar would not be happy!

  4. Obviously, none of the City Counsel are bikers. Too bad they didn't ask Gail for her advice beforehand, Bertie.

  5. i find it to be true that most things any govt provides they do it without research or hiring people who know what they are doing. one of my pet peeves. our city goes to the busiest intersection in the city and puts 192 condos way up in the air on a small piece of land. the already clogged intersection now has 192 cars living under the builing and adding to the congestion. oops i took over your rant. Bertie you are so right, a dog in the lap lowers blood pressure and makes our human hearts sing...

  6. We can sympathise with Gail's anger, Bertie.
    We have a similar useless waste of public money here too. The local council designated lots of pedestrian pavements as shared cycle ways, which they then wasted lots of money painting a centre strip in blue, specially for bikers. One such route is on our way home, so we pass it regularly. Much to every motorist's annoyance we also pass cyclists puffing their way up hill - on the road and sometimes wobbling dangerously! We have rarely seen anyone use it, and we travel that way almost every day. Sometimes my human says she feels like shouting to them to use the cycleway!

    Inca xx

  7. Hari Om
    ...hmmm... Bertie lad, I am glad you are around to ensure Gail's BP remains stable! good work that dog. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    [PS for Gail - at the wee cafe on the prom here I noted recently the arrival of a bright red post which I think is ia half version of this - but now need to go look closer. I assumed it was mounted there privately by the cafe owners, as many cyclists use it as you do a couple of places on your favoured routes. Though it might have been triggered by the presence of the H&I Uni campus nearby. I also note that Glasgow Uni has one right where it needs to be - and again, I presume they placed it privately. Causes me to wonder if there is a business nearby this station/junction that might have been the installer?

    I know that ScotGov is offering a fifty quid sub for bike repairs, to further 'clean travel' incentive. If councils are getting these in, it is likely prompted by same purpose... perhaps a well-aimed letter signed by all you can gather from cycling circle would be worth a go? Yxx]

  8. Bertie if I love to be 187 years old I will never ever NO never understand why the powers that be seem to think they know exactly what is needed in areas where they have absolutely no expertise.
    Thank you for calming Gail's BP.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Live.....not love although loving 187 years would be aMAZing

  9. Oh, I am sure your snuggling with your momma helped her relax. I will never figure out how those "in charge" make decisions without checking with the community first. Sigh.

  10. Gail is so lucky to have you help lower her blood pressure, Bertie. Sometimes thing are done that make no sense. At least now if Gail is cycling in the area and needs to pump up her tire she will know where to go.

  11. We can understand Gail's angst over the placement of that apparatus. But you have taught us something about helping our peeps unwind. And the bonus is that we LOVE getting stroked too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Bertie, you need to run for office. You are so much wiser than the humans.

  13. Hi friend, Ojo here! The best ideas, implemented in dumb ways... I am glad you were able to calm your person down! It is a Very Important Job for us Dogs indeed!

  14. Sounds like a typical Council decision here, too.