Monday, 23 August 2021

Park chat and Bertie update

As I was being photo-bombed by some park pals on a cloudy Sunday morning, their owners were chatting to Gail. 

They complimented Gail on how fit I looked and what a handsome dog etc. (They don't know about my 'peeing issues'.)

You'd think Gail would be pleased by such comments but I noticed a look of distress flicker across her face before she put on her customary smile and said thank you.

PS from Gail: After a long discussion on Friday with Mar, Bertie's caring and thoughtful vet, she concluded "it might be time to let him go".  It's an agonising choice I have to make, as Bertie still can appear quite well, but so clearly isn't. We continue to take things a day at a time. 


  1. we love the friends you met... oh how we wish to meet you too ;O) hugs to you two... biggest ones...

  2. Bertie, what a lot of friends you met up with - but you are the handsomest of them all.
    Taking each day at a time is the best way.
    We are thinking about you both - take care.

    Inca xx and her human

  3. Hari OM
    That was a neat group of photo-bombers, though, Bertie lad. I hope you enjoyed meeting them - even if their owners caused Gail a heart pang or 87.

    You two have some very precious days together now. We, your devoted followers, wish there were many more misty mornings ahead with you. However, time is unkind... YAM xx

  4. Bertie will make his choice known to you. Although the decision still will be agonizing, you both will know when it is best.

  5. What wonderful pals you met, Bertie. We send you and Gail huge hugs♥

  6. Bertie what a variety of furiends you found on your park trek. Each equally as happy to meet you as you were them. You are, not matter what the authorities said, the true Ambassador of Kindness and good manners Scotland.

    Gail I'm 100% pawsitive you know we are all with you in spirit and know exactly how you are agonize over the days ahead. Bertie will let you know.
    With hugs and purrs Cecilia and Bryan

  7. You sure had lots of friends to catch up with at the park, Bertie. We have our paws crossed for you and Gail and know how difficult this time can be.

  8. Those are sure some cute friends! Bertie really looks so fit, you'd never think he was so ill.

  9. We love you lots and lots Bertie and you to Gail. my heart is hurting and aching with yours.

  10. Sending you both pug love. We know you will treasure the time left as this agonizing decision weighs on your mind. Bertie will let you know
    Mabel, Hilda & Mom

  11. You will know when the time is right, and we will be right here to support you and comfort you. Enjoy each moment you have together.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and of course Mom too

  12. I have been away for a while, in some ways wrestling with similar issues, though with people it is only time that can play things out. To live well is what we all of us wish for; to die well is something we think about much less, but perhaps ought to.
    An agonising choice indeed. Take care and have courage in following your instincts.
    very best...

  13. As many of the commenters said, we understand what you are going through right now as you choose the best course for your very best friend. Bertie will let you know in some way. In the meantime love every single moment.

    Rosie , Redford and Lesley

  14. My heart is with you. That, is it time now period, so stressful.

  15. Sending love and understanding to you Gail. I am all about one day at a time, like the OP Pack said, please know we are here for you.
    Beth(and the Gang)

  16. I am so sorry. Sending love and hugs. I know you will enjoy every second you have together before he transitions

  17. Oh Gail. I had a similar dilemma with our elderly cat. My husband kept on putting the day off. After we finally had her PTS and I recovered a bit, my regret was that we hadn't done it a month earlier. That month really wasn't good for her. Go with your gut instinct Gail. Cry, but trust yourself. Hugs to you, and sweet murmurings of affection to Bertie.