Friday, 20 August 2021

A Friday mystery...

While Gail is having to wait a while longer to speak to the vet about my latest peeing issues etc., today I want to tell you about strange occurrence here in Aberdeen.

After four nights away in our Torridon cottage, Gail and I returned to base late Wednesday evening.

As it was dark when we arrived home, we did not notice until morning that, in our absence, a golf club had mysteriously appeared in the middle of our back lawn.

The garden is enclosed on all sides by a 4 - 5 ft high wall, and none of our neighbours are the type to toss random objects into other people's properties, so Gail was at a loss to explain the presence of the golf club. She was a little concerned that an intruder (whom I would of course have scared away had I been in residence) might have been snooping around, and so, after some hesitation, she phoned the police.

Initially the policewoman on the other end of the line appeared to be treating the incident seriously, but her suggested explanation indicated otherwise. 

"Perhaps a seagull flew over and dropped it there."


  1. That golf club definitely takes some imaginative explaining! I've just read of Bertie's deteriorating health. There are difficult and sad times ahead Gail, but through it all, you can hang on to having given Bertie a rich and full life, full of love and the best of care. Hugs to you. I feel I've got to know you through these blog posts, and I feel for you.

  2. oh my that is a case for howlcule pawriot and captain pawstinks... ;O)

  3. My goodness Bertie, some people give some very unbelievable explanations - though that one was very inventive!
    Fancy, seagulls playing golf! Maybe they'll drop some more and you'll get a full set?

    Inca xx

  4. That is a little unnerving to find in your secure yard while you were away.

  5. I agree with Mollie, although perhaps the club was tossed over the your wall to irritate its owner.....

  6. Good morning dear friends!
    Indeed a mystery and oh does my mind's eye see so many scenarios; however, the party in my head never ever saw a seagull maybe a pelican.
    Now to wait and see if you have a knock on your door asking if you have seen a flying club?!
    Hugs and may you 2 have a good weekend.

  7. Hari OM
    Aw heck, this is crying out for some FFF inventions!!! The least of those that would spring to mind would involve a seagull, though...
    a) there has been a divorce at one of the neigbour's and the club was a disputed item
    b) there was a practice swing that involved remembering to hold onto the thing
    c) that pesky fox brought it in...

    really speaking, an intruder who had bothered to bring a club that far would almost have certainly have left traces of having tried to use it for invasive purposes. All windows being intact, maybe chalk this one down to "one of life's wee mysteries!" Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (With some POTP for you both for that vet visit.)

    1. I think Yam has hit it, with her last paragraph!

  8. I would not want to see the gull that could carry that club. maybe someone was practincing and got angry and threw it and it landed in your yard and they were afraid to come get it

  9. That sure is a mystery. We think the police should have retrieved it and finger printed it to see if they could find the owner and then an explanation of how it got into your yard.

  10. Wow! Now that's a mystery! Sometimes we get things like newspapers and other paper blown into our yard, especially on recycling pick-up day. But nothing like a golf club. Perhaps someone has gotten so frustrated with his poor golfing abilities, and just threw away all of his clubs at random. The world may never know!

  11. Well, that was rude of her. We agree with your suspicions that someone was up to no good. Either that or C.L.W. Step is correct.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Are their any courses near you? Angry golfers can throw things a long way.

  13. That is a mystery. Hope the officer is right and it wasn't a prowler!

  14. My goodness! We like the suggestion that a very angry golfer tossed it! Thanks goodness no one was hurt!

  15. What an interesting place for a golf club to just "show up"! We have to agree about the angry golfers...especially those who may have been hitting the whiskey a bit hard BOL!
    Jakey and the Gang