Friday, 13 August 2021

No fox?

I am very cross with Gail.

Yesterday I overheard her telling our friend and neighbour Kirsty that she'd seen a fox strolling down the road, bold as brass in broad daylight, when she took me for a late afternoon walk around the block earlier in the week. 


I hope that when you are getting on in life, and have lost your hearing and a good part of your sight* your human will not take advantage of the fact to keep you in ignorance of certain very exciting encounters when you go for a stroll together.

Anyway, I insisted Gail take me out again, same route, same time, and introduce me to the new local resident and maybe get his photo, but I'm afraid all I have to show you from that walk is some of the flowers in our neighbourhood front gardens.

Which frankly is not nearly so interesting as a fox, but will have to do for this week.

Japanese anemone
Sweet pea

Happy Nature Friday friends! And thanks once again to Rosy and the rest of the LLB Gang. Enjoy their blog hop.

*Gail says: I'm afraid Bertie has reached the "He is deaf and three parts blind" verse of Rudyard Kipling's poem 'His Apologies".


  1. Hari OM
    Bertie, I think this was a must productive (image-ways) walk of the 'hood, so no complaints from this viewer ... though a fox would have been definite bonus! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Bertie, I hope you won't be too cross if I tell you that I'm glad you didn't see the fox!
    Instead we've had some lovely photos of your very handsome self, and some very pretty flowers. My human says that the Fuchsia is amazing - they don't grow any bigger here!
    My eyesight isn't good these days either, I have cataracts, so sometimes I miss out on interesting things too. My hearing is fine though and I never miss hearing a bag of treats being opened - wherever I am!

    Inca xx

  3. We actually have fox and coyote walking down the road in the middle of the day. The coyote typically run away when they see us but the fox are curious. They follow us around for quite a ways and eventually do their own thing again. They are pretty harmless.

  4. Bertie (believe it or not) I was 87% speechless as I read about the Fox of Aberdeen. No buddy in the world will ever know what possessed keep this secret. Surely she 'nose'...your nose is working at 187%. Now that Gail has been properly scolded for this transgression, I must say I do so very much enjoy all the blooms of Aberdeen. I especially like how kind and tolerant you were to strike such a purrfect WFT pose.
    Sending hugs for a good weekend

  5. The flowers are just gorgeous, Bertie! Next time we will see your fox *wink wink*

  6. Bertie, I agree with Mollie; I think you had a most interesting walk, with the many and varied flowers. Perhaps the fox will be back, at the right time.....

  7. so sorryyou missed the fox. Beau is not deaf or blind but for some reason ignores living creatures, he notices every human and whimpers for them to pet him. most humans are afraid because he is so big. he cries when they don't want to pet him and breaks mamas heart. he said to tell you he is jealous that you get to drag your leash behind you, he is not allowed . those flowers are gorgeous and the ones hanging on the pole are my favorites

  8. You sure found lots of beautiful flowers on your walk, Bertie. We can't believe Gail didn't get a picture (or let you know) of the fox, though. We have foxes that live on our 5 acre property and lately they've been coming in our fenced in yard. Just this morning our mom found some of their poop in the yard. Sadly she removed it before we had time to roll in it. BOL!

  9. What a pretty neighborhood you live in! Love the flowers! Too bad you didn't get to meet Mr. Fox.

  10. You probably would have worried Gail if you’d noticed the fox and pulled on your lead. Beautiful photos!
    My Staff has a collection of Kipling stories and verse but it doesn’t include His Apologies.

  11. We can't believe how Gail didn't tell you about the fox!! Humans can be so very sneaky!!

    On the upside, those are some very pretty flowers(although no where near as interesting as a fox)!
    Rosy & the Gang

  12. Bertie, you found us some absolutely gorgeous flowers. We hope you get to see that fox someday. We had a family of them trot through the green space outside our fence a few years ago. Sadly we were inside watching from behind the window glass:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. You are braver than I am. I wouldn't check out flowers with a fox on the run.

  14. Oh dude, I feels your pain!!! Gpa was takin' me for a walkie a couple of months ago in the morning, when a coyote came trotting down the street right past us!!! Gpa thinks I didn't see it too clearly, cause I only barked, butts didn't do my 'flyin' squirrel' lunge. Ma was glads, cause she said that even though she is sure I would win in a fight, she would rather not take that chance! BOL!!! She is glads I have "old lady eyes" as she likes to say 😂
    Your flowers are beautifuls though!
    Ruby ♥