Monday 12 July 2021

The perfectly placed log

When Gail and I join our friends M & J for a morning walk, we always stop for elevenses - a flask of coffee and a biscuit for the humans, and a chewy treat for me. 

Because we generally aim for 'paths less trodden' there are rarely any picnic tables along the way, and so the humans are now well practiced at spotting a conveniently placed and suitably sized log.

Here is a small selection. Tell me, which log is your favourite one and why?

Cowie Water

Maryculter Community Woodland - top of hill

Maryculter Community Woodland - by Crynoch Burn

River Dee near Crathes 

Paradise Wood


  1. we love da second one, it's log-ical... it's da pawfect bench... ;O))))

  2. Well Bertie, they all look pretty good to me, but the second on is probably the comfiest! But then again, does it have a view of water too?
    Chewy treats! How come I don't get any treats when I go on a walk?? My human has just reminded me that I do get a biscuit and some croissant flakes every Saturday morning - but that's only once a week! She also says that we don't walk as far as you do, so we don't need extra sustenance!

    Inca xx

  3. Of course the one that you're able to sit on too, Bertie! What a great log!

  4. Oh Bertie OF COURSE without a doubt Picture #2
    with you in it, is my #1 reason. #2 reason is it has a back to it and what appears to be a smooth surfaced for WFT and human tushies!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Hari OM
    Well, I have to pick Cowie couch because it is the most natural and true 'log' as opposed to a strategically placed (and possibly cut) item. Not that the others are shoddy, mind you... thanks for such a fine selection, Bertie lad! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (who offers commiserations to Gail for last night's result...)

  6. The one I would most want to sit on is the second one because it looks like a bench and I love the way it looks. But I think the third one by the water is where I would want to sit the most because I love the running water. That's said every single one of them is perfect for sitting on. The right height that I could get up after I sat down. I must say there are none of them could I step up on to get over them haha

  7. We like the Crynoch Burn one since it's right next to that babbling brook. We bet it sounds nice with the water flowing past as you rest.

  8. We think we could be comfy on all of these logs...and all have such pretty views! MAma says the second one would be the comfiest for her as she likes more back support.
    Arty and the Gang

  9. Those a re wonderful spots to have a little rest and a snack! The 3rd picture by the stream looks so relaxing!

    Rosie and Redford

  10. They all look like the perfect place for a little rest after a long hike! But we think it would be very nice to sit near a little brook.

  11. Oh, Bertie, my favorite is number 2, with the back rest, but any log with friends is a great one!

  12. There is something special about a log by the river.

  13. Hey Bertie. Each one has there good qualities. But if we had to choose one. It would be the second one, because of the back rest. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals South Philadelphia