Monday 5 July 2021

All in its rightful place

Oh I'm so thrilled! It's simply the best news ever!

Just when I had given up hope of ever seeing my favourite sofa again, it has magically reappeared in the Torridon cottage. 

(Gail tells me it was there all along, upside down in another room while the renovation work was taking place.)

I'll be honest, travelling tires me these days, and aside from the occasional gentle stroll by the loch, I've barely shifted from the sofa since we arrived here on Friday. 

I mean, who knows, it might disappear again if not carefully guarded.

Gail tells me that my friends will want to see how the cottage is looking now that the renovation work is all but complete. She thinks you might not be so interested in more photos of me relaxing on an old piece of furniture. 

Well, here's a wee peek at the new kitchen at least.

And from the front garden you can see the big new windows and the not yet quite complete porch. 

I must apologise for neglecting my blog friends this weekend. When one's assistant is so preoccupied with duster, mop and vacuum cleaner etc. (most unusual...) what's a pup to do? 

Finally on Sunday afternoon, Gail recovered from her cleaning and tidying mania. She drove me across to the village of Shieldaig on the other side of Loch Torridon. While I puzzled over the local graffiti, Gail consumed a medicinal ice cream, and then we both enjoyed another short but scenic loch-side saunter.

Now back to my sofa...


  1. ooooh that is a super duper result... apaws apaws! well done! and we love that ice cream, it has magic powers right?

  2. Bertie, how fabulous the cottage looks now it's been renovated. The views and walks are so spectacular, my human and I wouldn't ever want to leave.
    You are so right to keep that sofa in it's place, now you've found it again. I can't imagine how awful it would be if I lost mine, even though at the moment it's cooler to lie on the tiles.

    Inca xx

  3. Hari OM
    Phew, settling back to regularity, I can almost feel your relief through the screen, Bertie lad. The place is looking very grand now, though and I am certain you will appreciate that Gail now wants to have it all ship shape before you depart this time.

    Ice cream though - clearly you did not have the weather we've had (and still have) this past three days!!! Cuppa hot soup more in order here. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Your home is looking beautiful, Bertie, and the views are just stunning! We are so happy that your sofa is in place for you!

  5. Love you on your new newly found old sofa! Love the two chairs in front of your sofa! Love the view out the windows and the door open! And truly enjoyed looking at your kitchen and all the other things that Gail showed us. Old age ain't for sissies is it

  6. We're so happy to hear your cottage is mostly back to normal now, Bertie. It looks great and you look like you are enjoying your time there.

  7. Wow! Your new digs look amazing! How wonderful to have such a lovely place---and a comfortable sofa---you are both going to so enjoy your time there!

    Rosie and Redford

  8. Bravo Bravo x 87 and twice as many well dones!!!
    Bertie I agree you must guard that sofa since we know it has disappeared once. I love all the photos and what a toasty wood stove you have too. Gail I really like your gourmet kitchen.
    Most of all I appreciate and agree I SCREAM is a cure all medicine. How long did the reno take?
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Wow! The cottage looks great! Chester would agree, the sofa is the best place in the house for a nice long nap.

  10. Congratulations on the return of your sofa, Bertie! Plenty of long leisurely naps are certainly required to make up for lost time. P.S. The cottage does look quite pleasant!

  11. I am so glad you are on your couch again. Keep an eye on it so you don't lose it.

  12. Glad you are at your happy place on your favourite sofa. I hope you got to have some icecream too!

  13. Medicinal ice cream…..we understand that! Cottage looks fabulous and having ‘your’ couch restored is bliss.

  14. Your cottage looks gorgeous. It is so bright and airy. Enjoy it, both of you!