Monday, 19 July 2021

A rarely-reported side effect of the Astra Zeneca jab?

On Saturday morning Gail shut the new glass door in the cottage firmly in my face, ignoring my plaintive look while announcing "I'm just off to see a new neighbour Bertie, I'll be back soon".

Half an hour later she returned and showed me some pictures.

So it seems that my Irish terrier friend Dooley has acquired a new baby brother, also an Irish terrier, eight weeks old and yet to be named.

At this point I think I'm supposed to look delighted and say: "Isn't he a cute puppy. Lucky Dooley". 

Dooley is the same age as me, eleven years old, and he is apparently uncertain about the new arrival.

Gosh I totally understand. I like being the only dog in the house and have always hoped Gail is aware of this.

Well the good news is that apparently Gail does realise that I might not welcome a pesky little sibling. 

But you could have knocked me down with a feather when she revealed something she'd hitherto been keeping secret! Back in March, the day after her first Covid shot, Gail got wind of a new litter of Lakeland terriers and drove 30 miles, deep into the Aberdeenshire hills, to see these wee pups. She even took a couple of photos.

She says the pups were totally adorable, that the owners were responsible breeders etc. etc. and she was very, very tempted. But after sleeping on the matter, and with great reluctance, she decided not to risk my disapproval with an addition to the household.

And now, when people ask Gail if she experienced any side effects after her Covid vaccination, she replies thus:

"Yes, I very nearly bought a puppy!"


  1. pheeew bertie that was close huh? and that side effect is serious, you can not cure it with a pill :O))))

  2. Oscar was lockdown puppy of sorts - we actually ordered him only one day before it all began; such a strange coincidence but he has been brilliant in such a difficult year

  3. Puppies are adorable and they like to body nip and play for hours and that might not be such a wonderful thing for you, Bertie.

  4. ::GASPING:: OMDs Bertie first of all the new Cottage door frames your handsome WFT face perfectly. Now let me just say I'm a one at a time kinda gal. So I can't offer much advice but what I do know 2 positive things: I'm told puppy breath is aMAZing, puppies are messy eaters, so Xtra food everywhere. Every positive has a negative: 1. they would steal all your WFT thunder, 2. always be under you paw 3. hog all the bed space.
    Finally THANK DOG Gail did not go on that fact finding mission to Aberdeenshire until she had her 2nd AZ jab, giving her full immunity. Otherwise me thinks you might have be knee deep in puppy. That being said the Lakeland Pups are adorable. Good thing Dooley lives close to your cottage. I expect he might want a break from the rugrat.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie lad..!!! Gail was surely brain-fagged from that jag in the arm - yet another peculiar side-effect from this never-ending virus and concommitants. So glad she came to her senses ... though one does wonder if this is a sign of the far future and pawhaps you could take this as a reassurance, dear boy, that Gail cannot imagine a life without a canine compawnyun. There will come the time you have to leave - won't you be happy to know that there might be somebuddy to try and fill the Bertie-sized hole and keep your Gail's heart safe for you??? Meanwhile, I say again, thank goodness she came to her senses... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. That sure was a close call, Bertie. We're glad the jabs didn't effect our pawrents like that either. Those puppies can be intoxicating to humans.

  7. Oh Bertie, that's a terrible side effect!
    I'd better watch my human too, as she has sort of mentioned getting a companion for me. Just so that I won't be lonely once things are back to "normal" and she's able to be off gadding about again! Mind you, even she admits we're both too old for a tiny pup and all the mess and hard work one entails. She's thinking more along the line of something just a bit younger than I am, and fully house trained! I'm like you and prefer to not just be numero uno, but the only one!
    However we have to concede that YAM Aunty might be right and Gail is looking to the distant future when you have to leave her. Perhaps my human is thinking the same.

    Inca xx
    P.S. Those little pups look so cute, but can't hold a candle to you...and they have very sharp teeth!!

  8. OH MY, Puppies are for LIFE! no returns allowed. I know you are happy she did not surprise you with a sibling. I got a great laugh about side effects. glad my vaccine had zero dog related side effects. the pups tht almost were and the new puppy with Dooley are DARLING.

  9. Just think, Bertie. You can be the big boss of a little puppy, and teach him all of your knowledge and wisdom!

  10. We don't know how your Gail resisted such crazy cuteness with that puppy! Good this YOU are super cute Bertie! Seems that was enough for your mom!

    Rosie and Redford

  11. OMD!!!!!!!! IRISH TERRIER PUPPERS!!!!!!! Ma's Angel Maggie looked just like that one when she was a wee lass!!! Except, she had a white patch on her chest. Angel Maggie was the most tenacious rater EVERS! BOL!! I, really, could care less abouts them unless they are tree rats, then I am all in! BOL!!!
    Anyhu, glads that the Covid shot side effects wore off, and Gail was able to come to her senses and just say NO! BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. I expect you (Gail) had best report this to one of the Covid research bodies in the United Kingdom. If many folks have the same experience, it might create puppy-havoc!

  13. BOL!! We are glad Gail decided to sleep on it...But know this Bertie, while Arty wasn't excited about Sunny coming home, Mama says Sunny brought new life to Jakey. Even at 15, Jakey enjoys partaking in his share of bitey face games with Sunny and I!

  14. I know when it is time for another dog you will be the one to choose it.

  15. Just have to tell you this. Oscar has made friends with a new 'local dog' Eric who now walks on our beach every morning. Eric is fox terrier just like Bertie. Wish I could attach some photos they are so funny together. Best of pals.

    1. Maybe work in a photo on the Bike Shed blog some time? Way back, Bertie had a hilarious fox terier blog friend called Eric Square Dog.

  16. Wow! That was a near miss! Glad Gail came to her senses.