Monday 26 October 2020

Wanted: a new camera operator

Essential Skills 

  • An ability to stand up straight when sudden gusts of wind hit*
  • And to keep a firm grip on what ever device is being used for filming at that particular moment
Desirable attributes 
  • Deep pockets (literally and metaphorically) for treats to reward subject for patiently posing even in the most trying circumstances
  • The emotional intelligence to realise when one's subject has had quite enough of filming
In case you are wondering why I have posted this advert, please watch video below.

*In my opinion the ideal candidate should weigh more than 9 stone (126 lb, 57 kg), although I am told I'm not allowed to put this in the actual job advert as it might be considered discriminatory...


  1. oooh what an action shot... we think that is the best advert we ever saw... and you are the best caninidate ;O)

  2. That's quite some wind in your woozle!

  3. That is quite the windy day but you don't seem to be having any problems keeping your balance, Bertie☺

  4. Hari OM
    Mercy me, Bertie lad - it's just as well you are low to the ground, for I fear you may have been treated as one of those leaves by the wind - much like Gail was! I have to tell you it is not so much weight that it is the factor in such conditions, as just how much 'sail' is available for buffeting!!! Fear not, the results were eminently watchable. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Of course you remained stoic in the face of such a gale, Bertie, your are a WFT! You look as though nothing would faze you!
    That's exactly the sort of windy day we have here today. We shan't be going out for our first walk until the wind dies down - it's almost bending the palm trees in half!

    Inca xx

  6. That wind looks like it's almost hurricane-force! And boy did you stand firm in the face of that wind of course we know that the camera person did not. I'm wondering just how much you will pay for the right experience photographer. I hope your current photographer was unharmed in the making of your advertisement

  7. Good golly Bertie those were some very very strong winds. I hope neither the camera or the camera-lady were injured in the making of this stormy documentary. Ok that being said inquiring minds (mine) have a question? Bertie, How in the work did you manage to stay up right? Do you have lead in your paws? The only thing I saw move on you was your right ear maybe once. Even your WFT tail held firmly to your buns of steel
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. It is down to practice Cecilia! Scotland is known to be the windiest region in Europe.

  8. We can see why you are advertising for a new camera operator, Bertie. That wind was blowing so hard your ears were standing upright!

  9. Wow! That is some wind going on, but you stand firm! Your Gail needs to take lessons from you as to how to stay upright!

    Your friend Rosie

  10. Wow, Bertie, I hesitate to ask this question, you have lead in your WFT butt?

  11. WOW!!! Bertie, what muscular legs you stay put during those wind gusts!!

    We sure hope you were rewarded nicely!

  12. Whoa!!! Our Mom would have been blown clear across the country with wind like that. But look at YOU - posing so very well and not in the least bothered by all that wind. We hope your photographer is OK, and we think you should give her another chance as long as she remembers the treats.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. you definitely need a stronger, heavier photographer...LOL! Bertie, you just took the whole thing in your stride! The consummate professional.

  14. We are glad you didn't blow away, but we can see why you want a new camera person.