Monday, 29 June 2020

Too much chit chat

So here I am, posing nicely in front of the foxgloves while Gail and I waited for her friends J and F to join us at the start point of our walk on Saturday. 

As always, we were early, so I had time to examine the sign telling us all about the footpath route.

All very interesting I must say. Gail took one more photo and then our friends arrived.

And now I hate to disappoint anyone who was expecting more pictures of this historic route - Bronze Age sites, Roman camps etc. 

I regret to report that Gail, on seeing these good friends for the first time in months, completely forgot about her camera. In fact she almost forgot about me too, and the three humans nattered on and on and on. 

In between sniffing the greenery I caught snatches of the conversation. Have you noticed how our humans have all become experts in virology, epidemiology, post-pandemic economics and the efficacy of face masks? Then there was the state of the oil industry in Aberdeen (dire), the 26 episodes, each 1.5 hours, of a Korean TV series (also dire) that J+F's daughter-in-law Jihye had insisted they watch through lockdown.  And, oh so much else to talk about, apparently... 

Odd times still. 

PS The good news is that Gail tells me we'll be able to go across to our Torridon cottage again next week, for the first time since March. YIPPEE!!!!


  1. wow that was an interesting tour, Bertie... even when that people from rome are no longer there... we are dogs and we can see the things not matter if they are there or not ;O)

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey, Bertie lad, you may have to watch out that Gail doesn't get a hangover from all the sudden company and talking!!! It can tire one out you know... Torry already? I must check the news... Hugs and wag,s YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Oh Bertie bless your little WFT ears...all that chattering. I be you were wishing you had earmuffs. I hope, at least, Gail thanked you for posing so patiently!!.
    Happy Days a road trip.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. The humans have so much to catch up on when they haven't seen each other in months. At least you got a fun walk, Bertie.

  5. It would have been nice to see a bit more along your walk but at least we got to see your smiling face Bertie. We're glad Gail and her friends had a good time catching up.

  6. Your human is just so happy to see her friends that you have to cut her a little slack...but next time, we want pictures of your pretty walk!

    Kiki and Rosie

  7. It sounds like the humans like to talk:) We don't like it when we are off for a walk and Mom meets a neighbor. They tend to yakkety yak too much while we stand there waiting to get a move on.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. You have to forgive the humans -- they're not used to going this long without being able to yammer to other humans in the furs. Casey's Boy visited last week, and Momma talked herself hoarse!

  9. Sometimes peeps start talking and forget the MOST IMPORTANT parties on the! Oh, going to Torridon...what a treat!!

  10. I wish people in the states were experts. They believe so much stuff that just is not true.

  11. Bertie, how lovely that you will soon be able to go to the cottage! That will make a nice change for you and Gail. We look forward to some more lovely photos.
    That's the trouble with humans, they do like to chat rather than concentrate on what's important. Most days on our walks, we meet a very nice Dutch lady and her Lab., and they really like to have a good chat! I just lie down and take a nap, but the other doggie starts to bark because she wants to get on with her walk! I've told her to just chill out and have a rest!

    Inca xx

    1. Bertie is of the same mentality as the nice Dutch lady's dog. Although he is getting a bit more chilled with age.

  12. How exciting that you get to visit the cottage. Please ask Gail to post photos!