Tuesday 12 November 2019

Foxtrot Alpha?

Does size matter? Or age?

It is well known that us dogs, as a species, come in all shapes and sizes.

As I walked into the park on Sunday morning, I spotted a pretty Rottweiler with a pink collar. A newcomer. Unlike her companion, a notably relaxed German shepherd whom we see quite often, this pup was kept on a lead. I bounced over to say hello. She smelled nice. Better than nice in fact.

Their accompanying human (a genial-faced chap Gail would like to know better but their small talk has never before got further than "nice day" and "handsome dog") explained that the Rottie belongs to his son, and she is eight months old and having her first 'season'.

Just as I was evaluating in my mind the practicalities of attempting to mount this large and attractively feisty lass, Gail clamped on my lead and forcibly dragged me out of lunging range, saying, "I'd better make sure my intact male dog stays well clear of her then!"

Then Gail rudely added that this particular bitch was too big and too young for me anyway.

But surely such tedious rules are not applicable to the older alpha male (human or canine)...
John and Sally Bercow - courtesy of Daily Mail 

Once out of sniffing range, my distracted mind turned to wondering what a Rottweiler x Wire-Haired Fox Terrier puppy might look like anyway. Would the cross-breed have special name? A Wiry-Weiler perhaps? No, even better, a Foxtrot!

Sadly, as it seems I won't be getting the opportunity to conduct this particular experiment myself any time soon, I resorted to searching for 'Rottweiler/Fox Terrier mix' on the internet, and found these two pups.

Aren't they just adorable?


  1. oh my they look fantabulous... same here the staff grabbed our leashes said "HEAVEN!" and then they dragged us away from that hot girl... humans...tz...tz..tz

  2. Oh dear Bertie, I'm afraid my hooman doesn't agree with leaving things to chance. All her doggies have had little operations so that they can't have babies. Very sad, but she says that there are too many unwanted dogs around, and one should be a responsible dog owner.
    Before I came to my forever home, I was used as a breeding Labrador, and because I only had one lot of puppies, in spite of numerous matings with boy dogs, my previous owners let me go. I had a little op. and now I'm very happy because I know I won't have any more puppies. I don't like male dogs much (sorry!) because of all I was put through when I was supposed to have pups.
    Poor Petite-Chose had 28 puppies before her owner gave her to my hooman, and she too, had the little op.
    It's all very sad that there are so many unwanted dogs around because their owners aren't responsible. I'm glad mine is.

    Inca xx

    1. In the UK, some people seem to believe that a bitch should not have the 'little op' until after she has had her first season. Can't remember the supposed justification for this, but it may be the case with the Rottweiler we saw on Sunday?

    2. Bertie, some people in the US believe that too. It's supposed to help reduce the chance of some diseases, I think, but it doesn't really work. I had my big girl surgery when I was six months old. No puppies for me!

    3. Dogs can have some of the same cancers as humans. Having a young bitch spayed before her first season, or a young dog neutered is a recognised as a way of helping prevent this.

  3. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, it seems the call of nature was working hard, but human intervention took charge! As to the debate:
    "Q: Shouldn’t I let my dog have a litter before I spay her?

    A: No. Absolutely not. All the medical evidence suggests a dog should be spayed before her first heat. It’s much easier for her then because it’s a much easier surgery at that time."
    (The standard response by majority of vets!) The prevailing wisdom is, unless a dog or bitch is specifically careered to breed, speying before six months is best practice.

    Of course, this vetinary advice is quite often ignored. Humans love puppies and even if their dog never breeds, they like the idea that it might or could happen...

    Sorry, Bertie, your post has generated such heavy debate!!! Regarding the winter-spring aspects of relationship, who cares. If it works, it works. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. We bet "Foxtrot" pups would be cute and smart just like you Bertie. Alas we will never see them though thanks to Gail's leashing action.

  5. It's just as well Gail acted. There are too many unwanted pups out there in the world! But we're sure your pups would've been as adorable as you.

  6. The pups would be adorable if you were given the opportunity, Bertie.

  7. We think the pups are adorable!! Love is love...so we think age shouldn't factor into it!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. Can't blame a guy when the pheromones are calling. Better luck next time.

  9. ohh they are cute!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  10. Dear Bertie...for the first time in furever...
    This morning Dad of Madi asked,"did you see Bertie's new post?" He read last night.
    Anyway I'm late to the party BUT I think I have a good comment.

    Bertie I can say with 100% certainly you have better taste in women than our mighty Mini Dachshund Toto had. Back in the 70's not much was said about neutering and spaying. He too was intact. BUT AND I'M SHOUTING THE ONLY THING HE EVER ATTEMPTED TO ADORE.....WAS OUR
    NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS 11 month old son. As soon as they came in the house Toto was hot on Matt's trial sniffin his diaper. Then up he went. The diaper was always clean. I guess Matt was closer to the ground than the other visitors. It was kinda of embarrassing.LOL
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Gail says: That's hilarious. In general Bertie does not show much interest in 'adoring' either humans or dogs of any gender. Otherwise he certainly would have been neutered long ago!

  11. My comment (late) is with regard to John Bercow. Here in the US we are more likely to have seen him in the Speaker's chair yelling "Ordah." I honestly thought he was a giant of a man, not that it makes any difference. Still somewhat of a surprise, though. Thanks for the photo.

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  13. Hahahaha, you made mom laugh out loud!