Sunday, 23 June 2019

Bertie displays his competitive streak...

(The scene: a Saturday morning walk on Morven, our favourite Aberdeenshire hill)

So come on Gail, don't waste time looking at that boring old flower, we have a hill to climb!

Bertie, it is a cloudberry flower, and not boring at all. My book says the cloudberry plant is 'shy flowerer' in Britain. Anyway, what's the hurry?

Well Gail, we don't want that group of four men and one Labrador, who left their car just after we did, to overtake us, do we now? 

Bertie, frankly I couldn't care less. This is not a competition. Don't be so 'male' about it all. Just savour the moment, being out in our wonderful landscape on a fine midsummer day. To quote Nan Shepherd "... the mountain gives itself most completely when I have no destination, when I reach nowhere in particular, but have gone out merely to be with the mountain as one visits a friend with no intention but to be with him". And anyway, I think the Lab party took a different, less direct route up.

Er, yes Gail, of course, of course. Look, there's the summit, let's race!

Oh god, I'm having a flashback to childhood outings with my brother....

And now we're at the top, and the other group is nowhere in sight. Hooray! We won!

(Gail sighs).

(15-20 minutes later)

OK Bertie, that's enough of a break, time to move on, it's getting chilly.

No, no, no, look here are the others, finally! Maybe you can find out the name and age of the Lab? I bet he's younger than me.

(Gail talks to the humans while the dogs size each other up).

Well Bertie, you are right, 'Angus' is only two years old. Although I surmise that the accompanying humans are considerably older. But guess what? Angus's owner is most impressed at how quickly we ascended the steeper of the two routes up the hill. Happy now?

Totally happy, Gail, totally.


  1. I understand Bertie - ya gotta win. I get competitive like that on walks sometimes.

  2. Well Bertie, you would certainly have beaten us ! I'm a Lab of a "certain age" and my human is no spring chicken either ! We prefer a more gentle ascent, and would probably have walked with that lovely little Lab!

    Inca xx

  3. Bertie...of course you compete. YOU ARE A WFT!! YAY you not only are you older than Angus but your legs are shorter. You are impressive.
    Look at you heading Mach speed up that hill leaving Gail in your dust!!

    Gail I do so agree with you and I love this line
    "the mountain gives itself most completely when I have no destination". I'm a firm believer in it is the journey not the destination.

    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Hari OM
    ...wait.. whassat Gail said? "MIDSUMMER"??!!! Mid-someseason certainly. Bertie lad, I don't think I have ever seen a cloudberry flower, so am very glad Gail took the opporunity - even with you berating her! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. You did great Bertie. We're glad Gail took time to peek at the little flower too.

  6. You are on top of the world, Bertie, and what a view you have! Your Cloudberry plant and flower is very pretty!

  7. Dui is with you, Bertie. He always wants to take off and get to the end. Looks like another day out.

  8. BOL...Oh Bertie...Mama says you and Arty have a lot in common

  9. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

  10. Wow! You all beat a 2-year old up that big hill! You are fabulously fit! What a very interesting and challenging walk you had!

    Your friend Kiki

    1. Gail thinks that Angus might have been held back by his humans!

  11. Of COURSE you won Bertie! Terrierist ALWAYS win! BOL!!! Butts, looks like you found a new furiend, so that is pawsome! Tells Gail that Ma had a flashback too! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  12. When can we expect fruit from that Cloudberry Flower?

    1. Late July or early August maybe? Don't worry Sweet William, Gail and I will be returning to check out the fruit situation.
      Toodle pip!

    2. With the weather so off perhaps one should check earlier.