Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Who's not bouncing now?

Well no soon as I was sprung from prison than Gail was insisting on showing me all the photos from her bicycle tour across Wales.

I'm guessing it would be considered disloyal were I to admit that before long I was thinking I might be better off playing with my new friends in 'camp' after all. You know how it can be with someone else's holiday pictures, no matter how fond you are of that person, one can have too much of a good thing...

(And what's more, quelle surprise, there was the usual disappointing lack of 'welcome back' gifts.)

I am hoping that, having agreed to show you a small selection from Gail's photo gallery, avoiding too many distressing shots of lycra clad middle-aged backsides, then this will be end of it...

So it seems the trip started in Bristol (actually in England) where Gail was a student back in the Dark Ages. Before the ride began, Gail spent a nostalgic day revisiting old haunts, including the house in Montpelier where she lived for three years. Did you know that Montpelier, an inner city area of Bristol, was voted the UK's hippest neighbourhood in 2018?

To reach Wales from Bristol, Gail and her London cycling friends crossed two iconic bridges, Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and the 'old' Severn Bridge.

Once in Wales, the group cycled along mile after mile of pretty lanes bordered by hedgerows laced with bluebells, stitchwort, red campion, buttercups and more...

And up and over hills, including the Gospel Pass and Bwlch y Groes, which Gail insists were a lot steeper than they look in the pictures...

Wales is famous for its castles large and small - those pictured below are in Caernarfon and Criccieth.

Wales is also famous for rain, but Gail tells me that, incredibly, apart from a few light showers one morning the weather was dry throughout.

She also says it was quite warm, although the evidence on this point is not entirely convincing...

And yes that is Gail, back right, taking a wee break with some of her companions on the approach to the seaside town of Portmadog, near the end of the trip.

Apparently Wales is great if you like: quiet roads, pretty scenery, castles, sheep, people speaking Welsh, cycling up hills, clean air...

And not so great if you like: breakfast options which include fresh fruit and a decent cup of coffee...

I should also report that since her return Gail has been rubbing her knees quite often and seems a bit less bouncy than usual after the effort of cycling up all those hills!

Oh and by the way, here is a reminder of what I look like, in case you had forgotten.


  1. Mom says her knees are achy just thinking about all that pedaling across the long bridges and up and down all those hills. But it sure looked like it was a fun trip with good friends. We hope she gets back to bouncing soon.

    You look quite happy and handsome, Bertie - good to see you back.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Clapping wildly at my Bertie and Gail fix!!
    OMDs...of course Montpelier is hip now all because of Gail's stay in the dark ages.
    I got a case of the giggles about enduring the photos Bertie. Way back a long time ago,before digital cameras, my brother in law went to Egypt for 2 weeks. He returned with at least 300+ photos...yes he paid to have them all developed. I mean really how many photos can you take of a pyramid?!
    Gail that being said...your photos are 87 times more interesting and beautiful. Those hills did look very very challenging. Yikes on your knees I hope whatever it is passes. I've had a bit of a problem with my left knee since October. Doc says this happens as we age...she is all of 35. LOL And I'm told motion is lotion for aging joints. I cannot imagine how they would feel if I wasn't mobile.

    Many hugs and welcome home

    1. PS thank you for the comment about my quilt!!!

  3. You know, Bertie, I've seen little trailers that attach to bicycles to allow pups to ride in style. Why doesn't Gail bring you along on these trips?

  4. We agree with Matilda, above. Looks like a wonderful journey--though we think SHE'd prefer to do it in a car.

  5. Hari OM
    Bertie lad - I've misssed ya mate!!! Gail too, of course. Thank you for letting her share a glimpse of her trip, which must have been a true joy for her (lack of fresh fruit notwithstanding - something that wold be a deal breaker for me!).

    The true joy for we, your adoring fans, though, as that gawjuss pawtrait of you to close the post!!! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Supplementary fresh fruit was fortunately always available from a nearby Co-op.

    2. ...bless 'em, the ever reliable coop!

  6. wow that pass was sure a challenge for your Gail and her friends... no wonder that they all were eggs-hausted and landed on their back... but we enjoyed the photos and we wish we could do that tour too... in a car...of course LOL

  7. Handsome as ever Bertie! I know all about those pictures, mom had over 300 pics on her camera from our Bryce Canyon and that did not include pictures on their phones! Mom says Gail is brave for going on that bridge ha ha

  8. It sounds like Gail and her friends had a great time on their trek. Thanks for letting us see a few pictures and of course we could never forget your handsome self.

  9. Of course we couldn't forget how you look, Bertie.

    Inca xx

  10. What a beautiful ride for your mum, Bertie! The bridges are fabulous! Thank you for sharing pictures!

  11. Those vacation photos look fabulous! What a good time your human had without you...next time she needs to find a ride where four-legged friends can come too!