Thursday, 23 May 2019

An interesting story.....

...about today's European Union elections.

Hold on readers, bear with me!

You might say it's really about the surprising and sometimes delightful connections we can make through blogging.

It all started with a post on one of our very favourite blogs. Scotsman Angus lives in deepest France and blogs in a consistently engaging fashion about life with his Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Bob and Sophie and much else besides.

Now you may already be aware that across Europe today (Thursday), elections to the European Parliament are taking place. On Tuesday Angus posted some photos of French election posters, and Gail responded by commenting that here in Scotland she had received lots of election leaflets through the door, but regrettably none from the solidly pro-EU Liberal Democrat Party.

You'll never guess what happened later that day.

Early evening Gail and I answered a knock on the door. (I did not bark, I am not that kind of terrier.)

We were greeted by a lady with a smiling face and a fistful of Lib Dem leaflets.

So much, so unremarkable, I hear you thinking.

But then...

She announced herself not only as the lead candidate for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the current EU election, but also as an avid fan of both my blog and Angus's. She had seen Gail's comment on Angus's blog, done a spot of detective work and identified our address, and hastened round in person to rectify the shortfall in Lib Dem election material.

What a star!

Oh she said such nice things about my blog too, I think Gail would be voting for her party even if she hadn't already been intending to.

We do hope she is elected and has the opportunity to remain an MEP for a very long time to come....


  1. oooh we guessed it... you are fabulous famous!!!

  2. Hari om
    Now THAT, dear Bertie, is what I call a 'polly tishun' !!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. OMDs Bertie you had you very own personal Mini BAR of sorts. I just love how the interwebs weave such good friendships. Good thing you are not 'that kind of terrier'...because I'm sure you manners were greatly appreciated
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. What an amazing connection through your blog. How nice of her to go the extra mile to introduce herself to you. We're glad to hear you, Bertie, displayed perfect manners too.

  5. That's a lady who knows quality! We need those.

    Just came from reading about Sophie and the chicken.

  6. How interesting indeed! She jumped at the chance to meet you Bertie!

  7. OMD, that is just PAWSOME!!!! I agree, who wouldn't jump at the chance to meet you Bertie!
    oh, and didn't bark??!! I can't even imagine......
    Ruby ♥

  8. Of course you are a celebrity Bertie - what else could a handsome chap, such as yourself, possibly be? We remember when you were a finalist in the Ambassadog for Scotland !
    As far as the European Elections go, I think this household has adopted "the head in the sand" attitude, together with "Oh no, not again" - so there won't be anyone knocking on our door !

    Inca xx

  9. I hope your candidate won. She sounds like she has impeccable judgement in blogs ( I also am an avid fan of Bertie, Bob and Sophie). I’m sure we wouldn’t have half the problems we do if people spent a little time everyday reading about their scientific investigations, walks in nature, and croissant eating.

    1. We shall have to wait until Sunday night for the results.

  10. Wow, that is really going the extra step to reach out to voters. If she is pro 'Bertie' and terriers with blogs, then she has our approval. Too bad we can't vote there!

  11. This is just marvelous!

  12. That is very good retail politics! My mom likes it too when a candidate come to the door and tells me how pretty I am!


  13. Thanks for these kind words.

    I'd have posted sooner but this is the first time I've been near a PC. I find I can't comment from an iPad.

    I did win, thank you all.

    Gail, if you'd like to keep in touch (and I would- dogs, not politics), I'm sheilaritchie at

  14. Politician came to our door once wrong party. He really kept talking thinking he could change our minds which proved it us how dumb he really was. I stood at the door with the your not getting over the threshold this is my house.
    Your famous Bertie.