Sunday, 14 April 2019

Bertie has a little grumble

You would think, wouldn't you, that any dog who heroically defended the local territory from an alien attack would deserve better.....

Let me explain.

So there I was, enjoying my Saturday morning stroll around Duthie Park, when suddenly I spotted something amiss.

Now I might remind you that Gail has on occasions cast aspersions on my observational skills, particularly in relation to my peripheral vision. But make no mistake, when a group of otherworldly invaders, disguised as humans but with give away balloon-like protrusions extending from their rear ends, are staring me right in the face, I know what I'm seeing and I act!

How I would love to report that I punctured those weird protrusions with my bare terrier teeth, but the truth is that Gail intervened before I could reach them, and firmly clamped on my lead.

I remain, however, convinced it was only because of the threat I posed that the attack situation was defused and the 'aliens' went peacefully about their business, bouncing in ungainly fashion at ever decreasing speed around the park until they collapsed in exhaustion.

So yes, where were we? You would think such valiant behaviour would merit some special treat, would you not?

Especially as earlier in the week I had been suffering (thankfully briefly) from a sore paw.

So when Gail announced that she and her friend Yvonne were off to Café 52 that night for a "nice meal out", I felt sure I would be invited along too. After all, this is a renowned dog friendly Aberdeen restaurant. And - let me remind you again - I surely deserved some extra attention.

I can't believe I was left alone at home.

And quite why Gail imagined that she could make it up to me by showing me a photo of the menu is beyond comprehension...

If only she had thought instead to bring back a doggy bag with some of that black pudding...


  1. Bertie first and foremost....OMWFT...that opening photo of you in your best WFT pose...gave me a great big SMILE!! Secondly, those those folks bouncing around on their tushies reminded me of a toy my daughter had as a child. I think you were wise to let them know, just in case they were aliens, that you were in the area.
    Thirdly and most impawtantly how dare Gail leave you behind? Demerits are in order for sure. Cafe 52 has a most interesting menu.
    I especially liked the sound of pork and lamb meatloaf with apricot relish.
    Oh and a bit of news on Pup that will delight you and your Terrier instincts. He lives in the Mountains. Friday night he had to defend his house from an introooder aka Smoky the Bear was on his deck and there was garbage everywhere.
    His peeps now have their bear proof trash can out.The other two pups are seniors and must be hard of hearing and of course sentry duty is not in Kat's job description.

    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Hari om
    WTD is Gail thinking, quashing your finely honed introoooddr radar firstly and then... AND THEN... locking you at home whilst fine dining (that crispy halloumi caught my eye)??? Put your paw down Bertis lad, and demand bacon for brdkky!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

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  4. Uh is that dog's chair a pot of dirt?
    I don't want to sit on dirt! Is that how they welcome you there sit on dirt!
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. We can't believe Gail didn't let attack those strange people on those strange bouncy things. It is your duty to keep her safe from such things. Of course she should have taken you out to dinner too.

  6. Bertie, you have had a Sunday, filled with strange things and missed special meals, I think your mom owes you some VERY special treats!

    Your friend Kiki

  7. Those 'aliens' were very weird and dangerous looking. We've never seen anything like that! And to be prevented from protecting Gail and indeed Aberdeen....we are barkless.

    We assume everything on the menu was deep fried!

  8. We would have been on attack mode if we saw those creatures - what the heck??? And no doggy bag??? Sheesh - Gail owes you bigtime, Bertie!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Tweets from the Newbie Piper

  9. OMD...holding you back from the protecting of the planet AND neglecting you by leaving you home during what looks to be a fun and delicious dinner?? Whatever was Gail thinking??
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  10. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! What are THOSE? Bark bark bark! Bark! Bark bark bark!