Saturday, 30 March 2019

Star of my own show?

Greetings from the Cairngorms National Park!

Gail and I are enjoying our annual long weekend with our friends in the slightly shabby (in a good-for-dogs sort of a way) Edwardian grandeur of Inshriach House, near Aviemore.

As you know, I am accustomed to taking centre stage on these occasions.

However, this time it seems I have some rivals in the posing department.

Notably Hemp the border collie (house mate for the weekend).

Then there's  Tufty the nut-hungry red squirrel, outside the kitchen window.

And not to forget Angus the Scottie, met on the path around Loch an Eilein.

So rivals, yes. But in think we can all agree who's the all time posing champion...


  1. As it should be are the star of your life and this is your blog!! Hemp is a handsome friend and seems to quite agreeable as does Angus. I know you and Gail are enjoying all the companionship and good meals!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. I biggyfied the last photo...OMDs it looks like a painting. You are in a perfect pose and your WFT tail is glorious!! It would look lovely famed on a wall.
    Hugs C

  3. Hari Om
    You win that ribbon, Bertie lad, without a doubt!!! (Though it was lovely of you to share your blogspace with the interlopers.) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Definitely! You are a legend at posing. Good to have long as they don't hog all the attention. Looks like a great weekend--and we like shabby.

    PS. You reminded HER that certain scotties need some grooming.

  5. You totally were the best model. It is nice of you to share the spotlight.

  6. Of course!!! You DO take the BESTEST photos Bertie!
    Loves and lucky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. You are definitely the posing champ but Hemp is certainly taking notes on how you do it. It sure looks like you are having a great time.

  8. It looks like you are having a sensational weekend, Bertie! Love that last shot!

  9. You're making me decide between you and a Scot ~ Oh my good golly gosh give me a year to decide. Love you Bertie!
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. You have posing down to an art Bertie!
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Bertie, sometimes you have to share the limelight, but it doesn't make you any less of a superstar WHFT !

    Inca xx

  12. That walk looks amazing! And your friend Hemp is a cutie too! What fun you had!


  13. Oh yes...You are certainly the most handsome model there Bertie! What a beautiful place for a get away!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  14. Dear Bertie,

    Was Hemp polite at least? He's very photogenic, almost as photogenic as you! I'm wondering why he got the top spot on the rock, however?

    We hope you had a great time!