Monday 15 January 2018

Oh no not again

There once was a terrier called Bert,
Whose paw sometimes horribly hurt,
For months it was better,
But now I regret to
Announce that it's suddenly worse...
That poor little terrier Bert.


  1. oh nooo not again... we send lots of potp and big hugs to you... for getting a pawsome paw soon

  2. Oh Poor Bertie. After all of the effort, investigation and treatment ....... just rest up , and let us hope that you have just been doing too much. Hugs. Hope you get better soon.

  3. Oh no, Bertie. Has Gail been neglecting your feet?

  4. Hari om
    I have to announce from direct experience and visual proof, Gail has most definitel NOT been neglecting your pawses, Bertie lad. When I saw your improvements last week it was such a relief. I can only hold you in my heart and send POTP through the ether, dear boy. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Bertie, we're so sorry to hear your poorly paws hurt again. Do you think they got too cold in the snow last week?
    Sending healing vibes and big hugs.

    Inca xx

  6. Oh no!!!!!! Poor Bertie.
    I do hope your poor paw gets better soon Bertie, I am sending lots of healing licky kisses
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bertie I am so very very sorry to read about your WFT paw. Dang it you must be allergic to Scottish winters rain and snow. Healing kitty kisses Madi your bfff and mom

  8. We recommend Musher's Secret for your feet in the winter. We use a very light daily application to combat cracked sore pads from hot pavement in the summer, but all my furriends from colder climes swear by it for winter protection.

  9. Poor Bertie, that's just no good! Heal soon.

  10. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! What happened?????

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Bertie! Sending warm, dry breezes from So. Cal...

    -Otto and Osa

  12. Oh no Bertie, hope you can get it cleared up again
    Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    check out my post today - you can see me on the teeter!

  13. Bertie dropping in to say we send you and Gail purrs and hugs as she doctors your foot and you as you recover from that tender paw.

  14. We sure hope you are feeling better Bertie...sending lots of POTP for it to heal up quickly!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  15. Oh no! I hope it's just a temporary regression and you're better real quick.

  16. Sorry to hear about your paw, Bertie. Sending POTP and hope it gets better very soon. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  17. Oh no, not again! Sending lots paw healing thoughts to you!