Sunday, 22 October 2017

A word about Wojtek

I expect you would all prefer that I steered clear of the dreaded topic of Br*x*t.

Well I do try to keep my mind on higher things, but you know how it is, every now and then, something reminds you of what a pickle my country has got itself into.

So on Thursday, en route to Nottingham by train, Gail and I stopped off for a walk around Edinburgh for an hour or so, and we ran into these fine fellows in Princes Gardens.

Meet Wojtek, the brown bear from Syria, adopted by a company of brave Polish soldiers in World War Two. Wojtek helped carry ammunition in the battle against the Nazis at Monte Cassino and had many other adventures before spending the final years of his long and remarkable life in Edinburgh Zoo.

Many Polish soldiers who contributed so much to defending our country settled in Britain after the War (including the fathers of Gail's school friends Bronia and Halina). More recently, of course, large numbers of enterprising Poles have come to the UK for work, enjoying the fruits of decades of peace in the European Union.

Gail and I think we know what Wojtek and his Polish soldiers would have thought of the knaves and fools in charge of this country's future relationship with the rest of Europe.

We visited Human Granny yesterday, and found her in good spirits, if ever more bent and also worried about what sort of a country her grandchildren (who most certainly did not vote for Brexit) will inherit.


  1. Hari OM
    Well illustrated Bertie (and Gail)! I cannot but think there is greater strife to come. On the lighter side, thank you for introducing me to the Edin 101 - which somehow I was unaware of and will now set my sights upon!!! Do say hello to HGY from this your bloggy pal; never met yet still fond, am glad she is still 'to the fore'. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. In the darkest days of 1940 my mother was seconded as a just qualified doctor to the Polish air force at Kirkton in Lindsey in Lincolnshire. A solitary woman with a new husband away fighting surrounded by 3000 single men. Her VD leaflets were dispensed in the thousands until she discovered that in a time of paper shortages they made excellent lavatory paper. The Polish officers mounted a guard outside her tent every night. She pulled many out of their crashed Stirlings and held them as they died. They were courteous, gallant but most of all brave ... and young. In this part of France there is one person who is horrified by what we're becoming !

  3. The world is broken. Thank you for sharing a bear-y nice story about an amazing bear.

  4. We worry about the future of our country too. It seems too many people are burying their heads in the sand cuz they don't want to get involved or because politics are typically so divisive. If more people would get involved and educate themselves on all the angles of an issue then decisions wouldn't be made by a minority of the populations! The world is becoming more divided at a time when people say they want to bring it together!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. What a most interesting post we were not familiar with Wojtek not the history behind him. This entire world has become one I hardly recognize. things were not broken for years and years...then somehow somewhere someone decided things were broken and need to be fixed....but what a mess they are making.
    Human Granny has the most beautiful snow white hair....and we are glad to hear for the most part she is doing okay. We understand the stooping that happened to my Loula (mom's Mom)
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS Bertie you are looking 87 times most handsome today

  6. Thank you for introducing me to the most interesting story of Wojtek. Glad to hear that HG is in good spirits. No doubt she was cheered by your well-groomed and very spiffy presence, Bertie.

  7. What a most interesting and helpful bear Wojtek is too bad the world's politicians couldn't be more like him!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  8. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! My adult-humans are always apologizing to my youngest-human about what a terrible world they are leaving her. If the people were more like us Dogs, I don't expect there would be any troubles at all!

  9. We concur. Our Aunt Marie worried about that all the time. And she didn't even know about Julia, my muzzer's grand baby

    Teka Toy

  10. In a hundred years time I wonder what people will think of all these terrible things that are happening now. Will they think life was good for us, or will they think how silly it was to vote for Brexit, and ruin so many young people's futures?
    It's good to know that Wotjek had a happy life, and was not just abandoned to fend for himself.
    Human Granny looks extremely well, Bertie - all the better for seeing you !

    Inca xx

  11. It's all to much sometimes. We are in pickle over here, too - more than a pickle, I'd say, more like a downward spiral.

    Thanks for telling us about Wojtek. Sending our very best to Human Granny.