Saturday 19 August 2017

The worst thing about this picture...

Where do I begin?

So those of you who know the Greyfriars Bobby story will have worked out that Gail is in Edinburgh, and the observant amongst you will have noticed that I am not there.

Gail could of course have taken me to Edinburgh - after all we know I am an excellent traveller and a well behaved house guest - but she claims it would have been "inconvenient" as she was down for a couple of days with her Book Group, attending various Festival Fringe events.

Have you ever been called "INCONVENIENT"???!!!

What's more, it has come to my notice that one of the events the Book Group attended was a comedy show by Sara Pascoe, and this apparently included several references to Ms Pascoe's love of dogs... (including a routine about how her now ex boyfriend refused to let her have a puppy so she considered instead getting pregnant so she could then dress up the baby as dogs of increasing size, from chihuahua to St Bernard, as it grew. I guess you had to be there.)

Gail and friends also had lunch at a restaurant called 'Badger & Co', located in a house where Kenneth Grahame (author of Wind in the Willows) once lived. I would have enjoyed that too.

I am pleased to report Gail is now safely back home and even found time to take me for a nice riverside walk this afternoon, and although we saw neither Mole, nor Ratty nor Badger, all is well.


  1. We are happy to hear she is trying to make up for her abandonment, Bertie, even if there were no creatures on your hike!
    Arty & Jakey

  2. Inconvenient? OHHHHHHHHHH that did so hurt my ears to hear that...surely she meant to...inconvenient to you NOT her. Purrsonally I think that lovely group of women would have conveniently made sure your every need was met. Bertie the good news here is that it was probably crowded and by not going you precious paws were not stepped upon.

    Ok now that we have properly teased Gail let me say I'm so glad she had a lovely time.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Inconvenient?!! Well, Gail's a bit inconvenient when she stops you chasing sheep and deer! And we think those lunch plates could have used a bit of help with the cleaning.

    At least she remembered to take you on a walk....a great walk.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh surely not, tell me t'ain't so??? Thank dog it was the briefest of abandonments and that was at least the compawnsayshun of that afternoon walk... (thought secretly, I'sa a tad jealous that so much got seen and done by Gail in so few hours!!!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Bertie,
    There is something very special about the Wind in the Willows story, even for us older ones, so I hope Gail makes it "back into your good books" by reading out loud all of Kenneth Grahame's book to you (using appropriate voices for Mr Toad, Ratty, Mr Badger and the others of course!) as you snuggle up close to her.


  6. How could such a handsome chap as yourself be an inconvenience!
    Well Bertie, just to muddy the waters a bit after reading this, my human tells me that when her very first Lab. was just a pup, they went up to visit family who lived near Lanark. When they all decided to visit Edinburgh, during Fringe week, Sultan (he who held onto his pee for 29 hours) went with them. He really scored his Brownie points because he was so well behaved all the time, no matter where he went.
    The big laugh we all had was when he had to be taken into the gent's urinal with human man. The attendant said Sultan couldn't go in, but human man persuaded him otherwise, and Sultan watched the goings on with great interest!

    1. I am going to print out the comment and show it to Gail when she is making arrangements for 2018. Thank you!

  7. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I am glad you got a riverside Walk. However... INCONVENIENT??? Really? The nerve! And that photo is a problem indeed - you would be much better than a statue dog!

  8. Inconvenient??? She called you that??? OMD!! We cannot believe she said such a thing!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I know exactly how you feel!! Mum recently went to Europe and even though I helped with all her packing (and made sure there was enough space in her suitcase for me) she left me at home!!! Can you believe it?!
    Don't worry about the statue dog though - I'm sure your mum was just missing you and that was the next best thing x
    Lots of licks, your friend Morrie

  10. Did Gail bring you a scone or a chicken leg or anything? Hmmmmm

  11. INCONVENIENT?!?!?! OMD, I've never received such a horrid insult in my entire life. I can't believe you tolerated that from Gail.