Sunday, 27 August 2017

Just a wee bit worried...

I knew something was up when I caught Gail cleaning the chain on her bicycle.

Finally, she confessed. In a few days time she is heading off to the USA to visit her dear friend Marse in Tacoma, WA. She will be away for over two weeks and during that time she and Marse will be joining a group of Marse's friends for a bicycle tour around NW Montana.

You know what? I am not concerned for myself (in truth the boarding kennels aren't too bad, although don't tell anyone I admitted this). But oh gosh I am VERY WORRIED about Gail.

Among my fears are:
  • That Gail will stay safe when travelling. Remember earlier in the year when she was perilously close to being blown up in a terrorist attack in St Petersburg? Really, I have to tell you that Gail was quite traumatised by the whole affair (a dog can detect these things) and I must say I was hoping the episode would put her off international travel, at least for a while.
  • That the US immigration authorities will not allow her in the country, given that Gail's work sometimes involves dealing with companies from countries that Mr Trump does not approve of one bit. 
  • Oh yes, President Trump.... I understand that it might be OK for Gail to air her somewhat liberal political views when in the Seattle-Tacoma area, but once out in the wilds of Montana, I am thinking she had better keep schtum...
  • And how will Gail cope in Montana if I am not there to protect her from grizzly bear attacks? 
  • I have never met Marse, and I guess she must be OK 'cos she and Gail have been good friends for nearly thirty years, but I am a little worried nonetheless given that several of Gail's stories about the many trips they have take together involve (according to Gail) her near starvation due to their differences in metabolism. Concerning one notorious backpacking trip in Yosemite in 1989, Gail tells me "I lost 8 lb during those two weeks, and I really didn't need to".
The one thing that reassures me, is that a certain pair of esteemed Blogville former mayors (and their humans) will be meeting up with Gail one afternoon in Tacoma. 

It's such a relief to know that blogging friends I trust and respect will be checking up on her. 


  1. Bertie - Montana would is perfect wire haired fox terrier country. Unfortunately, US Immigration might not agree.

  2. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie lad... your first concern re safety in the greater world is not without some foundation, it has to be said - but more immediate than that in my mind is that Gail is to be cycling again... two recent events cause one to be concerned about more personal safety! Then again, getting back on the bike could be akin to getting back on the horse and that could be applied to int'l travel also, I suppose. I am confident that Gail will find apt language when conversations turn to poly-ticks, so have no concerns on that. ... and golly-dang, I just KNEW there would be Blogville hookup in there somewhere!!! Woohoo. There better be some deep compawnsayshun brought back to you for the extended absence you will have to endure. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Bertie, you have every right to be worried - but bad things seem to be happening everywhere.
    If Gail is taking her own bicycle, can't you smuggle yourself into the saddle bag, so that you can keep an eye on her? She really needs you there to look out for all the strange experiences along the way

    Inca xx.

  4. Bertie: We have an Unca Steve in the wilds of Montana and will be happy to send contact information "just in case." But I must say, Montana is a beautiful state, and Gail will love it. It is her kind of country. If you send us the address of the jail, we will send Miss Lacie to rescue you.

    Teka Toy

  5. Dearest Bertie...
    OMCs this is most exciting..for Gail. It sounds as though you have some good plans of your own too. Being one that hates car rides I cannot imagine a long plane ride so you are smart to not gripe about being left behind. Mom read this to Dad and they want to know if Gail's personal bike is making the trip across the Pond too? If so, how does one prepare a bike for an airplane ride?
    You can rest assured Gail will be well cared for when in the company of the Former Mayor Doods and their peeps and she will laugh a lot too. Take lots of photos
    Safe travels to Gail and we hope and purr she does not loose 8 lbs this trip...
    Hugs to Gail and nose tap to you Bertie
    see you on the flip side of 2 weeks
    Madi your bfff

  6. You do have lots to worry about! Our Auntie just returned from the wilds of hurricane Texas and she says the bushfires are still burning. So encounters with displaced wildlife is a possibility. Can't believe she's leaving her Number One Protector home.

  7. Clearly the trip would be even more successful under your wise supervision, Bertie. Plus your peerless company which will be sorely missed by Gail and all. Best put your fears to rest however. Consider how much Gail will miss you and how she might make it up to you on her return if you play your cards right.

  8. Don't worry. We will take care of her in America. And if something goes wrong we will get a big box and mail her back to you

  9. Yes, Bertie. Remind Gail about smoke from fires...But those of us in the U.S. are close by. Truly!

    -Otto and Osa's mom

    1. Two years ago, Gail's planned bike trip with the same group had to be re-routed from the Northern Cascades to the Yakima Valley at the last minute because of the fires, so she is well aware of the problem!!!

  10. Sounds like she is going to have a great time and one would assume that you are checking into a lovely hotel. Now both of you stay safe and enjoy

  11. Wishing Gail a safe and pleasant journey State side. Hope you have a good "holiday" too, I'm sure the kennels will spoil you rotten.

  12. Dear Bertie,

    That does sound concerning indeed. My people are also avoiding travelling anywhere that has to do with the Trump. Although I must say, Tacoma is very, very close to us. Perhaps your person would like to bring you, and you can come run with us for a few days so you don't need to go visit the kennel, or the Trump? Again, I am sure it's not that far for you to travel, maybe a couple of hours in the car?


  13. Have a good holiday Bertie and safe travels Gail. Julia x

  14. Fun fun fun for Gail! Bertie, you need to tag along so you can protect her from bears!

  15. Lady is sorry she missed meeting Gail as she is no longer on that coast. She is hoping to have a week in Scotland summer 2018 and hopes to meet you then. We will be banished to Canada and jail (which really didn't go well this time). We wish her safe travels and hope she is allowed in the country!

  16. Oh Bertie Gail coming to the States. Well she needs to avoid all Confederate Statues which I don't think they have them as far north as she will be. The white supremacy groups are out but I don't think they do to much bike riding.
    Thanks for inquiring how I am. I am not feeling good and Lee is worried about me.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  17. I can see why you are worried, but try not to be. I'm certain she will have a wonderful time. My human has always wanted to visit Montana - and we live much closer than Gail! Look forward to the pictures when she returns.