Saturday, 26 December 2015

Usurped by Cousin Percy

I always thought I was Human Granny's favourite dog. At least I did until yesterday…
I knew that standard poodle cousin Percy was bossy. As well as being HUGE. But that he was such a suck up...
And no I don't want to pose for a group shot. I just don't feel like it.
Really, these Christmas family visits can be quite tiresome, can't they? Although I must say HGY did seem to be enjoying herself, merrily chatting away to her grandchildren, apparently oblivious to the fact that I was just a tiny bit hurt at being ignored.


  1. He looks like he thinks he's tops....but we know better. We must say Granny looks great!

  2. If you've got it, flaunt it I say. And Percy appears to be doing just that. But so do you Bertie... muscle your way into the next photo opportunity! HG looking radiant.

  3. Poor Bertie! Chin up though lad. I'm sure in the peace and quiet HG has lots of favourites. You are definitely #1 wft! Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Bertie. First Humzn a beautiful lady and what a great smile! now for that bossy Percy...He looks like a giant. I guess his personality is huge too. Sometimes it is best 'just to ignore bossy pups' when in the situation,
    Next time feel free to tell him the head of your posse is a ferious feline w fangs and daggers.
    Many hugs and happy Boxing Day
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  5. Bertie - there is one thing you have over Percy - we are guessing he doesn't get to visit HGY at her new home does he - but you do - because you are special :) Let the usurper have his moment - we know who is the REAL favorite :)

  6. Bertie, you face says it all. We are sure your HGY loves you very much.

  7. Whoa, Percy is giant! BUTT, he is no way as handsome as you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Bertie, take it from me, size isn't everything. It's about charm, and really, cuteness...


  9. OMD your HGMa Looks GRAND. We are so happy to see her smiling.... even if it WAS at Percy.
    We don't blame you one bit fur feeling Outta Sorts with this Cussin of YOURS... We feel the same way about OUR Cussin... and HE is hooooooooge also...
    Guess we can call them CUSSins fur SURE... since they make us want to CUSS. RIGHT Bertie?

  10. Oh boy PErcy, being the smallest doggie in the pack I know sometimes it can be easy for the peeps to forget we are around. I find crying VERY loudly helps remind them you are in the room (and here, it gets their attention every time)!

    1. Oh boy...that was suppose to be "oh boy, BERTIE"!!!

      Mama is receiving demerits Bertie...many, many demerits!

  11. Oh Bertie, I KNOW you're still Human Granny's favorite granddog! Percy was just being pushy, that's all.

  12. Hari Om
    Great Dog but that's poodles fur ya Bertie lad - low on my list of canines to be seen with, I have to tell ya! So I am totally with you on the feeling humph!!! Apawt from that, though, as another has mentioned, it is a fine thing indeed to see so many smiling faces - and most particularly that of HGY. I think, on balance, this shows a mighty fine Christmas gathering after all.

    ...which, am delighted to repawt, is the case in Edinburgh too; heading back to Dunoon tomorrow I think. enjoy the rest of your stay Bertie and Gail. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. Bertie - Poodles are French. What more can I say ?

  14. Good gravy, Percy is a BIG fellow. I am part poodle, but WOW.

    And yes, family gatherings can be quite exhausting.