Sunday 6 December 2015

Christmas tree shopping with benefits

So at first light on Saturday morning Gail drove us out to Tyrebagger Forest on the edge of Aberdeen, where the Forestry Commission holds a big annual Christmas tree sale.

It is always super good fun, although selecting the right tree is of course a serious business.

We weighed up the pros and cons of the different tree types.
Gail decided on a Norway spruce this time, because they have a stronger fragrance than the 'non-dropping' Nordmann firs. (As if you could improve on a house smelling of damp dog..…)

I did also notice the spruces were cheaper, and, having spotted that the 'Tomintoul Venison' truck was open for business, I secretly nurtured a hope that there would be change left so we could share something tasty from their breakfast menu.

Well of course we spent ages choosing the right sized and shaped spruce. For some reason, Gail said I was not to engage in any 'tree christening' activities, although I have to tell you there were plenty of other pups present who had apparently not been so instructed. 

But gosh I was disappointed when, tree purchase made, Gail dragged me past the venison vendor, saying; "come on Bertie, let's go for a nice walk in the forest while we're here".

But you know what? It all came good in the end, and after a nice (i.e. muddy) walk, we returned to 'Tomintoul Venison' and Gail ordered a black pudding roll for us to share. OK, I admit, in an ideal world it would have been a venison burger, but Gail came out with one of her bizarre food-related diktats, and declared it "too early in the day" for that. I guess the sun was not over the yardarm or something.

So, best Stornoway black pudding it was. With a dab of ketchup.

And I am not one to look a gift horse (or pig) in the mouth. 


  1. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie Lad, myself and little Remus were snoopervising Mahal-aunty with the Chrissy Tree Raising this very day and your name came into conversation!!! This is spookeroonies... Glad you got a suitable speciman and look forward to seeing it grace your home, with or without aroma &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. If ya waited for da sun to be over anything in Scotland, wouldn't ya have to be waitin a while? Just wonderin.

  3. Bertie what a wonderful exciting post! Now good buddy that was a fine adventure too. Ya got a tree, a walk AND A YUMMY YUMMY DELISH LOOKING black pudding treat. Gail is very efficient. Mom read all about Stornoway on the link.
    I guess it has to dry out before you bring it inside.
    In yesterday's paper there was an article about all our rain. Since 1/1/15 Raleigh's accumulation is 50.5", 20 " more than Seattle. It broke a record set in 1948.out of the last 339 days it has rained 153 days.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  4. Bwertie please grab a tree for me too... no matter what kind of tree just any tree or a stick... my mom always furgets to buy one.... and to 3x eggs&bacon I wouldn't say NAY :o)

  5. A Norfolk is a perfect choice!

    And that bfast menu! Mom is drooling.

    Wag on, Bertie,

    P.s. I love Gail's hat that she knit... it's gorgeous!

  6. Trees, walkies...snacks...Now that sounds like the perfect morning!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. We have seen lots of trees for sale around here - it seems kind of odd the have all this 'wintery' stuff' in a tropical climate :) Mom is an anti-live tree person - she prefers to see them growing rather then chopped down.

  8. SHE says SHE can't 'DO' black pudding, so guess we'll never taste it. Looks like a great day out. We'll just take out our FAKE optic fibre light tree AGAIN!

  9. We aren't sure what that is BUTT we are glad you did not pee on the tree. That might have made Santa Paws mad!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. OK, we clicked the link . . . blood pudding?

  10. Bertie, you're a better man than I...No tree christening? Good man!


  11. Gail was so lucky to have you around. Who knows what kind of bizarre tree she might've come back with without your expert snoopervision??

  12. BERTIE.......guess what? It is raining
    A G A I N today. Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Hey, we got a Norway Spruce too! Mom thought it to be more "Lakeland Proof"...BOL. Ours did not come with bacon rolls or pudding, Drat!

  14. Not allowed to christen the tree, say what? But that's a dog's right of passage. I say give it a little peep ...oops, my assistant just gave me a "you are a bad dog" look

  15. oh i love black pudding so hard to find it in the US

    retrp rover