Sunday, 27 September 2015

Letter to Human Granny

I find I have some spare time on my paws just now, so I've decided to write a wee letter to Human Granny. When someone is many miles distant and you are missing them, it's a good way of feeling closer, don't you think?

Hmmm, what shall I say?

Dear Dearest HGY,

I just wanted to write and let you know that I miss you a lot. I am so sorry I was stuck in prison camp last week while Gail was down in Nottingham for a visit. It was not my choice!

I must admit, when Gail returned here I confronted her with a long list of complaints about my treatment 'inside'. You know what she said in reply?

"Oh Bertie, why can't you be more like Human Granny? Life isn't perfect for her either but she always tries to make the best of her new situation. She introduced me to her friend Irene and both of them were telling me they think there's no point being miserable in the care home and they try to stay cheerful and interested in life".

Well, I suppose that is indeed a good attitude.

Human Granny, I hope you have been enjoying the Rugby World Cup on the telly. (Well maybe not the game last night…) Gail says watching rugby always makes her think of Human Grandad. I expect it is the same for you. Tell me, is it really true that he took you to a game at Lansdowne Road on your honeymoon in Dublin? And that you later said you thought you'd married a quiet man until that day?

What else can I tell you?

Oh I wish you were able to walk round Duthie Park with me. The flowers are still looking really pretty, as you can see in the photos I've included below. I've been told how you and HGD used to love coming to Scotland to visit Gail, although that was before I was born. You've travelled a lot in your long life, haven't you HGY? Last time I was in Nottingham, Gail showed me some photos from when you were evacuated to Canada during the Second World War.  Fancy setting out across the Atlantic in a big ship, aged only nine, and not seeing your parents for four years. There is even a picture of you standing on tip toes to post a letter to your Mum and Dad back in England. Perhaps that was when you learned to be brave and not a Moaning Minnie!

Now the good news here is that Gail has absolutely promised I will be allowed to come next time she visits Nottingham. And believe me, I am going to hold her to that (terrier's honour!)

Meanwhile, I am sending fondest hugs and licks,

Your very own "Petsy",

PS Perhaps you had better not let on to the staff at the care home that you have received a letter from your daughter's dog? These things can easily be misunderstood in the wrong context…


  1. Your flowers are still beautiful...guess that's all the rain, huh..... We think the staff would love to know that a granddog wants to keep in touch with his Granny. She has a great outlook, but we think she might not enjoy your camp much either.

  2. Dat are one sweet letter. And dem flowers sure is pretty!

  3. Oh Bertie. We wish you were closer to your human Granny too. It would be wonderful. She will be thrilled to get your letter though and hopefully will read it to her friend Irene. You are such a thoughtful Grand-dog. Hugs to you mate but also special hugs to your Granny cause we always love hearing about her. No worries and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. Rory had a wonderful outing at our hu-brother's place today and every time he fell down he would remember the words "don't worry, I've played Rugby, I know how to fall". (we hope we have remembered this well). xx

  4. Bertie that's a wonderful letter to your Granny... I bet she will close her eyes and then you can enjoy the flowers of your park together via the secret WHFT<->HGY connection...

  5. Hari Om
    A finer letter could scarce have been written, Bertie lad... it is an art you know! Sending photos of Duthie Park with such glorious colours was also a great idea - HGY will surely coo over the rowan tree!!!

    The RWC has certainly provided some entertaining matches; lots of excellent play from all contestants and some nail-biters... Hope it is not too long before you get to talk to HGY in the furs again, dear boy.
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Priceless...absolutely priceless. It is nice to hear about your HGY, reminds us of our Aunt Marie, makes Muzzer a little weepy, and makes us glad how much you appreciate her. Sending extra kisses to share with her, and tell Gail please that if she doesn't take you with her to visit next time, we will come across, pick you up out of prison and leave Teka in your place. Then you and I will make a quick (no longer than a year of so) swing to visit our pals in the US, and then see if Gail has learned how to appreciate your wirey awesomeness after coping with a JRT


  7. Bertie....what a beautiful letter to HGY....purrsonally I think all the 2 leggers at the care facility will be most jealous when they found out her Grandpup is the most handsome WFT and known all over the WWW...they might even want a paw print.
    Yep Bertie hold Gail to that promise to let you visit.

    Your HGY was born with spunk and a tough spirit that has gotten her through many hard times. As they say it takes less muscles to smile than frown!! So smile away HGY and Irene...
    hugs madi your bfff

  8. we are sure HGY will love the letter you sent her and love seeing all the flowers.

  9. What a beautiful letter. I'm sure HGY will so enjoy reading that. My human Grandpa still lives on his own but Mom has lots of help for him to he can as he didn't want to leave his home out West to move to cold Chicago with Mom. Enjoy your family - they are precious.

    Abby Lab

  10. Whut a luverly letter, Bertie!

    And dose flowers are beeyoutifull!!

  11. We bet that letter will be the talk at dinner time! We bet she loves it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. We are sure that letter will bring a big smile to your Granny's face!

  13. What a wonderful letter Bertie, we just know that HGY is going to enjoy it tremendously!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Thats so nice that you write your Granny Bertie. And such pretty pictures!!


  15. We love HGY's attitude! We're going to practice it more. We think that Dachshund Grandpa has the same kind of attitude, too.

    Love you so much, Bertie!

    Your special doggy godmother!
    Tootsie :)