Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Double Standards

So Gail consigns me to prison for over two weeks (and no Madi, it was not ‘camp’ and I did not develop any new craft skills nor learn 'fun' campfire songs) and then she has the temerity to complain that I am “a bit smelly, well actually more than a bit” when she comes to pick me up.

Like she was all fresh as a daisy, still in her travelling clothes and unwashed after a sixteen hour journey overnight.

Oh yes, and worse, when I arrived home I detected a distinct whiff of OTHER DOGS emanating from her dirty laundry bag.

On further enquiry I learned that her American friend Marse lives with these two rescue pups, Josh (part dachshund, part Labrador, so Marse was told) and Liddie (more credibly a corgi/ King Charles spaniel cross).

Gail was apparently not the only person to have observed Josh’s brindle coat and queried the story about his parentage. Another friend of Marse’s had earlier noted that certain of the less scrupulous rescue centres in the USA will tell prospective owners a dog is part lab when they really mean part pit bull…

Anyway, you will pleased to know that both Gail and I are now bathed and groomed, the laundry has been fumigated, and I have reclaimed sole rights to my errant owner.


  1. Hmmmmmm, left behind and evidence of other dogs. Why do they think we'll never find out. Our prison always gives us baths before we get picked up. Now about Josh, he has a definite Roxy look about him and her sister was a brindle, so we think there might be some Bull Terrier somewhere in the mix....just sayin'.

  2. I am disappointed you didn't learn any new campfire songs Bertie!
    Glad to hear your pack is all back together, great job rounding up Gail!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx
    PeeS I hope you had a great time Gail...but pleeeease don't tell Bertie I said that!

  3. Hari OM
    heheheheheh joined the ranks of the great unwashed for a while there, eh? Glad that has been remedied. Angel Jade was a cross between a miniature English Staffy and a Ridgeback... the latter being the mother.... Josh's brindle PLUS that white chest marking does tend to indicate a more 'bullish' background! Who cares - as long as he had bright personality and a waggy tail?!! Golly though, Bertie lad, Gail sure mixed with a lot of other puppers on her trip............... so very glad you have her back under your supervision. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. My muzzer has been known to travel a lot....for Aunt Marie, for business, for business , for business. And she always has at least one dog smell (or spot!) on her clothes when she returns. So one day, as I was endeavouring to tear up the dog smell in her most beloved jeans, she explained this to me

    She SAYS..that she misses me so much when she is gone that she pets almost any dog she sees, but that none of them are as good, as sweet, as brave or as nice as I am. So I lfell for that one and felt pretty good about it, and we are friends.

    Now that I am a bit older, I must wonder if my dad, one of the smartest humans I know, might not have a different opinion if she applied that same rational to THEIR relationship.

  5. Glad to hear efurrything is fina at Casa Bertie :o) I like the fabulous fur of Josh... he looks a little like Dolly the doxie :o) It can happen that they confuse a breed sometimes... mom's uncle adopted a Beauceron who was a Rottweiler :o)

  6. Bertie I am nearly meowless....your 'prison' had no form of structured entertainment...did not require showesr for 2 weeks..was there any scratching? It sounds suspiciously like a man cave Pawty to me.

    OH MY word I cannot even imagine a Lab and Dachshund mixed doggie. Josh and Liddie are very adorable though and lucky to have their owner.

    Thank goodness the 2 weeks of scents are washed down the drain.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Josh does look part-lab, with that muzzle. Maybe he's a Lab/pit bull mix? I've never heard of anyone calling a pit bull a lab, but they call them boxer mixes ALL the time!

  8. we are so glad to see you finally back Bertie - that incarceration sounded terrible - she sure better have bought you some treats back from the USA for you

  9. Thanks for your support yesterday. The vet visit went well and we are hopefull that I am on the road to wellness. Mom feels better just knowing how much are friends care
    Bailey & Hazel too

  10. Thank goodness the madness is over!
    Lily & Edward

  11. Glad you got sprung from jail. The nerve of our people sometimes.

  12. Well, sounds like all is back to normal!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Well she owes you big time and hope you are being rewarded with many long walks and lots of treats!

  14. Bertie - Good to know all is once again well with the world !

  15. Oh no my dear bertie. You should have come to my place.
    To berties gonna ask bertie to the sadie Hawkins. I hope that he will go with me


    1. Gail says: I think Bertie has been hoping Addi would ask...

  16. Bertie, dear doggy godson, your smeller does not lie!

    Glad all is fumigated and well in the world, again.

    And we'd say that your friend does not have dachshund lineage, but that's just our supposing things.

    Tootsie & Renee

    1. Gail says:
      Hi Tootsie and Renee, yes I too doubted the dachshund bit, especially given Josh's proportionately long legs, but Marse said she thought there was a lot of dachshund about his ears!

  17. We're glad you were sprung from jail, though a bath was involved.

    Abby the Lab