Friday, 13 June 2014

Advice for Dui: Putting the Scot into Scottie

Today, we are welcoming a brand new Scottie pup, Dui, into the dog blogging community. He lives in Australia with his older sisters Bella and Roxy and he is named after Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain in Scotland. In his honour I have written a wee poem containing advice on being a proper Scot...

Your name is a good one, dear Dui my man,
And your human chose well with a simple Munro.
You could have been named Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan,
Or Carn a' Coire Boidheach (shortened to Bo).

When you visit the vet to be vaccinated
You'll also be needing ID, like as not.
Just remember, a chip on both shoulders is said,
(By the English) to signal a well-balanced Scot.

And remember the kilt is traditional wear
For true Scottish males be they humans or dogs.
The lassies will think you so brave and so fair
When you're all fitted out in your best Highland togs.

But you might find it tricky, when Scotland's teams play
'Gainst Australia. You must choose which one you'll support.
(You'll find Scottish footballers have feet of clay,
Andy Murray means tennis is these days our sport.)

Our national dish haggis is affa scarce Down Under,
But it's worth searching out, I guarantee.
The meat is digestible; you will not 'chunder',
You'll love it, dear Dui, so try some for tea.

And lastly wee Dui, stay true to your breed type,
Yon Scottie dugs are couthybraw and thrawn.
Just show those dingos what a well-bred pup's like;
They'll soon be wishing that they too were Scottish born.



  1. Great poem, Bertie! And very sound advice!!

  2. Very nice. Besides being wonderful at everything else, you are also quite a poet!!


  3. Bertie, dis were some pawsome advice!

  4. That's a fantastic poem with sage advice. We're going to print that off. I was nearly called Bo because I am scottie number 10!

    At the moment, I may be little BUT they ALL know I'm HERE and takin' over!

    Your Mate, Macdui

  5. Bertie you are a sage and a master at poetry. Play bows to you pal. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hari OM
    That pretty much covers it! You'd make a great mentor for the wee lad. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Well, he is surely a cute pup, and we hope ;he follows your advice. Teka would go out with him. No need to ask her twice.


  8. Arrrrrrrrrooooooo! High paws! Dat was pawsome Bertie. Well done.

  9. Bravo Bertie. Excellent advice for MACDUI.

  10. Bertie that's a super poem... I laughed with tears as I read about the chunder-thingy lol I bet with that advice Dui will be well prepared... and in worst case, you have that special bottle with the terrier on the label :o)

  11. Dearest Bertie...OMDs bravo what excellent advice!! One thing for sure next time I need advice you will be my go to Guy..but then you are my go to guy anyway!! Give Gail a biscuit for helping with the excellent poem.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Wonderful! Such a talented poet!

  13. Crikey Bertie .... almost makes me wanna be Scottish. Great advice for the wee Laddie!! How's that Bertie? Did I do good?

  14. Dawling Bewtie,
    Lucky littol Dui could do no bettew than get advice fwom you on how to be a pwopew Scottish boy no mattew whewe he lives..a luvly addishun to theiw family and blogville.
    I've missed heawing youw voice while i was away..sank you fow the nice wowds about my Daddi..we awe taking vewy good cawe of him and he pwomised to stay well
    Smoochie kisses

  15. Oh I love it such a great poem Bertie you are a literary genius. Gail may remember that your fictional namesake, Bertie Wooster, once contributed an article on What the Well Dressed Man is Wearing to Milady's Boudoir, but this poem is even better

    retro rover

  16. Scots don't need advise, we are just darn smart, it is in our makeup. Now about the kilt I want to know where that came from.
    Thanks for being a friend
    William The Scot

  17. Wow Bertie what a warm welcome and an impressive poem! Such a good friend.