Friday, 6 June 2014

Remarkable events past and present

I know you've been all agog to hear about my stay with Human Granny.

Did you know that HGY was evacuated to Canada during World War Two? What an adventure that must have been. She was only nine years old when she left, and didn't see her parents for the next four years. But unlike many evacuees, she was treated with kindness and generosity by her adoptive family and has happy memories of her remarkable experience. She does admit she was a bit frightened of 'Aunt' Florence's bulldog at first, although I can't imagine why anyone would be nervous of a creature so closely resembling my darling, beautiful Addi….

I am telling you this 'cos I am learning that Human Granny is still stoical and resilient, and she still enjoys getting out and about despite her arthritis and deafness, both quite severe now. Gail says it is 'real' deafness, and not the selective variety that I suffer from, although I don't quite know what this is supposed to mean.

Well anyway, last weekend, Gail and I took HGY on a trip to see Gail's brother and his family in their lovely farmhouse home on the edge of the Peak District.

You will remember my poodle cousins Percy and Coco.

They haven't got any smaller. Or less bossy.

I was banned from paying a visit to an even larger resident whose name is Susie.

Wasn't HGY brave to stand so close?

Anyway, we had a super day out. So I was bouncing with excitement when I learned that there was to be another excursion to Cambridge three days later.

Just my sort of place, I hear you thinking. All those intellectual types, world famous scientists etc. Perhaps we might bump into Professor Stephen Hawking? I was so looking forward to a serious discussion about the latest findings on gravity waves.

It was not to be.

Turns out Gail was taking HGY to a funeral, off limits to pups, so I was left at home, alone with my dog-eared copy of 'A Brief History of Time'.

Too soon, it was time to return to Aberdeen.

As I think I've explained before, the train journey from HGY's house to Aberdeen is complicated. At Newark-on-Trent we have to walk a mile between stations.

A most remarkable event occurred as we passed though the market square in Newark. We encountered a photographer who ignored ME and was only interested in taking pictures of the bloke under the purple and yellow umbrella. Yes really!

All over Newark there were swarms of humans festooned in these 'UKIP' badges and in fact none of them seemed to appreciate my good looks.

Gail thinks my mixed black, brown and white colouring might not be to their tastes…

Well of course we also stopped again in Edinburgh. Here I was forced to spend ages standing around in the rain, just so Gail could take this photograph, which she insists records a noteworthy event. Can you see anything remarkable about it?

Me neither. Perhaps someone will enlighten me?


  1. Bertie - Did you get one of the gold tram tickets ?

  2. Bertie - I also meant to ask, before cut me off , whether you follow the news or the news follows you ?

  3. Rainin in Scotland? I don't see nuffin da noteworthy bout dat, hee hee!

  4. Is it the tram which we note is also brown, black and white...

    What a remarkable woman your HGY is.....

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  5. BOL BOL Bertie re UKIP. How could anyone ignore your brown, black and white furs? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. That was very brave to stand so close near thisgiant dogs what have humans on their back sometimes. Is that the entrance to the old Edinburgh catacombes on your left side in the last photo? My mom would sell her soul to see it once ( but no one wants that black thingy).

  7. Bertie your HGY is a very BRAVE and Wonderful lady. We are very PROUD of her fur living a life full of Grace and dignity.
    BUTT it DOES sort of Scare us that she was SO close to that HUGE horse.
    We are STUNNED that you were ignored by that PhotoPeep guy. He must be IgnornANT.

  8. Hard to imagine that the folks in Newark weren't fawning all over you!

    I went to college in a town named Newark....but many miles from yours!

  9. Ooh, Susie is a BIG doggie! Those look so fun to play with, but Momma never lets me get close enough. What's with that??

  10. Your HGY is one strong lady, Bertie! How proud you must be of her. Why would people ignore you? That seems absurd. And I have no idea where you are or what is so important...but I do like Easy's answer.
    Happy Friday!

  11. We never did anything like that before. That Susie looks like a kicker
    Lily & Edward

  12. Now if the sun was shining we would of really been surprised.

  13. Bertie...this statement cracked me up, "They haven't got any smaller. Or less bossy." You are a very gracious house guest not to put them in their place!! Because I know you could!! Such a gent you are.
    Oh what a delight to she Human Grandma she looks so pretty in pink too. Mom told me she read about the children sent to Canada...what an experience. It was the beginning of her true grit character.
    Oh Edinburgh is best forgotten!! We shall speak of it no more
    Madi your bfff

    Hugs to her next visit.

  14. Oh Bertie you are well travelled fellow. If you and Gail ever do get to go to Cambridge, I would love to meet up with you. I work in the big hospital there.
    I wonder if Nigel would have done better in Newark if he had got his man to talk to you and have his photo taken with you!!!!
    Oh I am looking forward to going on the trams when I next go to Edinburgh; I know Lady Vicki would have liked that. Maybe you can get Gail to take you on one next visit and you can tell me how it went.
    Oh I think it was a very good idea to stay away from Susie, I do not have a very good relationship with creatures of her type!!
    Glad you are home safe and sound.

  15. Hari OM
    Strewth, you have been mixing with an eclectic bunch of hooligans this time Bertie boy; puddles, hosses, pollies and not-trains. Life is one big adventure, what?! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  16. Crikey .... you got me stumped Bertie. I got NO idea about anything noteworthy. Nothing looks remarkable to me ..... except you of course!!!!! HGY looks remarkable too. What a wonderful lady!!

  17. "Bouncing Bertie's Blog" has been included in my Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #3. I hope this helps to call more attention to your efforts.