Sunday, 22 June 2014

A letter to Gail's friend Sally and a suggestion

22 June 2014.

Dear Sally,

Re: Aviemore weekend

I gather you are coming to Scotland with a friend next weekend, and Gail and I shall be driving over to Aviemore on Friday evening to meet up with you both for a couple of days of hillwalking.

Oh you can't imagine how much I am looking forward to this. I am fairly bouncing with excitement already.

I hope you don't think this presumptuous of me, as I realise you may already have planned the weekend activities, but I was wondering if I might make a suggestion?

You see, I have a blogging pal in Australia, he is very young laddie, a wee Scottie pup, and his name is Dui, after the mountain Ben Macdui. Now I have been looking on the map, and I see that a walk from the Cairngorm Ski Centre up to the summit of Ben Macdui might be an option for Saturday, provided your friend is the energetic sort. (Gail has told me how you, Sally, cycled all the way across the USA last year, carrying a tent and stuff, so I have no worries on your account).

Oh it would be so special if we could walk up there together, and you could take loads of photos of me at the summit and I could post them on my blog to show Dui what 'his' mountain looks like.

Gail says she thinks it is a good idea, provided the weather is OK, but that we should probably tackle the 'straight up and down' route rather than longer alternatives which, although appealing, might be too tough on my paws.

So how about it anyway?

You know, if you want to do something else, that's fine by me too, so long as I am included.

'Til Friday,

Toodle pip!


  1. That would be an awesome hike. We hope she says yes!

  2. Hari Om
    Och Bertie, how can the lassie deny ye??? I anticipate a worthy report of any activities, whether 'Dui or not... sigh, of only these auld legs were up to such these days... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. OMD OMD Bertie... this is an OUTstanding...or OUT WALKING Idea... OMD to go to DUI's Mountain... Ben Macdui! would be the grrrrreatest thingy.. Little Dui would be sooooo excited and so will his sisters.. and his MUM would prolly FAINT !!!
    OMD Bertie... we are sooooooooo excited... this is going to be EPIC fur EVERYBUDDY!!!

  4. Dear Sally
    I am a friend of Bertie's and Dui's and I too would like to request a short side trip to Ben MacDui for a photo opt for Bertie and oh how nice it would be if there was a flat Dui on the trip...that way he could be atop the mountain too.
    Madi(son) D. Cat

  5. Bertie, this is an outstanding suggestion! Hoping Sally goes for it. We do like Madi's suggestion of a Flat Dui as well. Good luck!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  6. Yes yes yes, pawsome idea. Madi is spot on. Have a serene Sunday. Get some big easy in today.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Bertie!! We are so excited. We hope Sally says yes AND that the weather cooperates. We've read that it can be a bit dicey at any time of year. But we're sure you can do it! We'll keep our paws crossed!

    XXXOOO Macdui, Bella & Roxy

  8. We think any kind of hike with you would be a great one Bertie, but please be careful of your paws. In a pinch, Gail can dump her gear out of her pack and carry you in it. Teka has had to come home that way a couple of times. Oh, she prefers that dad put the pack on so that she can snuggle against his chest, so you might consider that. Also, she says she gets motion sick if she rides facing backward too long.


  9. What a wonderful idea.....DUI will get to see his mountain and you get the best ever walk

  10. That would be so fantastic. What a great idea. Can't wait to see if you go
    Lily & Edward

  11. Hi Bertie,
    Thank you so much for your suggestion. I'm certainly up for it. I will pass on your idea to my friend Susan. Looking forward to meeting you and catching up with Gail. See you Saturday. Sally

  12. oh Bertie you have excellent ideas what a great trip for little Macdui he will be so excited

    retro rover

  13. Crikey ..... what a nice idea and so thoughtful of you Bertie to think of little Dui. Bet he's excited. Fair dinkum ..... I'm green with envy! I so wish I could go too. Have the best time and take heaps of photos, aye??

  14. Why Bertie I am sure you could zip right up there while your friend just takes a coffee break at the bottom. Straight up and Down bump bump on your bottom.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  15. ohboyohboyohboy -- I can't wait to see if you get to go!!!!

  16. I'm sure Dui would love to see pics of his mountain. I hope the weather is kind and lets you do it!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  17. Oh Bertie, what a FUN time you'll have! I hope you're able to make it up Ben Macdui, but hiking in general will be pawesome!

  18. I bet she will like your idea, that sounds great! Please don't forget to take a photo!