Sunday, 23 June 2013

Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival

So when Gail bounced out of bed on Saturday morning and said "look sharp Bertie, we're off to the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy" I was deeply suspicious.

I mean I thought all the WATER MANIA business was supposed to be confined to Sarge's blog...

Well it came as some relief to learn that the trip wasn't going to involve any actual immersion in the sea. Then when a quick glance at the festival programme told me that the streets of this quaint little former fishing village on the Moray Firth would be lined with stalls selling local produce, I began to think there might be some point in the exercise after all.

And yes, in the end, I admit, it was quite fun wandering round the harbour looking at all the old boats.

 I even made friends with one of the crew.

To be sure, some of the craft looked more seaworthy than others...

My patience was wearing a bit thin when Gail tried to get me to pose in front of this stall, just so she could make some feeble 'joke' about rare breeds supporting each other...

But then we came to more promising territory...

In the end, I felt quite at home 'cos in truth we saw more pups than boats. 

And the streets were filled with music. Here is a wee compilation. I wonder if you can tell which of these bands I really didn't like?


  1. The Robbie Burns Haggis Burger ! Now that would have made a trip to Porsoy truly memorable.

  2. Howdy Bertie, what a fabo day. We can't believe Gail bounces out of bed! Our mum sorta rolls out, groaning as she does that. We loved all the photos and wonder if it was the bagpipe band you didn't like? We're not sure about the haggis burger. What exactly is haggis? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. What a super fun day!! I like looking at all those boats too, and how fun to run into other doggies. Excellent day!

  4. What a great time at the festival! We snickered at the picture of you and the little boat. May not be too sea worthy but it is just your size.

    Mommy tried haggis once and she did NOT like it one bit.

    Hope that you made some new furends there.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. Looked like a fun event Bertie and you did look like you were enjoying it... well maybe some of it and minus the little boat. We have our local one next week....hope the weather is good. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Looks like a super day Bertie and Gail. I'm not a a big fan of the pipes either Bertie so don't feel too bad.

  7. What a cool looking festival! We dont have any old boats like that around here but down by the hudson river they do park some huge yachts I guess some of the millionaires like to take their yachts for a cruise around manhattan. All the dogs on your outing look very cute but you are cutest by far

    urban hounds

  8. That looks like a good time with music and friends and burgers. We aren't sure we would be as happy in a crowd as you are Bertie. You are very brave. Phod would like a boat to cruise on.

    Have a great day. Lee and Phod

  9. WOWSER BOWSER BERTIE... THAT is the coolest thingy you got to attend. WE love it all. Wish we could have been there. WE would have liked trying the Haggis Burger with you.
    OMD the Bands... WE love them ALl. Our mum has mad love fur the Pipes... She has some Scot in her background. THANK you fur taking us to this special place.

  10. Hey Bertie my Good Buddy...
    FYI you look sharp every day!! 'course I'm a teeny tiny prejudice...
    Mom loved your Water Mania experience and excellent display of sail boats and lovely harbors.
    Hugs your BFFFFFFF
    Madi(son) D Cat

  11. Hari OM
    Well now, Bertie, one could not help but observe that all these beaut boats have got red sails... methinks they all be smugglers!! My Grandfather MacLean, up at Invergordon, used to tell me tales of night time shufflings along the shoreline. He's no longer with us, so I can't check whether Portsoy was a favourite drop spot.

    There was certainly a lot of beef on offer for your selection - wonder if the haggis was smuggled????

    Naughty YAM-aunty! Hugs and wags. xxxx

  12. Bertie, that looked like s very fun outing! Clearly you are not a fan of the bagpipes! But we were very impressed at how calm and collected you were with all those peeps walking by you - especially the person in the motorized wheelchair with the dog on their lap! You didn't even flinch!! Thanks for taking us along!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  13. What a fun event Bertie...Guess those bagpipes were not you're favorite vut there were lots of good noms...Momz was wondering about the red sails then read the comment above..So did smugglers use red sails?

  14. Wonderful day out! We were waiting for you to break out in voice with the bands.....

    Hope you had a little haggis burger. We think that sounds intriguing.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    SHE thinks popcorn every night is OVER the top. We only have it occasionally.

  15. Wow. Looks like you had quite an adventure!

  16. What a fun day, and it looks like the weather was okay too.

  17. Bertie, that looked like a really fun day. I hope you got some good eats while you were there, it looked like a nice menu.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Hey Bertie,
    You always go on such interesting outings! I can't believe how many bands were present - how wonderful. Perhaps it was more of a music festival (and beer, hehe)than a boat event.
    I believe that those pipers got to your ears... not so? Maybe you'd have been happier if there were some dancers to support them.
    Loved your post.
    sending lotsaluv to you and Gail
    MAXMOM and the gang in SA

  19. Bertie,

    I didn't see any paw tapping during the music, so it was hard to tell which music you actually liked. Should my choice be made based on how long Gail filmed you listening?


  20. We would opt for the bagpipes Bertie. you definitely did not enjoy them.
    Our Mum hates them too, she says they sound like a bunch of constipated cats, not that we have ever come across a constipated cat.
    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  21. I say old fellow, that looks like damn fine jolly jape!! Hope all is well with you mate. Deccy x