Thursday, 20 June 2013

I want to join Stella's Thunder Support Group

Did you know that my dear friend Stella in Minnie-snowda has convened a 'Thunder Support Group'? It's specially for pups who are frightened of storms. It sounds such fun too! The members all meet in a cosy cupboard under the stairs and have treats together when a big storm threatens.

But when I asked if I could join, Stella, who can be condescending towards bouncy young chaps, was lukewarm in her response, and asked me to justify my inclusion in her apparently rather exclusive group.

It is, I concede, true that I have never to date exhibited even a quiver of fear in the face of thunder and lightening. But that is only because we only rarely have thunderstorms in Scotland, and when we do they are quite feeble ones compared to those experienced in many parts of the USA.

I know that Stella will not be impressed if I go on and on, so I have, as succinctly as possible, set out the two main reasons why I should be admitted to membership of the Thunder Support Group:

1. Due to increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, it is forecast that extreme weather events will in future become more common in Scotland, and this includes thunderstorms. Responsible dogs will want to learn how to deal with the situation. 

2. Even supposing the scientists are wrong, another point I have to consider is the high chance of me ending up in Oklahoma. Tornado Alley, no less. No don't scoff Stella, this is not so very improbable. Consider the family pattern. In 1942 Human Granddad was sent by the RAF to Ponca City, Oklahoma for five months to train to be a pilot. In 1988, Gail was posted to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the headquarters of her then employer, for two years. Surely it is only a matter of time before history repeats itself for a third generation?

So you see Stella, it is absolutely nothing to do with the rumours of treats and other fun stuff going on. Absolutely not.

Please let me join.


  1. We're sure treats have nothing to do with it. You're such a scientific chap that we're sure you'd only be doing some observations for an upcoming paper. Anecdotal evidence from some of the more 'frightened' members.

    We don't have much thunder and lightning here either....even fireworks don't bother us. We just bark when something is loud.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

    Love that Bertie at Rest pose.

  2. You're reasoning is great & I think you should get in Bertie...It's a support group and certainly you'd offer support..I popped over to Stella's place and mentioned you so I hope it helps...We have lots of thunder and fireworks here so I've been used to them since I was a tiny pup

  3. We think you should come along as our resident Boffin. More the merrier and you can put the science bit in for us. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  5. Bertie,

    There is very loud thunder here in Auckland tonight so I'm using all my thought power to send it to the other side of the world (that is Scotland isn't it!) so it goes as far away from us as it can.

    Enzo needs Stella's support group as he really doesn't like thunder - he doesn't even like heavy rain. If the thunder gets to your side of the world please can you check out your reaction to it and provide me with proven scientific techniques for calming both Enzo and my human down as they both ignore me when the house shakes. Currently mum is trialing a glass of wine and Enzo is trialing squashing mum's feet while hiding under her desk.


  6. I very much approve of your request to join Stella's group. Howeer, we have some advice we are not afraid of thunder because we accept Fred Astair's theory of the phenomenon espoused in top hat, and shown in the video on our post here

    urban hounds

  7. Lee needs to join too. She hates loud noises!

  8. Monkey has his moments with most things but we've not had a thunderstorm since he joined our family. We're waiting with fingers crossed for the first one

  9. No.....treats have NOTHING to do with this! {yeah, right} :)

  10. Hari OM
    Dear Stella,
    How can you say "NO" to good looking bloke willing to bare his all to you?! Have a heart - he'll distract you all so much with his wit and wisdom, you'll forget the thunder before it even starts.
    Kind regards
    YAM-aunty xxx

    (Pee Ess - Bertie? Good lad, logic at all times. You deserve a treat...)

  11. Thanks for letting me know about this support group. Thunderstorms freak me out so much I start shaking all over every time I hear thunder. And I'll never forget the one time we were caught in a thunderstorm up in the Alps:

  12. Bertie,
    I don't know the secret of Stella liking us so much except that we look alike. Maybe our Mums like each other a lot, too. You know they quilt together and read together, even tho they live 2000 miles apart? Anyway, I hope you get in the Thunder Support Group and that you get to have the book "Walter the Farting Dog" read to you during the next thunderstorm. It helps... I can send Toby to add smell effects, if you want?

  13. I hope that Stella agrees with your logic... I am a member in good standing (with some shaking and shivering) of her Marvelous support group... and I (Frankie Furter) am always too frightened to eat during a storm... SO... you may have all of my treats... as long as you are willing to sit in FRONT OF ME... during our meetings..

  14. Hello Bertie,I do not mind thunder storms, in fact I like watching the lightning, I sit on my mums lap and we watch it together. But one of my brothers, Henry Huntington, hated them. He would have loved to have been with Stella and her support group, wish we had know about it. Hope you get to join.

  15. Bertie - Doesn't warm air have to collide with cold air to make a thunderstorm ? Now I know you've got plenty of cold air in Aberdeen. But warm air ?


    I DON'T LIKE THUNDER EITHER..I normally go about 1/2 way up the stairs...that way just in case the thunder comes in the front door i can hit tail it up, if it comes in the skylight i can head to the peeps bed.
    hugs madi your bfff

  17. I am a member and I find your reasons very valid. I hope Stella reconsiders and lets you join.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. How could she not let you in now??? Hope you are the newest member real soon!

  19. Can I be a member if I'm afraid of Fireworks, Sneezing and Chandeliers?


  20. we need a fireworks group
    Benny & Lily

  21. You stated your points correctly!! How can they say NO to you??


  22. Oh Bertie, I agree with you - joining that group under the stairs with treats sounds like a marvellous idea. Can you book a place for me? Or should we start another group??

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx