Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Earth moves for Asta...


Of course you know my friend Asta, formerly of New York, now of Boo-da-Pest, Hungary? Asta the dearest, sweetest wiry pup that ever lived.
It was her that sent me the lovely 'Welcome baby Bertie' card you can see displayed on the right hand side of my blog.

So I've known Asta my whole life but I must now make a serious confession.

All this time I have been underestimating her. And so, to be honest, has Gail.

You see, whilst we have always been in awe of Asta and her Mommi's amazing creative and artistic talents, as well as her adorable personality and her stunning fashion sense, heretofore we had not realised that Asta also is a scientist of potentially Nobel Prize winning genius.

Yes really!

As we all know, the world's top human geophysicists have spent years and years and millions and millions of pounds and have failed to come up with any sort of reliable system for predicting earthquakes.

And then we have this from Asta:

"Hewo Bewtie

....A few nights ago, we wewe all sitting on the big bed watching a film when Mommi noticed that I stawted panting fow no weason.  She gwabbed me to cuddle and calm me.  Two minutes latew, the whole bed stawted shaking (too bad we didn't have sum mawtini in the shakew). And the small bookcase next to the bed was wattling too.  Mommi and Daddi looked at each othew and said WTF.  Is that an eawfquake???  Sheeesh, we'we not living in LA anymowe.  This isn't sposed to happen hewe.  It didn't last long, but Mommi shook fow a while longew, but as soon as it was ovew, I cuwled up and snept like a panting, no anything...I did twy to tell them, but as yoo know hoomans awe not vewy clevew that way..we of couwse know evewything. I can tell when Daddi gets in the elevatow in the lobby and is about to cum up to the fouf floow....

Love you vewy much

Isn't this just the most amazing thing you have ever read?

I feel quite humbled. In fact I doubt now that I even deserve to be considered Blogville's foremost Boffin...

Perhaps Asta and I should be swapping roles?

Oh. Gail is reminding me that my ongoing objection to wearing clothes might be a problem should I take on the mantle of 'fashionista'. That and the lack of doggie boutiques in Aberdeen. And then, neither Gail nor I is artistically gifted in any way.

Better stick with the day job after all.

Click here  if you want to read more about the 22 April Budapest quake.

Or perhaps you'd rather just see another picture of the world's cutest seismologist.


  1. Its a talent that she has and we all do too. When will peeps ever learn??

    Jazzi and Addi

  2. Hari OM
    Indeedy-doo, all the four-leg species are talented in this area methinks. But good ol' "man" thinks he needs a gadget for it!!!

    And boy - Asta really is a cutee isn't she? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty. xx

  3. Asta is amazing. She can tell when an earthquake will happen, but the peeps around her can't understand what she's sayin'. Typical. We still think your the head boffin.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. We agree with Scotsmad. Peoples should try and listen to our anipals more often. Love Asta and her peeps. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Wow Asta is quite amazing! You yourself are also amazing

    urban hounds

  6. Morning Bertie
    You have excellent taste in furiends. We just love Asta to.
    Hey did you know she is a native of my state of North Carolina?
    Yep she was born about two hours up the road from me in she is a Southern Belle but I had no clue she was a geophysicist too.

    Great post sweet Bertie
    Hugs Madi your B FFF

  7. Wow, Asta is one smart pupper fur sure! Maybe next time the hoomans will listen a little more closely.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. WE LOVE Asta and have always known that she is a pup with TREE Men Dus Talents... butt a SEISMOLOGIST? We are Stunned. Not surprised just STUNNED that she has kept her Skills so quiet. She should write an article fur a major Science Magazine. Bravo Asta!! Thanks Bertie fur telling us about OUR ASTA's grrreat SKILL!!

  9. I bet you'd find that you COULD do it if you lived in a place that got earthquakes. I hear lots of pups can do it. We're just special that way!

  10. Aberdeen does so have a dog boutique.

  11. Dawling Bewtie
    Thank you fow the honow of such a bootiful post. No one can evew weplace yoo as head Boffin and as many pals have said, i think we all have those sensitivities, it's just hoomans who awe slow.
    I hope yoo nevew have to test yoow says maw logisitcal skills.

    Smoochie kisses
    Yoow pal aways

  12. She is one talented chick
    Benny & Lily

  13. She is definitely the cutest indeed! You two would make a cute pair! :)
    PS...Hoping you get your prizes from Park Day real soon!

  14. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, she's an amazing lady fur sure! Smart as a whip too. Asta has it all in one adorable package. I bet the peeps in LA would love to hire her! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. Wow, that's really amazing! Asta is an allround brilliant dog - cute, clever and creative! That must have been really interesting for Gail, did she tell the people at her work?
    I bet every dog here has always known we are cleverer than people.
    I myself have a little sense of when people come to the front door, even before they knock! It's quite normal for me.

    You can still be a Boffin Bertie, your sciency knowledge is very advanced!

    Pippa :)

  16. Wow! Beautiful AND brilliant!! We should have known...

    -Bart, Rubya nd Otto

  17. We love Asta but we never knew she was so talented xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. The pup talents never cease to amaze me. Glad everyone was okay.

  19. All us dawgs have these abilities I think...Momz had a German Shepherd that told her when tornados were coming and all of her dawgs, even me, know when we're gonna have thunderstorms...We're just more in touch with nature and can feel the signs i think

  20. I know and love Asta, but I had no idea of her talents. It makes me feel very humble to have a pal like her and like you Bertie. I am a lucky pup

    Loveys Sasha

  21. Bertie , our Mum and our flat selves have had the pleasure of meeting Asta several times. We can certainly back you up and agree she is the sweetest, best dressed and clever WFT we have ever met.

    Molly, Taffy, Month and Winnie

  22. Hi Bertie. Sigh, is there nothing the beautiful Miss Asta can't do! We think she is wonderful. The only thing we can do is tell mum when the Postman is arriving and she doesn't even appreciate that. Oh well. Take care mate.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. I LOVES Asta! I knew she was abouts the sweetest gurl Iknow, butts I had no idea that she was the smartest gurl I know!
    So good to hear we have another member of doggie Mensa in our midst!

  24. Hey, Bertie! We're getting some increasingly scarce time to check on our bloggy friends. Hadn't heard about the Hungarian earthquake [at least the geological one]; glad Asta and family came through unscathed. We almost never get earthquakes in the D.C. area, either, but we had one a couple of years ago. Abby started panting and headed under the super-sturdy kitchen table to ride it out, so mama knew something was up and at least had time to sit down next to Abby before the house shook. We keep telling mama she needs to listen to us more closely.

  25. Yep...we told ya Bertie...she's quite the SIZE MIK seer, huh? All that art and fashion, world travel and she can predict earthquakes too...there is no end to Miss Asta's talent.


    Miss Lacie

    I am not bad at predicting thunderstorms...I hear a boom and just know we're gonna have one......

  26. Wow, that is quite something! I need to drop by Asta's bloggie again sometime - she's a sweetie!